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The Betty Broderick Story & Her Children

Where Are Betty Broderick's Children Today?

Betty on the day she married Dan Broderick .

Betty on the day she married Dan Broderick .

Betty Becomes Betty Broderick

Elisabeth Anne Bisceglia became Betty Broderick in 1969 after dating her boyfriend, Daniel Broderick, for four years. He was in medical school and she was an old-fashioned girl in pursuit of a college education. Although determined to get a college degree, Betty had always intended for her full time career to be as a mother and wife. By all appearances Dan was a young man on his way to the top. He was serious, ambitious, and focused on his goals.

Little did either of them know at the time that their marriage would end in bitter divorce, that their four children would be caught between a cheating father and a distraught mother, and that one early morning in 1989 Betty would shoot and kill her ex-husband Dan, along with his second wife.

So what has become of their children? Where are they today and what is the story of Betty and Dan Broderick?

Kim & Dan Broderick, Jr. on Oprah in 1992


Betty and Dan Broderick's Children

KimLeeRhettDaniel Jr.

Testified for the prosecution during her mother's trial.

The most supportive of her mother after the murders.

Pleaded with his mother to stop leaving threatening messages on his father's voicemail.

Testified for the prosecution during his mother's trial.


Disinherited by her father in his will, amended the year before he died.


Remained in San Diego where he leads a commercial real estate firm.

Betty Sacrifices for Her Husband Dan

Shortly after their marriage Betty became pregnant with their first child, Kim. Their other three children, daughter Lee and sons Rhett and Daniel Jr., soon followed.

After Kim was born Dan graduated from medical school and surprised everyone when he announced a new goal: law school. The couple had lived on a shoestring budget, with Betty taking odd jobs and babysitting her neighbors children all day in order to survive. Dan's father had paid for his son's medical school education and considered his responsibility to support Dan through school fulfilled. This meant at least another four years of Betty having to find a way to support the family and keep her husband's nerves as steady while he struggled to make good grades. Betty considered it her job to keep her husband as stress-free as possible as he now studied law at Harvard University.

At some point in Dan's medical training he began to realize that doctors can be sued by shady people with good lawyers. He became uneasy about having his assets on the line every day while he worked as a doctor to support his family. As he witnessed the country become more and more liberal, Dan became disgusted by a system that allowed people to legally pick the pockets of people who have worked hard. He decided to change with the times and be on the winning end. His new goal was to become a medical malpractice attorney. This way he could combine his medical and law degrees.

After earning his law degree, Dan worked for a law firm and learned the ropes. It was not long before Dan was well-known in the legal field. He hired Linda Kolkena in the early 1980s to be his receptionist.

Betty's life was anything but glamorous after marrying Dan, but she never complained and supported her husband's ambitions. She believed that with hard work, determination, and the loving support of her family, things would work out and life would bless her for all the sacrifices she had made. While other young mothers were buying new cars, having an occasional party on the weekend, and spending their extra cash to buy a lipstick or have a manicure, Betty was living at poverty level. She did not spend one dime on anything extra and her recreation had to be the same as her full time job: caring for and entertaining the kids.

Betty took in other children to babysit all day. This way she could earn money without having to leave the house. She then began teaching part-time when her children were in school. Betty walked to the laundromat with her kids and planned meals based upon the discount coupons in the paper. She was a master of the extremely limited budget. Betty was the sole support of her family while her husband was free to give 100% to his education.

Although she tried not to show it, Betty was lonely for Dan. She knew he had to keep his focus on getting ahead. At some point during law school, Dan became aware what a good appearance could do for ones success. He had a nose job to give his face a more celebrity-like appearance and talked Betty into undergoing braces to fix her overbite. Even with his financial struggles, Dan wanted to spend extravagantly in ways that he thought would boost his image.

Dan Broderick, Jr. and His Bride


The Saga of Dan, Betty, and Linda


After eleven years of marriage, the Brodericks' were finally beginning to gain some stability. Dan got a job with a law firm right after graduation and quickly earned a reputation for himself and built a business. In a short time Dan, was a force in his field and was earning millions.

Betty thought that she would reap the rewards of hard work as a dutiful wife. She bought some nice clothes and started to take it easy and enjoy her success. This feeling of contentment would be short-lived as Dan began having an affair in the early 1980s.

Betty's Marriage Falls Apart

Linda Kolkena had been hired by a lawyer friend of Dan's as a receptionist after being fired as an airline stewardess for lewd behavior. She had apparently been drinking on the job and began flirting with a male passenger by sitting on his lap and cuddling. Many disgusted passengers complained and Linda was let go from her job.

Dan first laid eyes on Linda at a party and remarked at how beautiful he thought she was. It was 1983 and Linda was 21. She had no legal or medical training and she couldn't even type, but after beginning an affair with Dan Broderick, she was promoted to legal assistant, a position that requires extensive training and in most cases, schooling or a degree. Linda was ecstatic at being given such a high position.

Dan was smitten with Linda but was not about to throw away his marriage to Betty. His affair with Linda progressed very slowly, much slower than Linda was comfortable with.

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Linda threatened Dan, cried, and used all of her manipulative powers to pressure him to get a divorce. Dan even broke down at one point and told Linda to go ahead and date other men, which Linda did do. But no man could compare to Dan Broderick, who had bought her a beautiful new car and given her a huge office with a view of downtown San Diego. Linda would not back down without a fight. She kept Dan on a short leash, and when he traveled with his family to France, Betty actually caught her husband sneaking off to call his mistress on the phone. She also discovered that while they were vacationing in England Dan had sent flowers to Linda.

The tug of war between Linda and Betty grew to enormous proportions when Betty burned all of Dan's custom-made suits on her front lawn in effort to show him that she meant business too.

On one side he had Betty, vandalizing his possessions, and on the other side he had Linda, flaunting other men. Dan eventually had to make his decision, and he chose Linda. He was a doomed man from that moment on.

Betty relentlessly left nasty messages on Dan's answering machine and used her kids as pawns in her separation from their father. Although Betty had been a first-rate mother to her children throughout her marriage, she snapped and seemed to detach completely from her children. She even made comments such as, "I don't want to be a single mother." And that seemed to be the truth. If Dan Broderick were not in her life, Betty had no interest in her children.

