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Big Brother Houseguests Turned Amazing Racers

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Big Brother has seen hundreds of contestants over the years. The Amazing Race has as well. Some of those contestants have now overlapped as some houseguests from Big Brother decided to become Amazing Racers. One competed alongside her boyfriend who was never part of Big Brother, while the others competed in two-pair Big Brother teams.

Alison Irwin

Alison on Big Brother Vs Alison and Donny on Amazing Race

Alison on Big Brother Vs Alison and Donny on Amazing Race

She was the first.

The first ever Big Brother contestant to join The Amazing Race was season 4's Alison Irwin. On Big Brother, Alison flirted her way through the house despite the fact she had a boyfriend at home. In spite of this, he still gave her another chance and Alison and her boyfriend, Donny, went on to compete together in The Amazing Race during the show's 5th season. They got 10th place. (You can see them in the first 2 episodes of their season on Hulu.)

Alison was the runner-up of her first Big Brother season. She came back for the All-Stars version of Season 7. In that season, she got last place as she was the first evicted houseguest.

Though she was the first to make the switch between shows, she wasn't the last. Many followed in her footsteps.

Jeff and Jordan

Jeff and Jordan on Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Jeff and Jordan on Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Jeff and Jordan met on Big Brother during the show's 11th season. They quickly became a couple and have since gotten married and had 2 sons. Jeff actually proposed to Jordan on Big Brother during season 16 when they came back for an appearance.

They did Big Brother during 2009 and went to the Amazing Race in 2010 for season 16. They placed seventh. (You can see them in the first 6 episodes of their season on Hulu.)

Jordan won Big Brother that first year she was on. Jeff placed 5th, but was crowned America's Favorite Player. The couple returned to Big Brother for season 13 where they competed alongside Brendon and Rachel... another Big Brother turned Amazing Race couple. Jordan placed 4th and Jeff placed 7th during their second time on Big Brother.

Rachel and Brendon

Rachel and Brendon on Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Rachel and Brendon on Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Rachel and Brendon met and quickly fell in love on Big Brother 12. She placed 9th while Brendon placed 6th. They're now married with one daughter and have a second child on the way.

They competed on Big Brother again for season 13 where Rachel was ultimately crowned the winner. The returning duos twist brought her and Brendon back together where they paired up with Jeff and Jordan -- another Big Brother/Amazing Race couple. Brendon was the first member of the jury, earning him 6th place again.

The two have competed together on The Amazing Race twice as well. They first appeared in 2012 after their two seasons on Big Brother. They placed 3rd for this 20th season. They came back for season 24 and placed 3rd again.

Cody and Jessica

Jessica and Cody on Big Brother Vs The Amazing Race

Jessica and Cody on Big Brother Vs The Amazing Race

Cody and Jessica met and competed on season 19 of Big Brother. They were a strong team, but the other players quickly had it out for them. Cody had to nominate numerous houseguests during his first stint as HOH due to a self-eviction, competitions, and twists that were revealed. He earned many enemies because of this. The others also wanted to join up with veteran Paul while Cody and Jessica wanted him out. Cody was evicted early on but got to return thanks to the Battle Back Competition. Jessica earned 12th place and Cody went out in 11th place. He ultimately won the America's Favorite Houseguest title.

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During season 30 of Amazing Race, after Big Brother's 19th season where they met, Jessica and Cody competed. They won the million dollar prize. They are so far the only Big Brother couple to go on the Amazing Race and win.

Rachel and Elissa

Rachel and Elissa from Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Rachel and Elissa from Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Rachel already competed with her husband, Brendon, twice. For her third time back on The Amazing Race, she competed with her sister, Elissa, instead. Elissa was also on Big Brother. She was a twist for season 15, joining a bunch of new castmates as winner, Rachel's, sister. Elissa won America's Choice many times that season due to support from her sister's fans.

Elissa and Rachel's time on the Amazing Race was part of a reality show showdown. Elissa and Rachel, Britney and Janelle, and Victor and Nicole -- all from Big Brother -- competed on season 31. They were joined by previous Amazing Race couples and Survivor stars. Rachel and Elissa placed 7th. (Watch them via the CBS All Access app during episodes 1-8.)

Victor and Nicole

Victor and Nicole on Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Victor and Nicole on Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Nicole competed on Big Brother 16. She placed 7th. Although she didn't win the title, Nicole was in the top three for America's Favorite Player that year. She returned for season 18, where her favorite player status was quickly revoked by America. Many people did not like her game play this go around. Despite this fact, she won the game against Paul whom the houseguests liked less.

She also met Victor during this season. They were only friends in the game, though, and did not start dating until sometime after the show completed. The pair are now engaged. He proposed to her in the Big Brother house when they made an appearance during season 20. Nicole then returned to compete in season 22 during the second All-Stars version of the game.

During Victor's stint on Big Brother 18, he competed several times in the new competition -- The Battle Back. He was able to re-enter the game because of this. He was evicted yet again but still returned for a second time after a Jury battle back comp. He was finally evicted for good and ultimately finished in 5th place. He, too, won America's Favorite Houseguest like Nicole did on her first season.

Victor and Nicole were part of the 31st season for Amazing Race during the Reality Showdown alongside Rachel and Elissa and Janelle and Britney. They finished in 4th place.

Britney and Janelle

Britney and Janelle on Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Britney and Janelle on Big Brother Vs Amazing Race

Janelle is a long-time Big Brother veteran. She first appeared in season 6 where she finished 3rd. She then returned the following year for an All-Stars game. She finished 3rd again. During her 3rd appearance on Big Brother 14 -- where she played as coach and then houseguest -- she only came in 12th place. Janelle returned yet again in the 22nd All-Star season and earned 14th place.

Britney was a fan-favorite during her season 12 appearance. She placed 4th, but won America's Favorite Houseguest. She worked alongside Janelle during season 14 when she returned. Britney placed 8th during this repeat appearance.

Britney and Janelle's time on the Amazing Race was during season 31 for the Reality Showdown. They competed as friends and earned 8th place, losing a head-to-head battle against Rachel and Elissa. (Watch them on the CBS app in episodes 1-6 of their season.)

An Amazing Race couple joined Big Brother

Two Amazing Race contestants went the opposite route and made the switch to Big Brother. They competed on the 26th season of the Amazing Race in 2015 and then became part of a twist for Big Brother's season 17 that same year. Jeff and Jackie, a sort-of couple who met on a blind date, were those contestants. They went out in 7th place.

On Big Brother, Jackie got 10th place and Jeff got 15th place.

Jeff and Jackie

Jeff and Jackie on Amazing Race vs Big Brother

Jeff and Jackie on Amazing Race vs Big Brother

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