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Bird Box Movie Review - Don't Look Now

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Cast - Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Vivien Lyra Blair, Julian Edwards

Directed By - Susanne Bier

Genre - Drama, Thriller

At the beginning of the film, we are shown a painting by Malorie (Sandra Bullock) where a group of people are shown sitting together, but they fail to connect. The painting reflects Malorie's perception who never or barely leaves her house. Later in the film, she finds herself with some people in a house, and some of them do connect. She even meets her love interest there.

Bird Box is the new addition to the apocalyptic genre whose narrative structure unfolds by shifting between the past and the present. The present time has Malorie and the two kids on a boat seeking a safe place somewhere while the past sets up the present day scenario. This shift between the timelines does take away the suspense from it and also it is not handled properly. It seems to come and go when it pleases and does not have a proper structure to it.

While it's basic template feels as if borrowed from A Quiet Place, the comparison between the two comes off as lazy. A Quiet Place was much better than this movie. But that doesn't mean that Bird Box is bad or awful in any way.

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In Bird Box, if you see the creatures, you die. It makes up for a really clever scene where the GPS is used for driving while the windows are covered with papers and painted in black. Even the mayhem that ensues while Malorie and her sister drive in a car is shot fabulously.

The problem is that the movie runs out of resources very soon and then starts to feel stretched and unnecessary. Maybe a shorter runtime could have saved the day. It runs out of ideas and conveniently puts together pieces to rush towards a half baked but satisfying climax.

Bird Box is mainly about Malorie and the changes in her character. It's at its best when explores the relationship between her and the children. Sadly, we don't get to see much of it which is a pity. Sandra Bullock gave a terrific performance, and so did the other characters. The child actors were also good in their parts.

It may not be the best monster apocalyptic film out there, but Bird Box is enjoyable in parts and overall a good weekend watch on your comfortable sofa in front of a TV or laptop, whatever your choice. With its interesting concept, it could have been far better than this, but it surely won't drive you mad if you look at it.


omkarlotlikar100 on January 19, 2019:

hey i have watched this movie recently and it is a hit film from my perspective. Because i liked it very much and it has that felling that takes you in the situations of the movie it helps you to live the horrors of the story on which the movie is based.

i also liked the ending because it is very soothing and a happy ending.

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