The Home Where Betty Shot Dan and Linda Broderick

One of Betty's now-famous public scenes was when she drove her car into Dan's front door. Betty was growing more and more irrational and Dan was being warned to watch out for her.

Betty wanted Dan's affair to end so that they could go back to being a family. She made every effort she could to win her husband back. On Dan's birthday she showed up at his office with a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate, only to find Dan's office decorated with balloons and two empty wine glasses. She looked in Linda's office, which was right next to Dan's, and found cake crumbs and a photo of her husband as a teenager directly above Linda's desk.

Betty went on a rampage, destroying Dan's belongings while Dan denied having an affair with Linda. He told his wife that she was crazy and imagining things, but Betty knew better and demanded that he fire Linda.

Dan Broderick Chooses Linda Over Betty


After much pleading and arguing with Linda over Betty, Dan moved out, filed for divorce, and had Linda move in with him. Betty was hurt by what she thought to be a slap in the face. This pain was doubled when she discovered that the law actually sided with Dan in this case, not with her.

Betty was old-fashioned and believed that the law should punish those who were responsible for the marital problems, but she soon discovered that irreconcilable differences was what the modern divorce was all about. It no longer mattered that Dan had cheated because the old-fashioned morality laws that had protected women and punished men who hurt them were no longer valid.

In the past it used to be that if a man cheated, he owed his wife more money. Some men were left with very little money, while their ex-wives made off with a fortune. Those were the days when men feared divorce and being caught cheating, because there was a price to pay. No matter how badly Dan had treated Betty, it did not matter in any legal sense.

It was time for a divorce and they were to go their separate ways. Because Dan was raking in a fortune, Betty would not have to go broke, but that is really not what mattered to Betty. It was not about trying to make herself rich and Dan poor. She wanted to see justice, and that simply would not happen within the legal system. The thing that Betty could not tolerate was to see Dan and Linda riding off into the sunset as though the years of lying to her had never happened.

The emotional brick wall that Betty was up against led her down a dangerous path for all. Her mind tormented her all day long as she remembered all the lies that Dan had told her. She could spend some time with her children and have a light moment and as soon as she was alone she would go right back to dwelling on what was happening to her. As she thought of each scenario over and over, she grew more and more angry. To add fuel to the fire, when she called Dan's answering machine, she would encounter Linda's voice: "The Broderick's are not home right now." This sent her to another stage of anger. She felt as though she had been traded in for a younger model and knew that Linda would never have stayed with Dan as she done when he was in school. She turned the air blue with profanity on Dan's answering machine on a regular basis until her youngest son, Rhett, picked up the phone to try to stop his mother from carrying on.

Rhett was crying and pleading with his mom to behave while Betty accused her son of being on their side. Betty could not believe or accept the fact that her friends, her children, and all who knew her had suddenly seemed so willing to accept Dan and Linda as a couple while they pulled away from Betty.

Rhett Broderick: Betty and Dan's Son


There was a certain amount of power that Betty maintained when Dan was simply living with Linda, but when they became engaged, Betty was defeated. The day Dan married Linda had to have been the worst day in Betty's life. Not only did that feel like a knife going in, but she was well aware, because of what her kids were telling her, that Dan and Linda were planning to have children.

How could Betty survive knowing that every two years this evil couple would experience the joy of a new child? Betty was gaining weight and felt unable to remarry. Certainly her child-bearing years were over.

Eight months after their marriage, Betty crept into the home of Dan and Linda Broderick at approximately 5:00 AM. She went into the bedroom where Dan and Linda were sleeping and shot Linda in the head twice and Dan in the chest with a single bullet. It was November 5, 1989, just two days before Dan's 42nd birthday. Linda was 28.

Betty contacted her daughter Lee who came with her boyfriend and turned Betty in to the police. Betty never denied killing Linda and Dan but had used the excuse that she was temporarily insane from the torment. The prosecution blew a hole in that defense, pointing out that Betty had pulled the phone in Dan's bedroom out after her dying ex-husband had reached for the receiver after being shot.

Betty's children suffered the most of all the parties involved. They were now torn between defending their only surviving parent and turning on the woman who murdered their father. Betty's eldest two children, Kim and Dan, made every attempt to do what was morally right by making their mother own up to her responsibility. They also refused to support Betty emotionally in any way. Their positions would change as time went by

Many women adamantly stand by Betty, due to the torment that she endured and have turned against Kim and Dan Jr. for not being on their mother's side in court. It is unfair to punish the Broderick children any more than they have been already. They have had to suffer tremendously and no one can can really put themselves in the shoes of these kids who suffered so much during the most sensitive years of their lives.

The children were divided after the murder of their father. First living with their aunt, Dan's brother's ex-wife, and then splitting up with one of the girls moving to La Jolla with family friends, and Rhett ended up living the the south.

Of all the Broderick kids, Lee was the most supportive of her mother throughout the ordeal. She testified on her mother's behalf and has always been there for Betty. She also remained in the San Diego area where she worked in a restaurant as a hostess. Interestingly, Daniel Broderick had amended his will in 1988, the year before his death, to exclude Lee from any inheritance. He gave no reason for doing so, but left all of his estate to his three other children.

Kim Broderick testified against her mother in both trials, as did Dan Broderick Jr. He is now a successful San Diego businessman and married in 2011. Intense Betty Broderick fans have bitterly criticized Dan Jr. for not supporting his mother and have commented that his wife looks exactly like Linda, but as one can see from the photo, the only similarities are the slender build and blond hair.

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Cathy on May 08, 2020:

The two people she killed will never come back and those children lost both parents because of her. She is where she belongs and does not deserve to get out of prison.

Charlotte on January 21, 2020:

I think all of the Betty Supporters should go to her next Parole Meeting and Offer to give her a home if they will let her out. I'm sure that's one reason they don't let her out, they don't have anyone who would help take care of her. You could also send letters to the Parole Board and tell them she can live with you if they will let her out. With all of the support she gets on this forum, there are lots of people willing to give her a home. That way her kids wouldn't have to worry about her living with them and their Mom would be out of Prison. Everybody would be happy.

Thy on November 04, 2019:

So sad

DonnaF on August 19, 2019:

Betty Broderick has served her time and far beyond it.

