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Big Brother Seasons 8 - 15

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Big Brother seasons 8 through 15 all had interesting twists and new competitions that helped shake up the game. The "expect the unexpected" motto really took hold during these seasons and thereafter. Many familiar faces circulated through these seasons and into the following ones.

Big Brother Season 8

Big Brother Season 8 Cast

Big Brother Season 8 Cast

Big Brother Season 8 started with 11 house guests on July 5, 2007. They were informed that 3 of them had someone they knew watching from inside the house. The 11 competed in an HOH in pairs and the pair that won then had to be voted on by the 3 watching. That person would become HOH.

Another twist was that someone was to be America's player and accomplish the tasks America voted on. For every 5 tasks Eric completed, he would get $10,000. He completed 21 out of 28 tasks and therefore earned $40,000.

The first members were 1. Amber Siyavus, 2. Carol Journey, 3. Daniele Donato, 4. Eric Stein, 5. Jameka Cameron, 6. Jen Johnson, 7. Joe Barber, 8. Kail Harbick, 9. Mike Dutz, 10. Nick Starcevic, and 11. Zach Swerdzewski. The three other members were 1."Evel Dick" Donato, 2. Jessica Hughbanks and 3. Dustin Erikstrup.

The 3 pairs who knew each other were non-speaking father and daughter Dick and Daniele, ex-boyfriends Dustin and Joe, and ex-best friends Jessica and Carol.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Carol
  • Joe
  • Mike
  • Nick
  • Kail
  • Dustin
  • Jen
  • Amber
  • Jessica
  • Eric
  • Jameka

The final 3 were Zach, Daniele, and Dick. Dick won the 3-part competition and chose to take Daniele to the final 2 with him. Dick won with 5 votes and Daniele was runner-up with 2 votes.

Big Brother Season 9

Big Brother Season 9 Cast

Big Brother Season 9 Cast

Big Brother Season 9 (also known as Big Brother- 'Til Death Do You Part) had 16 house guests. There were more members in this season because this season had a twist. The players played in pairs. During the first 3 weeks, they were HOH together and got eliminated together. This was also the first -and only regular - season to air during winter because there was a programming concern due to the writer's strike. On top of that, this season was the first to have 2 separate people previously evicted return to the show. It aired February 12, 2008.

The members were 1. Adam Jasinski, 2. Alex Coladonato 3. Allison Nichols, 4. Amanda Hansen, 5. Chelsia Hart, 6. Jacob Heald, 7. James Zinkand, 8. Jen Diturno, 9. Joshuah Welch, 10. Matt McDonald, 11. Natalie Cunial, 12. Neil Garcia, 13. Parker Somerville, 14. Ryan Quicksall, 15. Sharon Obermueller, and 16. Sheila Kennedy.

The couples were 1. Sheila and Adam, 2. Ryan and Allison, 3. Sharon and Jacob (then Sharon and Joshua), 4. Neil and Joshua, 5. James and Chelsia, 6. Matt and Natalie, 7. Alex and Amanda, and 8. Jen and Parker.

The house guests were evicted as follows:

  • Sharon and Jacob
  • Neil (wasn't evicted but left because of an urgent personal matter; his partner got to choose whom he wanted to come back to take his place and he chose Sharon)
  • Jen and Parker
  • Alex and Amanda
  • Allison and Ryan were "fake evicted". But then the twist of couples ended and the house guests instead had to choose just one of these two to truly eliminate from the game. They chose Allison.
  • James
  • Matt
  • Chelsia
  • Joshua
  • James (on day 28 the house guests got to vote on which of the first 6 people they wanted back in the house. They chose Alex. America then got to pick someone to come back, unknown to the cast, as the "mystery house guest". Thinking it was someone from a previous season, they chose the mystery guest instead of Alex.)
  • Natalie
  • Sharon

The final 3 were Sheila, Adam, and Ryan. Ryan won the 3-part competition and chose to take Adam to the final 2 with him. Adam won with 6 votes and Ryan was runner-up with 1 vote.

