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Big Brother Houseguests Turned Actors

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The reality show, Big Brother, has aired in the U.S. since the year 2000. Many of the guests that appeared were regular Joes who were not known to the outside world until their time on the series. With their newfound notoriety, some have opted for a career path in acting. Several have gone on to act in non-scripted television shows and movies, with a number of roles listed on IMDB.

Eddie McGee - season 1

A more recent photo of season 1 contestant, Eddie

A more recent photo of season 1 contestant, Eddie

Eddie, the Big Brother season 1 winner, has appeared in many roles since his time on the show. Some of his movie titles include Drop Dead Roses, The Signs of the Cross, Rose Woes and Joe's, Eddie Monroe, The Ex, Just Like Joe, Priceless, and God's Pocket. He's appeared in an episode or two of many TV series -- most recently Chicago Med, 9-1-1, FBI: Most Wanted, and Hunters.

McGee is the CEO of Tripod Productions. Inc.

Nathan Marlow - season 4

A more recent photo of season 4 contestant, Nathan

A more recent photo of season 4 contestant, Nathan

Nathan came on the show as a fitness trainer. It didn't take long before he began pursuing a career in both filmmaking and acting. He eventually opened his own production studio. He is now a co-founder of Gulf Coast Studios, where you can receive help with movie production, photography, audio production, drone services, and more.

Marlow acted in The Great L.A. Pretenders, Crook, Almost Kings, Green Guys, Tyranny, The Buddy System, Caught Inside, and Scoundrels. He's also had other short videos on his list and even has some projects in the works.

Cody Calafiore - seasons 16 and 22

A more recent photo of season 16 and 22 contestant, Cody

A more recent photo of season 16 and 22 contestant, Cody

The winner of Big Brother 22 -- the All-Stars version -- got started with acting after his season 16 appearance. He played in 2 episodes of The Bold & The Beautiful. Other show credits include an episode each of Elementary and The First Wives Club, and several in the series 'New Dog, Old Tricks' and Little Cupid. His movie roles include What Happened Last Night, Set It Up, Clinton Road, Ivy & Mistletoe, Chronicle of a Serial Killer, and Joy & Hope. He has several other projects in post or pre-production.

Liz and Julia Nolan - season 17

A more recent phot of the season 17 twins

A more recent phot of the season 17 twins

The twins from season 17 have both been seen on television since their Big Brother stint. Liz has credits for Lethal Weapon, Lucifer, The Great Indoors, Into the Dark, and Star Trek: Picard.

Julia has credits for Lethal Weapon, The Great Indoors, Marlon, Into the Dark, and Star Trek: Picard. She also appeared in the film American Milkshake and in some video shorts.

Actors turned something else

Numerous Big Brother houseguests tried their hands at acting for just a short time. They only ended up with a few roles and opted for different career paths instead.

-Brittany Petros from season 1 has seven credits to her name for acting. She appeared in 6 episodes of Days of Our Lives, appeared in an episode each of Dead Last and Suspect: True Crime Stories, and was in the videos Screech of the Decapitated and Santa Preys for X-Mas. She played an executive in the movie I-See-You.com. She's most noteworthy for her work as a key location assistant manager for films like The Suicide Squad and A Wrinkle in Time and the show Supergirl.

-Lisa Donahue from season 3 acted in a few things over the years, as well as produced. She has since switched careers and is now a photographer.

Donahue appeared in two episodes of Entourage, one episode each of Dr. Vegas and Unhitched, and was in the movie Jekyll. She appeared as herself on Howard Stern, Live With Kelly and Ryan, Yes, Dear, Reality Dish, and Barflies. The Big Brother season 3 winner is named as co-producer for Reality Unleashed and a producer of the video documentary short titled 2012: Countdown to the Future.

-Brendan Villegas from season 12 appeared on 17 episodes of The Bold & the Beautiful.

-Sheila Kennedy from season 9 actually acted before her stint on Big Brother. Some were provocative films. Her credits include Spring Break (1983), The First Turn-On, Ellie, National Lampoon's European Vacation, Dead Boyz Can't Fly, and Penthouse: 25th Anniversary Pet of the Year Spectacular.

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