Anybody remember OJ??

It's time to let her live the rest of her life as a free woman. Had the divorce gone the other way Dan would have received a five year sentence.

Jason B Truth from United States of America on April 25, 2019:

Everyone? I need to clarify something that I made in a post here 11 months ago. I mentioned that "California Gray Davis" appointed Kerry Wells to the bench in 2002. What I meant to type was that California Governor Gray Davis appointed Kerry Wells to the bench in 2002. I apologize for any confusion that my typographical error therein may have caused.

Linda on November 12, 2018:

As one of the original jurors said "what took her so long". I agree. When a husband has someone else they turn on the wife like a snake.

Masnice on November 04, 2018:

Betty acted that way becaus eof the stress she had been through.I support Betty!

Kiesha Joseph from Las Vegas, NV on October 12, 2018:

I recently got a call from a lady in CIW where Betty is housed. She was in the hospital. And they weren't sure if she'd make it. Emailed her today going to get a update. Hope she's ok. She's a really good lady in 2018. I had no idea this was what she's in there for at all. She is one of my mom's closest friends.

Chaunceytanner on August 10, 2018:

IT takes two to make a marriage and two to break up a marriage. I feel that Betty Broderick was a tired stressed woman by the time her husband finished his college years. She had supported him both emotionally and financially along g with having his children. Dan became successful because of her help and his intellect. They were a team in her eyes. Then shortly after all this work the stress of doing this took a toll on both of them. The marriage cracked and Dan found solace with another woman. But all three had a huge impact on the path they created. No one knows how you’d feel if this happened to you. It became too destructive for Betty to mentally cope with, in my view. Her children became pawns by their mother’s instability and too young to handle her problems. It is a very sad story of the whole family’s demise.

Marilyn on June 17, 2018:

Why is Betty Broderick such a sympathetic figure? There are a bunch of famous murderers who killed someone who'd treated them poorly, or at least that's what they said, but no one is crying alligator tears and saying they should be let out on the streets. Think the Mendendez brothers, Ronald DeFeo, Jodi Arias. I don't want them out either but it's pretty much the same thing.

I understand the emotions first hand, but it doesn't give anyone the right to eliminate anyone, even if they aren't very nice people. And Betty Broderick had options that other women could only dream of. Broderick was not only paying her a monthly support check, but he also bought her a house and paid her credit card bills, which were staggering. All of it was being credited against her divorce settlement as it should have been. She just blew through it.

She still doesn't get it. She's better off where she is.

Jason B Truth from United States of America on May 23, 2018:

GlendaGoodWitch? Thank you for this article as it provides valuable information on what became of the Broderick children after Betty Broderick went to prison. As for everyone else who has commented here, let me just say this. I've heard all your remarks about how you believe that Betty Broderick deserves to rot in prison for the rest of her life and so forth. I get it. You all are of the school of thought that if you do the crime, you do the time. However, here is the problem that I am having with Betty Broderick's prison sentence. SHE DID NOT GET A FAIR TRIAL! How do I know it? Because Dr. Park Elliott Dietz testified as an expert witness for the prosecution, and I can tell you right off the bat that this man has no moral compass whatsoever. I have been following this man's career for over two decades, and I have seen some of the despicable things that he has done to people. A good example to that effect is when he lied under oath at the Andrea Yates trial. He was also removed from the Marcus Wesson trial, because the prosecution simply could not trust him to tell the truth on the witness stand. I saw the video recording of the retrial of Betty Broderick on Court TV, when that cable channel was still in existence. When Dr. Park Elliott Dietz testified on the witness stand, he was relentless and showed to have no conscience as he kept verbally tearing Betty Broderick apart in his so-called expert testimony regarding her persona to the point that he had her in tears. Then-San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Kerry Wells was supposed to be an avid supporter of women's rights and a defender of battered wives. I would have thought that she would have been more professional than to have hired someone like Dr. Dietz as an expert witness for the prosecution. Just the fact alone that she consorted with this creep caused me to lose any faith in her professional integrity that I would have had otherwise. I know that she had to have made a terrible judge after California Gray Davis appointed her to the bench in 2002. In conclusion, I believe that Betty Broderick should be freed by virtue that she did not receive a fair trial. Either that or she should at least be afforded a new trial in a courtroom in which the judge doesn't know her and the attorneys for both parties are required to adhere to a strict set of standards to guarantee justice.

E on May 22, 2018:

If it is a husband who had killed an ex wife and her new husband, he would receive a lighter sentence.

Anita Hasch from Port Elizabeth on April 01, 2018:

I think for Betty her whole world revolved around her husband. She wanted him and not his money. She must have been temporary insane. I hope they release her soon. Feel so sorry for the children. And Tamala your comment about "If a marriage is strong your spouse will never stray." Unfortunately this is only true when the man is mature, Some men seem to have a competition going with themselves. How many women can I get into bed this year, maybe more than last year.

Evie, I enjoyed your comment.

Ninety and wise: on March 26, 2018:

Betty worked hard to give him the education he needed to make a good life for himself and his family. However, he used and abused Betty by taking up with another who was after his money. Betty may not have been perfect but she was much better than her cheating husband. Also, Linda was no angel - she married him for money.

What do we call women who run around with married men?

KaPac on December 10, 2017:

This woman was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder with narcissistic and histrionic tendencies. I can't believe women defend her for murder. She consistently acted in abusive and harmful ways. Her children suffered horribly because of her antics. She was totally self-focused. Listen to the heart-breaking phone conversation with her youngest son as he pleads in his little-boy voice for her to stop with the profanity and verbal abuse, she didn't care, not one ounce of compassion for the emotional abuse she was afflicting on him. She has a vacuous empty hole in her soul that she demanded her husband fill ... he couldn't, nobody could. She had a $700,000 beach front house and $16,000 per month alimony pay-out ... How ludicrous to think she was the poor ex-wife. I have no compassion for this woman. People act like she suffered because she helped her husband through school ... I think the only thing she suffered from was mental illness and a huge case of entitlement. I am glad she was denied parole. She still sees herself as the victim. The real victims are the two people who lost their lives and the four innocent children that she consistently manipulated and emotionally abused. She is a sociopath and deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Joan Schwartz on November 18, 2017:

I think Betty has suffered enough. I wish she would show the parole board remorse and be set free!

