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Big Brother Seasons 23+

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Big Brother arrives every summer

The Big Brother logo

The Big Brother logo

A new casting initiative

After what happened in the world -- not to mention things said in the house during Season 22 -- CBS has formed a new casting initiative for its reality shows going forward. Now, CBS is supposed to feature people of color in at least half of each show's cast.

BB23 promo

Big Brother Season 23

The 23rd season of Big Brother got its start on July 7, 2021. It featured an all-new cast with no returnees. The 90-minute live episode saw 4 houseguests moving in at a time and competing. The BB Beach Club theme meets casino-feel for this season.

In 2021, long-time casting director, Robyn Kass, stepped away from the show to pursue other opportunities. Jesse Tannenbaum took over the position. He previously cast the Over the Top edition. At the end of May, the casting was finalized by the team and sent off for approval by the network. By the middle of June, the chosen houseguests were getting quarantined to be sure everyone stayed healthy so they could play.

It was also leaked that the season finale would arrive on September 29th. That gives us 85 days -- a shorter season than the usual 100 they shoot for. So we'll see what really happens.

Stay tuned to learn which twists will be unleashed. The "high-stakes summer" for these houseguests will reveal if their gambles pay off or cost them. "Big Risks and Big Rewards" is the season's mantra.

The first twist has been revealed before the game begins in just over one week. It is said that the house will be split into 4 teams, consisting of 4 players each. Apparently, team captains will get to watch short clips of the players so they can make their picks. The teams are supposed to work together for 4 weeks. A new Wildcard Competition will stem from this.

Big Brother 23 cast

Big Brother 23 cast

Big Brother 23 cast

Claire replaces Christie


The cast reveal arrived on July 1, 2021, less than a week before the show's start date. However, a last-minute shakeup happened when Alopecia-advocate Christie Valdiserri tested positive for Covid and had to leave before the game even began. She was replaced with alternative, Claire Rehfuss on July 4.

The members were 1. Alyssa Lopez, 2. Azah Awasum, 3. Brent Champ, 4. Britini D'Angelo, 5. Christian Birkenberger, 6. Claire Rehfuss 7. Derek Frazier, 8. Derek Xiao, 9. Brandon French (Frenchie), 10. Hannah Chaddha, 11. Kyland Young, 12. Sarah Beth Steagall, 13. Tiffany Mitchell, 14. Travis Long, 15. Whitney Williams, and 16. Xavier Prather.

After 4 separate competitions, Frenchie, Whitney, Christian, and Claire became team captains. They each watched clips from 2 players at a time as they picked their teammates one by one. The 4 teams were:

The Jokers: Frenchie, Azah, Britini, and Derek F

The Aces: Whitney, Brent, Derek X, and Hannah

The Kings: Christian, Alyssa, Xavier, and Sarah Beth

The Queens: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany, and Travis

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The houseguests were evicted as follows:

  • Travis
  • Frenchie
  • Brent
  • Whitney
  • Christian

Julie announced a new twist -- The High Roller's Room -- where America got to vote for who they wanted to earn the most money to gamble to try and win a power. It played out for 3 weeks.

The jury members were:

  • Britini
  • Derek X
  • Sarah Beth
  • Claire (First to leave in a double eviction.)
  • Alyssa (Second to leave in a double eviction.)
  • Tiffany
  • Hannah (second to leave in another double eviction.)
  • Kyland

Xavier, Derek F, and Azah were the final 3. Xavier won the final 3-part competition. He chose to take Derek F to the final 2. Xavier won by a unanimous vote.

BB 24 promo video coming soon:

Big Brother 24

Big Brother 24 arrived in the summer of 2022, airing its first live, move-in episode on July 6th. The group moved in 4 at a time until a total of 16 houseguests were inside. They competed in a unique way from before, being put into three different group competitions. The winners of those advanced and the final winner would become the first HOH of the summer. They also revealed the first twist, where one cast member would become the Backstage Boss, and he had to choose 3 other people to join him backstage.

Before the twist could fully play out, and before a houseguest on the block could go home, one contestant decided to leave for her mental health.

The third week revealed the new Festie Besties twist (it's a festival theme this year), where all houseguests had to partner up.

Big Brother 24 cast

Big Brother 24 cast

Big Brother 24 cast

The cast members are: 1. Alyssa Snider, 2. Ameerah Jones, 3. Brittany Hoopes, 4. Daniel Durston, 5. Indiana "Indy" Santos, 6. Jasmine Davis, 7. Joseph Abdin, 8. Kyle Capener, 9. Matthew "Turner" Turner, 10. Michael Bruner, 11. Monte Taylor, 12. Nicole Layog, 13. Taylor Hale, 14. Terrance Higgins, 15. Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli, 16. Paloma Aguilar

Paloma self-evicted before the first eviction due to mental health reasons.

Then, the houseguests were evicted as follows:

  • Pooch

Refresh your memory on previous seasons

  • Big Brother Seasons 16 - 22
    Big Brother seasons 16 through 22, including the CBS All Access version Big Brother: Over the Top, all had varying twists and competitions. Some saw returning people as players, coaches, or competition hosts. BB 22, an All-Stars season, was held back

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