(Adam was arrested for using his winnings to start a drug business, even though one of the reasons he won was because he said he was going to donate some of the money to an autism fund.)

Big Brother Season 10

Big Brother Season 10 Cast

Big Brother Season 10 Cast

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Big Brother Season 10 had 13 house guests and aired on July 13, 2008. America voted on "America's Player" who, for one week, had to complete 3 tasks. If they completed them and stayed in the game, they would get $20,000. This player was Dan, who did complete the challenge. The first head of household was voted on by the other house guests. Jerry won with 4 votes.

The members were 1. Angie Swindell, 2. April Dowling, 3. Brian Hart, 4. Dan Gheesling, 5. Jerry MacDonald, 6. Jessie Godderz, 7. Keesha Smith, 8. Libra Thompson, 9. Memphis Garrett, 10. Michelle Costa, 11. Ollie Bryan, 12. Renny Martyn, and 13. Steven Daigle.

The house guests were evicted as follows:

  • Brian
  • Steven
  • Angie
  • Jessie
  • Libra
  • April
  • Michelle
  • Ollie
  • Renny
  • Keesha

The final 3 were Jerry, Memphis, and Dan. Dan won the 3-part competition and chose to take Memphis to the final 2 with him. Dan won in a landslide victory with all 7 of the votes. Runner-up, Memphis, received no votes.

Big Brother Season 11

Big Brother Season 11 Cast

Big Brother Season 11 Cast

Big Brother Season 11, which aired July 9, 2009, featured 13 house guests. One was a returning player. Twelve people began the game and were broken up into four cliques with three members each. None of their clique members could be nominated when someone won Head of Household. The returning player was chosen based on the first competition. Each of the cliques had 1 possible player waiting to get into the game. Whoever won got to add that person to their team.

The members of this cast were 1. Braden Bacha 2. Casey Turner 3. Chima Simone 4. Jeff Schroeder 5. Jordan Lloyd 6. Kevin Campbell 7. Laura Crosby 8. Lydia Tavera 9. Michelle Noonan 10. Natalie Martinez 11. Ronnie Talbot 12. Russell Kairouz

The cliques were: The Athletes: Russell, Natalie, and Jeff; The Brains: Ronnie, Michelle, and Chima; The Populars: Laura, Jordan, and Braden, and The Offbeats: Lydia, Casey, and Kevin.

Michael "Cowboy" Ellis from season 5 was waiting to join the Offbeat clique. Jessica Hughbanks from season 8 was waiting to join the Popular clique. Jessie Godderz, of season 10, was hoping to be part of the Athletes. Brian Hart, also of season 10, was to be part of the Brains.

Ultimately, it was Jessie who got back into the game and joined his athlete team members.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Braden
  • Laura
  • Casey
  • Ronnie
  • Jessie
  • Chima (was expelled from the game after breaking several rules, including throwing her mic in the pool)
  • Lydia
  • Russell
  • Jeff
  • Michelle

The final 3 were Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie. Jordan won the 3-part competition and chose to take Natalie to the final 2 with her. Jordan won with 5 votes and Natalie was runner-up with 2 votes. America got to cast a vote in place of Chima.

Big Brother Season 12

Big Brother Season 12 Cast

Big Brother Season 12 Cast

Big Brother Season 12 premiered July 8, 2010 with 13 house guests. On day 1, they were told that someone would be the Big Brother saboteur. The saboteur would cause chaos in the house by doing what America wanted them to. If they survived in the game for 5 weeks, they would win $50,000.