Deborah Minter from U.S, California on August 29, 2017:

Terrible story. Perhaps Betty should have received help. Nothing justifies murder........ I feel sorry for everyone involved.

Carol Thomas on August 20, 2017:

I believe Dan drove Betty to the brink and she snapped. She supported that no good cheater, selfish husband through college and while he try to build a practice. I don't think she have killed them but I think they deserved it, especially his new wife, she was a gold digger.

Tracey on August 05, 2017:

Do I agree what she did was the right thing...No! Should she be in prison...Yes. But until I read this, I can feel for this woman and what she went through. She stood by him and yet he cheated on her and left her. He is self centered...hence the nose job. We really don't know what was actually said or done behind close doors but if a wealthy father could disinherit their own child from his will, its proof enough for me to believe there is more to the story of what type of man he was and how he probably treated Betty. He broke her to the point of her doing what she did.

Metre Wishom on June 25, 2017:

I think Betty has served her time. Dan was a cheater, pressured by his gf. She cared about nobody but herself. Selfish and selfless cost 2 lives.

Mike and Dorothy McKenney from United States on June 18, 2017:

This was, indeed, an interesting case and people will be affected by it for many years to come. "Tug of war" of emotions that ended in a double murder. Very sad. Thanks for the whole story.

Anita Hasch from Port Elizabeth on June 06, 2017:

What a sad story.

jess on June 05, 2017:

no she doesnt deserve to be free. It doesnt matter what others have done, SHES the one who murdered them and she is clearly delusional and very self absorbed. I feel bad for her children and if she gets out she will be a burden to them.

Evie on May 05, 2017:

I could've done it easily,after reading the Twelfth of Never book. He and his piece of ass got what they deserved. And so what if she shows no remorse,it doesn't mean she would kill again. The ones she went insane over are already dead.

GalaxyRat on April 30, 2017:

...I do not know how to answer this. Part of me wants Betty to stay in prison, the other part doesn't.

LisaM111865 on April 22, 2017:

I know this story very well and I'm convinced that Betty was temporarily insane when she killed Dan and Linda.

I feel as though Dan drove her to moments of insanity when he blatantly flaunted his extra marital affair. And what kind of a woman was Linda to set her sights on a married man with four children? Despicable! Dan and Betty's four kids are the ones who paid the ultimate price. Betty

took the lives of two people and has spent the past 30 years paying for that decision. I believe she has paid her debt and should be released. It's time.

Karen Hellier from Georgia on February 24, 2017:

What a sad story. I remember watching the movie with Meredith Baxter...she did a great job playing Betty. Very nice article. I never knew the back story.

Tamala on February 19, 2017:

According to Betty this marriage was doomed the day they married.She stated that Dan raped her on their wedding night.Seriously,she stayed after that ??? From every single article I have read Betty was all about controlling every single situation and person in her circle. The bottom line is if your marriage is strong your spouse will never stray.If your dealing with the a high stress job coming home should be your safe haven.If your going home to a person who continuously bitches and demands more and more.According to Betty she got pregnant nine times but states the sexual relationship with Dan was horrible? I think both of them are equally at fault and the children were the ones who suffered.Linda was too young and immature to understand the hornets nest she was helping build.She saw a very prominent man of great wealth and respect in the community.He probably told her how awful Betty and his marriage was and she knew she could show him the love and total admiration he craved.By then she was head over heels in love and couldn't have moved on even though she tried.She paid the ultimate price for falling for a married man. I honestly believe that even if Dan had left without another woman involved Betty would have killed him because as she said he "owed" her and she would have never allowed him any peace or happiness.Betty deserves the punishment she received and honestly I doubt she will ever be free nor does she deserve her freedom.If she ever got out she would expect her children to give their entire life up for her.She stated many times she did the crime for herself and her children.That statement alone is very scary.She made the fatal mistake of using her children as pawns instead of protecting them from the fallout of a divorce.Betty is where she needs to be and needs to take her last breath inside the prison walls.She stated that no one would morn Dan ,she was wrong.I would like to think that no one would morn her death but her children will and that is so sad .The only person that is NOT a victim in this entire situation is Betty Broderick.

V. Watson on January 16, 2017:

Betty was asked to endure too much. She loved Dan and the kids and may have accepted an end to the marriage with time…he had his life planned, he could have helped her come to terms. Linda? Out to take advantage no matter who was hurt. So Sad. Especially for the children.

Shirley on December 10, 2016:

If there had been a death penalty Betty should have received it. She killed two--yes 2 people in cold blood not in self defense

Get real, think how horrible this woman would be to her children if she got out. Control freak? I think so. Those children are doing just fine without her.

Go ahead let her out, and who is to blame when she kills again -- and she will.

jersey girl on October 27, 2016:

Let her go to make peace with herself and her children, bless you betty broderick, may god stay in your heart and lead you to comfort amen ,,

mactavers on October 23, 2016:

I remember the made for television movie and always wondered what happened to the children. Thank you for solving the mystery. I also think Betty has been in jail long enough.

Man on October 20, 2016:

The attorney wanted fame from this. Betty is the victim here. I hate she killed them but she was mentally drained, hurt, and dogged. Why keep her locked up all these yes. The kids who fight to keep her lockedup are horrible and needsee to walk away and leave her be. Why don't they go on with their lives and let her get out. God forgives and they should too.

Sonya on October 20, 2016:

What's the purpose of keeping her in prison? Her husband was an asset for leaving and taking her kids. He should have wenton with the slot and had a new family.

Let that woman go home

jane franklin on October 19, 2016:

Women get left by their husbands every day and most of them don't get the luxury of a huge alimony check every month. The best revenge is living well and Elizabeth Broderick could have been an adult about the situation and moved on. Instead she ruined everyone's life including her own. The woman let her anger and hurt overtake her life and unhinge her mind. Nobody won in this sad case, a good mother would have never put her children through that.

