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Billie Eilish Music and How It Differs From Other Pop Songs

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Music is evolutionary. It is constantly evolving as time progress as well as music taste of the teens and young adults. With pop music going in the direction from happy feel good from the 2000s to more about the artist being open about their feelings and feeling down. The SoundCloud and internet sensation Billie Eilish has taken the billboard by storm at the age of 17 with her own flare of music that unlike any other pop singer. Billie Eilish is a one of a kind artists and her music is something that people should get into.

Let me introduce a little about myself. I am a college student at East Carolina University pursuing a communication master’s degree. Listening to music on the daily is kind of a given being a college student and I just can’t live without it. Music is means so much to me because they tell an emotional story that relates to me on a personal level and makes me think about life in general. Billie Eilish’s music is what really been hitting my soul. My passion for Billie Eilish’s music started for little over a year now and when I listened to her song “you should see me in a crown”, I was entranced by her eerie music because this was the type of dark and head bopping music I been needing. I really can’t compare her music style to anyone else I know with both a melancholy symphony like “lovely” and “ocean eyes” and creepy head bangers like “bury a friend” and “you should see me in a crown”.

Now a little about Billie Eilish’s backstory. As already stated before, she got her start up on SoundCloud when she was posting music on there. She was able to get some help from her older brother, her co-writer and producer as well as a singer, Finneas O’Connell on getting her in the music business. Her first song debuted when she was only 14 with “ocean eyes” and she has been coming out with hit music ever since then.

Lets now dive in and talk about her music. I’m going to talk about a couple of her songs such as “ocean eyes”, “lovely”, “you should see me in a crown”, and “bury a friend”. Now what I am trying to do is try to explain why she is different from all the other pop sings through her music.

Her first song “ocean eyes” is about a guy she fell in love with and his blue eyes that are like the ocean. This song is one of her more slow and serene music than her more recent songs. She labels her music as an alternative pop. “ocean eyes” is what defined her style with being beautifully sad music. Her lyrics like:

“No fair

You really know how to make me cry

When you give me those ocean eyes”

This portion of the lyrics shows here deep attraction for this guy with his “ocean eyes” and how he is able to affect emotions and make go through so much. His eyes are like an ocean, they pretty look at and is peaceful but go to deep and its quite dangerous by pulling you in and drowning you when things go south. She loves this guy and she sees the beauty in him but if something were to go arid like losing him, she will just be so miserable. This is what it means to say its “no fair” how he has this much effect on her. She was only 14 singing these lyrics and to be able to hear her talk about a relationship like this really shows that young love can also be just like the real as adults finding love. There really isn’t any artist who talks about this type of feelings when looking at a guy’s eyes. Billie Eilish is truly in touch with her feelings.

The next song is a more recent one called “lovely” and it is a beautiful symphony of violin and piano. With this being a collaboration with another Soundcloud singer gone famous, Khalid, they have good complement each other with his deep voice and her soft voice. It’s a sad song but a serene type of song. The song is about how they were able to get over their own anxiety, depression, and fear, but then it came back. They are just hoping that they can get over it again but it’s just getting difficult doing it alone. As said in the lyric:

“Thought I found a way, thought I found a way (out)

But you never go (never go away)

So I guess I gotta stay now

Oh I hope some day I’ll make it out of here,

Even if it takes all night or a hundred years

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Need a place to hide but I can’t find one near

Wanna feel alive outside I can’t find my fear”

This song is relatable to quite a bit of teens and college students as the majority of these groups deal with these feelings and is usually dealt with alone. More and more singers are becoming more open with their mental illness and more willing to sing about it openly. Billie stands out from the rest because she is still in her teens talking about these heavy feelings. Because of that, teens and young adults tend to feel more relatable to her than any other artist.

Moving on to the more darker side of her music, “bury a friend” is one of her more haunting and eerie music that is relatable to basically everyone, lyrically not like the music video. Just watching the video is scary but has this pull that grab you in a weird way. The video is completely horrifying to watch don’t get me wrong, just don’t get too lost in the visuals and just focus on the lyrics of the song. The song is about the little monsters in our heads that scare us because its us. She is talking about those insecurities and anxiety that just consumes you like “wanna drown” in them. This song is also just about the feelings of having sleep paralysis which is also pretty relatable considering everyone goes through it like once in their life. In the lyrics:

“Honestly, I thought that I would be dead by now (Wow)

Calling security, keepin' my head held down”


“Then my limbs all froze and my eyes won't close”

These are literally the feelings of sleep paralysis. There isn’t any artist that I know that really talks about this type of feeling in the pop industry. That is why Billie is so unique and why I love her.

The last song I will be talking about will be the song that got me hooked to her in the first place which is “you should see me in a crown”. This song is downright creepy and dark. It’s about her fame and how she is rising up to the top. It is a bit of an ego boost but utterly a great song. Her lyrics like:

“You should see me in a crown

I'm gonna run this nothing town

Watch me make 'em bow

One by one by one”

She is out right calling out how she is going to get on top with the crown symbolizing power in a hierarchy and how she is going to accumulate followers like her subjects bowing to her one by one. This song takes a different approach from other songs that are a bit of an ego boost. It’s so much darker than other songs its wonderful.

Billie Eilish’s music is unlike any other and I can’t wait to listen to more of her music as she grows up. She has so much potential and has a lot of time to get there. Her rise to fame is different from other young singers that rose to fame like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. She rose up the top charts through here music and not through a tv show or a bigger platform than SoundCloud. By sticking to her unique sound and music, she will undoubtfully be the #1 artist.

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