The members were 1. Andrew Gordon, 2. Annie Whittington, 3. Brendan Villegas, 4. Britney Haynes, 5. Enzo Palumbo, 6. Hayden Moss, 7. Kathy Hillis, 8. Kristen Bitting, 9. Lane Elenburg, 10. Matt Hoffman, 11. Monet Stunson, 12. Rachel Reilly, and 13. Ragan Fox.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Annie (she was the saboteur so she didn't receive the $50,00 since she didn't last 5 weeks, she only lasted 1.)
  • Monet
  • Andrew
  • Kristen
  • Rachel
  • Kathy
  • Matt
  • Brendon
  • Ragan (he became the 2nd saboteur later in the game and if he completed his tasks he would win $20,000. He completed the tasks and won the money before being evicted)
  • Britney

The final 3 were Enzo, Lane, and Hayden. Hayden won the 3-part competition and chose to take Lane to the final 2 with him. Hayden won with 4 votes and Lane was runner-up with 3 votes.

Big Brother Season 13

Big Brother Season 13 Cast

Big Brother Season 13 Cast

Big Brother Season 13 had 8 new house guests and 6 previous ones, making 14 total. The 6 previous house guests were called "Dynamic Duos" as they were strong pairs on their original seasons. The show aired beginning July 7, 2011.

The Dynamic Duos were 1. father and daughter, Dick and Daniele Donato from Big Brother 8, 2. long-distance couple, Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 11, and 3. fiances Rachel Reilly and Brendan Villegas from Big Brother 12.

The new members were 1. Cassi Colvin, 2. Dominic Briones, 3. Adam Poch, 4. Kalia Booker, 5. Keith Henderson, 6. Lawon Exum, 7. Porshe Briggs, and 8. Shelly Moore.

The house guests were evicted as follows:

  • Dick (wasn't evicted but had to leave due to a personal matter)
  • Keith
  • Cassi
  • Dominic
  • Brendon
  • Lawon
  • Brendon (was voted back by America. He had to compete against whoever was voted out that week [which was Lawon,] and whoever won got to come back in the house. He won, but sadly was evicted again later that same week.)
  • Daniele
  • Jeff
  • Shelly
  • Kalia
  • Jordan

The final 3 were Adam, Porshe, and Rachel. Rachel won the 3-part competition and chose to take Porshe to the final 2 with her. Rachel won with 4 votes and Porshe was runner-up with 3 votes.

Big Brother Season 14

Big Brother Season 14 Cast

Big Brother Season 14 Cast

Big Brother Season 14 (July 12, 2012) had 12 new house guests and also 4 previous house guests who were there to coach the newbies. The coaches got to pick teams of 3. If one of their players ended up winning the game, that coach would receive $100,000. If all of a coach's players were evicted, that coach would leave as well and be out of the running.

The returning house guests were 1. Janelle Pierzina, 2. Dan Gheesling, 3. Britney Haynes, and 4. Mike "Boogie" Malin.

The new members were 1. Willie Hantz (who is the brother of Survivor's Russel Hantz and uncle of another Survivor's Brandon Hantz), 2. Kara Monaco (who was the playboy model of the year in 2006), 3. JoJo Spatafora (promotional model/bartender), 4. Jenn Arroyo (aka Miss Jenn City, musician), 5. Ashley Locco (spray tanner), 6. Jodi Rollins (restaurant server), 7. Danielle Murphree (nurse), 8. Wil Heuser (from "The Wil Show"), 9. Ian Terry (college student), 10. Frank Eudy (who is the son of wrestler Sid Vicious), 11. Shane Meaney (house flipper), and 12. Joe Arvin (chef).

The coaches and their players were:

Britney: Shane, Willie, and JoJo

Mike Boogie: Frank, Ian, Jenn

Janelle: Ashley, Wil, Joe

Dan: Kara, Danielle, Jodi

Every week, 2 people were nominated, and 1 was evicted.