Rickanna lambert on October 05, 2016:

Im watching a tv show about betty. I have just came out of a very abusive relationship both physically and mentally. Im appallied at things the prosecutor said to media about betty. Because i know beyond. Shadow of a doubt that he had to have mentally abused her. Because words betty used echoed mine. How she described him. I believe he was as evil as the man that abused me. You have know idea what its liked to give your all. To scream out the truth about how he toyed with her to just be evil just for him to lie to the world when he did all the rest in stone cold private.. It is a evil torture. If when she called out to be believed.. And to not be because he pretended and lied to the world . this can break a person. I believe her.

De on September 27, 2016:

I think in Betty's case, people are missing the real issue. She took the quote, "til death do they part," literally. She felt betrayed by the fact she gave her all to a man that claimed to love her. Only to leave her in the end for a younger model. It's a tale older than time. Men feel when they move up in the jobs so should the woman on their arms change. Yes, I do think Betty should not have killed Linda and her husband. But what person hasn't felt so hurt that they feel the best method is REVENGE?

VigilanteVixen1 on August 29, 2016:

"What the hell would happen if every aggrieved woman shot her ex/cheating husband and his mistress/new wife?"

The world would be a better place!

Seriously, though, Dan and Linda Broderick merely reaped what they had sowed. Dan was a vile human being who destroyed his ex-wife for sport. He just screwed with the wrong person. She was literally driven crazy by Dan and Linda. The systematic decimation of Betty had been going on for years. Dan and Linda got what they wanted, they drove Betty crazy, they just underestimated her degree of crazy. In an odd way, it was poetic justice. Dan let Betty down, the legal system let Betty down, society let Betty down. Betty exacted her own justice. Had Dan treated her with empathy and respect, rather than like gum on the bottom of his very pricey shoes, things would have been very different for everyone.

stella vadakin from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619 on August 25, 2016:

I feel sorry for Betty, he sure treated her bad. Great hub, Stella

Sherry Hewins from Sierra Foothills, CA on August 25, 2016:

I can see how Betty would feel cheated by her husband, the way he treated her was very unfair, but she should have considered herself to be will rid of the creep. Under California community property laws, she would not have been left in poverty.

Unless she was truly mentally ill, she is responsible for her own actions. She could have moved forward, and built a new life for herself, instead she has spent her life in prison, and ruined the lives of her kids, because of her own actions.

By the way, I think Dan Jr.'s wife looks as much like a young Betty as she does like Linda.

t-bone on August 20, 2016:

If I were a woman, I probably would have killed the lowlife too. Just the fact that his wealth came as a malpractice lawyer is enough to make me want to vomit. Those guys are greedy-rotten creeps, who benefit at the expense of insurance companies - of which we, the consumer end up paying the price through our healthcare policies. Sure, I agree that malpractice (usually unintentional, by the way) is a serious matter - but the payoffs are ridiculously exorbitant. My sympathy does go out to her because the true "injustice" that she'd received which came more so throughout her long-suffering with the abusive jerk. If she'd have hired a hit man, that would have been different - but she was tormented to the extent that she had to seek retribution in a personal mode. I agree that she deserved a sentence for which a limited amount of time is required, but 25 years - so far, is beyond what she had deserved.

Ben there on August 08, 2016:

When you truly love someone and support them in every way and they don't give a second thought to all that you have sacrificed for them it hurts. Getting stabbed in your eye doesn't hurt nearly as much as the pain from a broken heart. So people deserve to die for being pig's who disrespect their marriage vows? No!! Does the person left behind deserve better respect than That? HELL YES!!! It's not about money, it's about deep heartfelt emotions that unfortunately people in today's society are allowed to just trample upon. "Till death do you part" No where in there does it say "until you get bored and want something new."

Sharon Martinez on August 07, 2016:

While I do not condone murder, he was a horrible man without scruples and the woman who he married him - Linda - was just as bad. Charlotte, above, noted that they did not deserve to die. I have no idea what they deserved. I only know that they did not deserve peace and happiness and love. They were self-serving opportunists. Then, she asks what if it were your mother or sister, father or brother that this happened to - being murdered because of this scenario. I would say that they put themselves in horrible situation and did not care about decency and that they did not deserve to be happy while they had behaved so badly.

Charlotte on August 06, 2016:

It really is amazing to me that people ACTUALLY think that Dan and Linda deserved to die. There is truly something getting in the way of things in this world, and it is not good. Bottom line, no matter how wrong Dan and Linda were in what they did, they did not deserve to die. And for those that think they did deserve it, place one of your relatives(sister,mother,daughter, etc) or good friends(best friend,etc) in their place, and tell me that they would deserve death as well.

RickG on August 06, 2016:

Watch the YouTube videos of her probation trials.... Half of her children and her own brother ask the parole board to KEEP this woman in jail because she still is a threat to society.

F on August 06, 2016:

Its funny how "temporary insanity" works when males kill females in Texas, but not the other way around. Betty has paid the price, let her free.

Chara on August 06, 2016:

Betty is a killer and will never be safe.

Sam on July 14, 2016:

Betty deserves a second chance. Hope she gained her sanity back.

Erica on July 12, 2016:

Betty Broderick is a pile of human excrement. I hope she dies alone in prison, a fate befitting a calculating killer.

chas on July 06, 2016:

she deserves the death penalty

Judy on July 05, 2016:

Betty will never be paroled. No doubt of that. But she allowed her anger, and jealousy kill 2 ppl... buy decor for your cell, and enjoy retirement Betty. Ppl are selfish, do malicious things... but we learn to move on, not get even and murder! Case closed!

Betty supporter on June 16, 2016:

Dan used Betty. Dan cheated on Betty and told her he was not cheating and that Betty was crazy to think that he was. But Dan was lying. Betty worked many jobs, had his four children, was the primary family supporter while Dan was continuing with his college, medical school, and law school. He didn't work at all or help Betty. They were Catholic and Betty felt she was being a good supportive wife and that one day Dan would make a comfortable living and she could be a stay at home mom and wife. She did everything right. If Dan would have just stuck to his commitment as a husband and father and be a decent human being and honored his vows and not cheated.....none of this would have happened. Dan made Betty feel used and old and ugly and he pushed her to insanity. I am glad he and his slut were killed. They left Betty no other choice. Betty deserved half of everything Dan had. Betty is the main reason why Dan was so successful. It is not right what Betty did but most can certainly understand Dan threw her under the bus and drove her to her actions. How unfortunate. Dan destroyed Betty and his children with his own actions. You reap what you sow.

anonymous on March 25, 2016:

She was tortured, humiliated, and battered. She has served time. She deserves 1/2 his money and a release from prison.

