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Big Brother Seasons 23+

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A new casting initiative

After what happened in the world -- not to mention things said in the house last year -- CBS has formed a new casting initiative for its reality shows going forward. Now, CBS is supposed to feature people of color in at least half of each show's cast.

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Big Brother Season 23

The 23rd season of Big Brother will get its start on July 7, 2021. It should feature an all-new cast with no returnees. It's allegedly going to begin with a 90-minute episode that's live and features the new houseguests moving in. It is also said to have a BB Beach House theme. In 2021, long-time casting director, Robyn Kass, stepped away from the show to pursue other opportunities. Jesse Tannenbaum took over the position. He previously cast the Over the Top edition. As of the end of May, the casting has been finalized by the team and sent off for approval by the network.

In the latest leak from Twitter, a breakdown of the Big Brother cast has apparently been revealed. It's of course subject to change, but as of I last heard the cast would include:

4 white men

2 black men

1 Latino man

1 Asian man

3 white women

3 black women

1 Latino woman

1 biracial woman

That totals the 16 houseguests that are anticipated for this year.

It was also leaked that the season finale would arrive on September 29th. That gives us 85 days -- a shorter season than the usual 100 they shoot for. So we'll see what really happens.

Stay tuned to learn who's moving in and which twists will be unleashed. The "high-stakes summer" for these houseguests will reveal if their gambles pay off or cost them. "Big Risks and Big Rewards" was said to be the theme this year, though another source said it would be called "New Beginnings." We'll see which one it ends up being. A cast reveal may come the week of June 28, as per sources.

It's a question as to which houseguests will be moving in.

It's a question as to which houseguests will be moving in.

The latest rumor is that 16 new houseguests will arrive this summer.

The members are 1. Unknown, 2. Unknown, 3. Unknown, 4. Unknown, 5. Unknown, 6. Unknown, 7. Unknown, 8. Unknown, 9. Unknown, 10. Unknown, 11. Unknown, 12. Unknown, 13. Unknown, 14. Unknown, 15. Unknown, and 16. Unknown.

What order will they be evicted?

Who will the final 3 be? Who will win the final, 3-part competition? Will they choose friend or foe to take to the final 2? Someone will be crowned the winner, but who knows how close the race will be. The runner-up may end up with lots of votes or none.

Refresh your memory on previous seasons

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    Big Brother seasons 16 through 22, including the CBS All Access version Big Brother: Over the Top, all had varying twists and competitions. Some saw returning people as players, coaches, or competition hosts. BB 22, an All-Stars season, was held back

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