  • The very first day after his team lost the competition, coach Dan had to evict one of his own players. He chose Jodi.
  • Kara and Frank were on the block, and Kara was sent home.
  • Willie was expelled from the game for headbutting Joe!
  • JoJo, who was a member of Willie's team, was sent home simply because she had been loyal to Willie, whom no one liked. Since he was the target and had been expelled, their next two choices were Willie's team members, JoJo and Shane. But Shane won POV, so it was JoJo who had to go.
  • America voted to give the coaches the opportunity to stop being coaches, and play in the game. If just one of the four coaches pushed the button in the diary room, then the game would be restarted and no one would get evicted this week. 3 out of 4 coaches pushed it, so the game restarted.
  • Janelle (a former coach) was back-doored this week.
  • Wil and Joe were on the block, and Wil was sent home.
  • This week Mike Boogie and Frank were on the block. Mike was sent home.
  • The same night that Boogie was sent home, it was a double eviction. The house guests had to play a whole week of Big Brother in 1 night. Ashley was the 2nd person evicted, and became the first member of the jury.
  • Dan was almost going to be the one going and was even up on the block with Danielle at first, but he convinced the Power of Veto winner, Jenn, to take him off the block and Britney was put up in his place. Britney became the 2nd jury member.
  • Frank was the 3rd jury member.
  • Joe was the 4th jury member.
  • Jen was the 5th jury member.
  • Shane was blindsided by Dan and evicted instead of Ian, becoming the 6th member of the jury.

The final 3 were Daniele, Ian, and Dan. Ian won the 3-part competition and chose to take Dan to the final 2 with him. Ian won with 6 votes and Dan was runner-up with 1 vote.

Big Brother Season 15

Big Brother Season 15 Cast

Big Brother Season 15 Cast

Big Brother Season 15 started earlier than previous seasons, providing even more episodes to enjoy. It aired on June 26, 2013. There was also a larger cast, with 16 completely new house guests, except that one of them, Elissa, was actually season 13 winner, Rachel Reilly's, sister.

Since this season featured more house guests, it meant there was a 9-person jury instead of the regular 7-person jury. Also, there were three nominations each week, instead of two. Two people were nominated by the HOH and the third person was nominated in secret by the M.V.P. that America got to vote for. (It was usually Elissa.)

The members were 1. Aaryn Gries, 2. Amanda Zuckerman, 3. Andy Herren, 4. Candice Stewart, 5. David Girton, 6. Elissa Slater, 7. GinaMarie Zimmerman, 8. Helen Kim, 9. Howard Overby, 10. Jeremy McGuire, 11. Jessie Kowalski, 12. Judd Daugherty, 13. Kaitlin Barnaby, 14. McCrae Olson, 15. Nick Uhas, and 16. Spencer Clawson.

The house guests were evicted as follows:

  • David, nominated by the MVP, was the first person evicted.
  • Nick, chosen as the MVPs renomination, was the second person evicted.
  • Jeremy was the third person evicted.
  • Kaitlin was the fourth person evicted.
  • Howard was the fifth person evicted.
  • Candace was the sixth person evicted, and the first member of the jury.
  • Judd was the seventh person evicted, immediately after Candace in a double eviction night. He became the second member of the jury.
  • Jessie was the eighth person evicted, and the third member of the jury.
  • Helen was the ninth person evicted, and the fourth member of the jury.

The first 4 jury members got to compete in a competition to see which one of them could come back into the game. Judd won and got to come back in.

  • Aaryn was the tenth person evicted, and now the fourth jury member.
  • Amanda was the eleventh person evicted, and the fifth member of the jury.
  • Elissa was the twelfth person evicted, immediately after Amanda in a second double eviction night. She became the sixth member of the jury.
  • Judd was evicted again as the thirteenth person, becoming the seventh member of the jury.
  • McCrae was evicted by GinaMarie's vote, making him the fourteenth person evicted, and the eighth member of the jury.

The final 3 were Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer. Andy won the 3-part competition and chose to take GinaMarie to the final 2 with him. Andy won with 7 votes and GinaMarie was runner-up with 2 votes.

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