LeeAnn Guidry on February 09, 2016:

I think it's time to let the lady out she's been through enough and of course I don't condone anyone being killed by no means but after all that was her life her family the way he treated her and as well as that woman that took a Husband from her she went through a mental breakdown and no one can understand how she feel or felt until they go through it themselves is time to let her go

OC on January 31, 2016:

Dan Broderick was a lying scoundrel. How they have a Dan BroderickRoom at San Diego Bar Association tells you how morally corupt the whole Bar Association is. What an asswipe he was. He tried to throw his wife out the window as soon as he made it finacially. Good riddance.

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on January 20, 2016:

I don't condone what Betty Broderick did; however, people should understand there are consequences for what you do. For Dan to be married to Betty for all those years, allow her to support him, and then kick her to the curb was wrong. You marry for better and for worst and even though Betty did seem a little "out there" He married her.

In the very least, he should have given her half but I don't feel the money was the issue, it was the betrayal. Some people may say "Well, I was cheated on too and I never killed anyone" but everyone is capable of snapping. Linda was wrong for not having respect for someone's marriage. Dan was wrong for not taking his vows seriously and controlling his flesh, and Betty was wrong for deciding she had the right to take lives from others.

There are consequences for the decisions you make and in the end everyone reaped what they sowed. Linda, Dan, and Betty. I would also like to add that the reason Betty is not being released is because she is showing no remorse for what she did.

Anonomous on January 16, 2016:

Betty Boderick has spent 26 years in custody , which based who's opinion out of the parole board recently has evaluated ? She may be guilty , and she has been punished enough with crime, and time to rethink the emotional abuse she occured and devoted mother reacted that she regrets.

Everyone deserves a secound chance as Jean Harris did in the Scarsdale diet case, when she showed proof of progress in Ny to Gov. Mario Cuomo

Gov . Jerry Brown of Ca , should grant Clemency so that she can dedicate her education to prevent future occurances and be with her family that loves her, have the chance to make ammends in and be a productive contributor ASAP :)

Louise on January 02, 2016:

This story is tragic, however murder is not the answer for infidelity. If it was we'd have a huge problem on our hands in every way. Dan/Linda weren't saints but they didn't deserve to die. Betty is where she should be, regardless of the circumstances.

Hannah Guinao-wa from General Trias Cavite Philippines on December 21, 2015:

Interesting topic to write, got my hundred percent attention.

The story is tragic, the people involved in this true to life story made their choices, such choices being bad ones which ended in cold blooded murder.

I honestly believe that Betty needs professional help. I am a wife, I have experienced being cheated to and lied at by my police officer husband a couple of times and the pain and suffering, the mental torment and anguish is unexplainable. Maybe, if during the onset of Dan's infidelity, if someone stayed beside Betty to help her through it and to pray for her, things could have been different. She might have gone through clinical depression which led to a more serious mental instability that led her into committing the criminal acts. Her being cold hearted resulted from days, weeks and years of harboring anger, hatred and unforgiveness not only against Dan and Linda but also herself. She wondered what went wrong. She gave her all for her husband, followed the law, was a submissive wife, became Dan's partner to the very letter of the law and was devoted to the vow she made on the altar. She did everything by the book in accordance to morality and virtue, and yet, she was betrayed. This betrayal frustrated her. She asked herself how could this have happened when she was a faithful wife and mother. The greatest mistake she made was to make Dan the center of her life, her only sole purpose for living. Her world crumbled into pieces when he left her. That's all she saw, and believed. If only someone stood beside her that God's love for her is greater than the treachery and lies of Dan and Linda, if only someone showed her what to do, Betty could have been saved from herself. If someone only showed her that there's more to life than Dan and she could start all over again and wait for God to vindicate her, but her anger got the best of her. The hatred ate her up.

Everybody needs a second chance to redeem himself/herself. Everybody has been given a shot at "grace and mercy". What Betty did was wrong and when she murdered both those people, she crossed a line, a line that would make it difficult for her to continue living with her life. Everybody is being given a chance to start all over again and all it has to take is a decision to start anew even if people are saying that there's no hope or it's too late, while we are still alive, there is always hope and grace. Nobody could make that decision for us but ourselves, to choose to live and to choose to forgive.

Thank you, this article is an eye-opener, I have learned much from reading this. Two thumbs up!

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on December 21, 2015:

Mehak, your post is considered spam. I remember seeing the Betty Broderick TV movie many years ago with Meredith Baxter playing Betty. Thanks for sharing this gripping hub.

Robin on December 20, 2015:

Let Betty go he played mind games with her and that's a dirty game to play and then rubbed it in her face

H on December 20, 2015:

no matter what, she still killed people and, from what I have read, she still believes that she was right to murder them. so, no parole.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on November 12, 2015:

Very tragic tale, but such things happen and cant be controlled. Nice hub

Wanda on November 11, 2015:

The first thing I noticed when I started reading this article and seen Dan Jr's wife is that she looks almost exactly like Linda. Before getting to the part where it was mentioned that he had married someone that looks like Linda. This is a little scary for this young man..

Elyse J. on November 08, 2015:

There are several inaccuracies in your account of the Broderick story, minor as they may be in the grand scheme of things:

1) Like most people who go to law school full time, Dan graduated in two years, not four.

2) Linda was not "on the job" during her drunken misbehavior on the plane. She was returning from a personal ski trip with some fellow vacationing Delta buddies. However, even on her "off time" she was a representative of Delta which she well knew.

3) The murder took place two days before Betty's birthday, not Dan's. Dan's birthday was later in the month.

I agree with you on how ridiculous the movies' portrayal of the principals involved were, and how "saintly" they made the Dan & Linda characters while presenting Betty as a one-dimensional illogical shrew with no redeeming characteristics.

I have to disagree with you in your brief foray in the comments section on the merits of a "Christian Nation", but that is not a discussion for this forum.

lisa on October 31, 2015:

years ago, i saw rhett broderick on oprah and he said something that i agree with. his mother should be paroled and that she's not a danger to society at large. the two people that she was a danger to are dead and the rest of us have nothing to fear from her. i say it's time to release betty. yes, she shouldn't have killed dan and linda for her sake and the sake of her kids. but she's done her time. she's been locked up the last 26 years and, imo, that's long enough.

Sarah on October 17, 2015:

The guy was clearly scum. Regardless of if someone thinks Betty was justified or not, Dan was a horrible person. What type of man disinherits his child? He cut the child out of the will because she was nice to her mom/still supported her mom but kept the 3 kids "on his side" in the will. That speaks volumes and volumes to his character. Plus, he was a liar and cheat. I don't condone murder but karma has a way of taking care of business.

Glenda Goddard (author) from Arizona on October 05, 2015:

Dear "Nobody",

You have misunderstood the whole argument here. Betty did not murder because her husband fell out of love with her. I highly doubt that you would gladly sign divorce papers if you had spent your youth working so that your husband could go to school so that he could earn a lot of money, and once he became a millionaire, decided that you are not fancy enough for him and took off with another woman.

Nobody on October 05, 2015:

One question, if someone fall out of love with you and don't want to be with whomever it's ok to kill them? Im assume the comment are from women this sight. I told my husband if he ever want a divorce just let me know and I will gladly sign the papers. FYI: IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE AND THEY DON'T LOVE YOU BACK, WHAT AREVYOU GOING TO DO MAKE THEM.

Glenda Goddard (author) from Arizona on October 05, 2015:

@Ella. Betty went berserk, not because she was raised with high moral expectations, but, because of the "modern/liberal" system that had taken protection away from women, who, when America was a Christian nation, the laws protected women from philandering husbands. If a man cheated, he was punished by the law. He didn't do time in jail, but, he was punished financially, and the wife was given financial compensation. Betty had no idea that laws had changed and that legally what her husband was doing to her, lying, mentally abusing her, was "no big deal", in the eyes of the law. She, like many women, even today, was taken off guard when she thought that Dan would be punished somehow. Of course, she was not right for doing what she did, but, I would hope that just about anyone can well understand how slighted she felt when she was suddenly expected to move out of her husbands wealth, that she worked just as hard as he to earn, and then go get a menial job as a middle aged woman.

Karen Williamson on October 04, 2015:

This story is about power, greed, control and having the last word. There are no winners here. It is obvious to me that Betty has mental issues that she wishes not to address. In no way do I condone what she did. But, and I say but, hell hath no fury like a women scorned. What has been left out here is the blatant taunting that he and his new wife continued non-stop, what they subjected her to is unbelievable. This went on for years and continued during his remarriage. Wasn't it enough that she got the guy, married him, lived like a queen yet continued to mentally abuse his ex-wife. He went along with it. He also hid massive amounts of the marital money. Because he was a lawyer he knew how to do it. He also had the legal system in his pocket, he new everybody. No one would take her case in San Diego for the divorce. She had to go to LA to find a divorce attorney. I think Linda's family know the truth. She too was greedy and selfish. She wanted a married man and was willing to do whatever it took. This case should never even have been heard in San Diego. The judge knew Broderick, they both were members of an Irish men's group who I won't name. I am sad for those children. The legal system failed Betty. It favored Broderick. There was no justice here. If Broderick had played fair in the divorce and paid his fair share and gone on about his life. He got the pretty girl. If he and his new wife had only left her alone. They knew she was unstable, why continue to taunt and belittle her? As cruel as it may seem, maybe they would still be alive. I am of the opinion that they both had a hand in their own demise.

Ella45 on October 04, 2015:


No it wasn't aimed at you! It was aimed at the comments that say that Dan and Linda deserved to die. I'm shocked at the amount of people who think she was justified in murdering two people because she had been cheated on and yes treated very badly especially by her ex husband. I'm sure you're right that the press do vilify one side but I still find it really hard to get my head round the comments where people on here have said that two people deserved to die because of an affair. Or the fact she devoted her life,gave up her career,had a miscarriage,or had 50's values etc. So did a thousand women brought up in that era but they did not kill their ex or any new wife or girlfriend when their husband left them. I never said British people were more civilised. I don't know where you got that. I did say I knew there were differences in our way of life. (which there are) If you've taken it as an insult to the US then it really wasn't intended to be. I live in a town outside Glasgow in Scotland and believe me it's becoming more of a shit hole every year but guns and gun crime are thankfully still alien to me. I have seen two women batter hell out of each other over a cheating guy and that I can even understand a little. Not that there's many men worth breaking a nail over as far as I'm concerned.

I'm still shocked though at this attitude towards taking a life as though it's something that's justified if you've been wronged. Which is what I've read on quite a few of the comments. We'll just need to agree to disagree. I've read all the points people on here have put forward in Betty's defence and I have thought seriously about all of them but it's not changed my opinion one bit. In my opinion she had no right to take the lives of those two people and therefore she deserves to be in prison. Is it not true that her now grown up children don't want anything to do with her? I'm sure they know her personality better than anyone on here. Ok this was very interesting but I think I've given all my thoughts on it now. I'm away to find that bitch who ran off with "my" ex husband so I can.....thank her

groeneweg on October 02, 2015:

Underwent enough punishment: she was the minor person and also because of that, extremely stressed by passion and powerless anger.

Moreover, first place: God will be specially pleased when one heartedly forgives.

Jack Groeneweg; Juridical Capital of the World, The Netherlands 02-10-2015.

Carol on September 14, 2015:

When people are pushed beyond their capabilities, anything is possible. Dan had the medical knowledge to push Betty beyond her physical, emotionally, and psychologically limitations. Financially, even though Betty was receiving living expenses, etc, there were strings attached, which further "controlled" what Betty could do. The equitable division of All Marriage Property was not done. Once the medical and financial destructions were completd, the legal maneuvers severed what was left of any sort of "rationale" thinking.

With the children, this was troubling. What was left of Betty affected her ability to make any sort of informed decisions, including with her children. A diagnosis of being psychiatrically impaired should have been considered.

In reading about the children, it isn't entirely clear who was living with whom. It appeared, however,Dan's brother got divorced and his divorced wife was raising some or all of the children and then the children were passed around. It also appeared that some of the money being held by the Dan's brother was not used for the children. It was so sad in that the movies portrayed loving brother(s) and other extended family members and yet the children did not appear to have a "safe" family structure after the deaths and their mother going to jail.

Diene on September 12, 2015:

I believe that he got what was deserved. A woman will love fully and devoted her life to you, will bear your children, but don't do her wrong! He not only did her wrong, but took the life they had created, her children, and her friends, And then took all those things and gave them to a cheater and a husband stealer. Can anyone imagine how that would be, living in that town and having him rub your face in that every day. Don't believe in murder but do understand Betty reasons for doing it. Only thing I can say to Linda parents is I am sorry that your daughter broke up this marriage and paid for it with her life.

Glenda Goddard (author) from Arizona on September 12, 2015:

maiziemalone - That is exactly what I would like. I hate the fact that Hollywood always has to follow that one formula; turn the dead people into saints, and make the other one into a nut. Just state the facts. What am I talking about, people hate facts, the majority of this country voted for Barack Obama because of his lying, and will very possibly jump on the Hilary Clinton band wagon for the same reason.

maiziemalone on September 12, 2015:

After Betty was convicted, many women in La Jolla said she had been railroaded. I'm not condoning what she did and I do feel for all the families involved. HOWEVER, things to consider that Betty was living the 50s morality concerning marriage. She worked, even pregnant (and also miscarrying more than once), living on a shoestring and giving all her energy to her family and supporting Dan through all his years of education.

All said, he became an attorney and a very well successful paid one. Attorneys know how to put the screws to you (read the book "Lawyers and Other Liars";

and knowing Betty's values, knew how to manipulate her. Sell the family home out from under her? The cheating--well, it does happen--and he took it further--baiting her to get a reaction. Truly, she was out of control at the end. Further violence to others? I seriously doubt it.

She was certainly out of control at the end. She had lost all sense of herself with her marriage and Dan and that these were an extension of herself.

There was a 'Dan Broderick' dinner (or something) for proceeds to go to charity. Needless to say, I don't donate anything to that charity anymore.

Dan and Linda didn't deserve to die like that, but neither were saints either. Neither is Betty . . .

I wish a movie would come out that doesn't show Betty as an ogre but a true movie showing her & Dan's early life and how her 50's morality of marriage, family and shaped her life and more about Dan and of course, some of Linda.

Regardless, I feel sad for all the family members and the hurt this travesty caused all.

Sherrie on September 12, 2015:

Watching the movie ( for the 10th time) A Woman Scorned... I see both sides .. Hers and her husband's. But..... I more side with Betty. Sorry gals!!!

Briseis Troy on September 12, 2015:

I remember the first time I heard about this case in my opinion I believe what she did was wrong but I also believe that HE knew what he was doing to her and he used his I'm sure his being a lawyer to his advantage! He was not a MAN! He could have been more resonance with her in the divorce and with the children! But what did he expect was gonna happen when he cheated on her???? I suppose he thought she was gonna take it lightly? What planet was he on? No woman would actually say "OK" it's ok Honey yeah ok right.... And now LINDA hmmm a HOMEWRECKER.....she knew what she was doing in my language she would be called a PUTA....if it would of been me i would of beat the shit out of her for wrecking my marriage and kids family life......and i would of moved on and gladly taken his money .....but some ppl are just pushed over the edge and she just did what she thought was right ......I will NEVER feel sorry for woman that wrecks a marriage she gets what she deserves and the husband got what he deserved......if he didn't want to be married anymore he should of just divorced her first then go after his secretary .......but don't go around having an affair and be messy cause you reap what you sow......this is my opinion don't really care if anyone likes it or not.....If I would have been on her jury I would of said NOT GUILTY....and that goes for anyone that has murdered her husband because he cheated and left her I will always side with a woman that was cheated on and would not even consider a the evidence .....just me

Cinnamonbear on September 06, 2015:

I wouldn't say they deserved to die but they did play with fire and it burned them. Betty did deserve to be punished but Dan and Linda were not innocent. Dan and Betty's children were the only innocents in this story. Dan taunted Betty and this ultimately drove her over the edge but she still has no excuse either. All three adults should have considered the children. All three were selfish. Just tragic all the way around. Should be a lesson to cheaters, homewreckers and vindictive people the world over.

Glenda Goddard (author) from Arizona on September 05, 2015:


Not sure if you are speaking directly to me, the author. I don't think I ever said or suggested that Betty should not pay a penalty for her crime and certainly never suggested that Dan and Linda deserved to be murdered. My writing is in the fashion of letting readers view the sstory from the perspective of the heavy, Betty broderick. Most articles and the movie paint Betty as a monster who deserved to be lied to and cheated on, therefore, I have attempted to balance things out by drawing the reader into Betty ' spperspective. I simply don't wish to do, as many writers have, and write as though Dan was a saint and did no wrong, nor do I stand with the belief that Betty should be treated as justified. My goal is to paint as accurate a picture as possible. Both people having virtues and both falling from grace.

BTW, having lived in the UK and the US, I can tell you that the people of Britain are not more civilized. The laws are very similar in both countries and people are simply emotional about this case.

Ella45 on September 05, 2015:

I can't tell if half the comments on here are a piss take or you're actually being serious. I understand people have the opinion that Betty has served her time and she should now be free,but to say that Linda or Linda and Dan deserved to die is horrible. That girl will probably have family. Mother,father,siblings etc and Dan's family too. Can you imagine how horrible it must be to hear someone say your daughter deserved to be murdered because she was in a relationship with a married man? If thats the case then there are a lot of men and women walking about who really deserve to be dead according to some of you. I'm afraid its not actually illegal to have an affair,nor does it carry a sentence of death. Imagine if she was your sister or daughter? I knew there were obviously differences in way of life in UK and US but I'm still shocked at this blasé attitude to murder.No matter what you think they were two innocent people who hadn't committed a crime. Maybe not morally innocent but that still doesn't justify ending a life.

Tina on September 04, 2015:

Let Betty go Linda got what she deserved she wanted Dan she got him he he go Betty

OC on August 09, 2015:

For a guy who went to Harvard and Cornell he wasnt all that bright.

Cinnamonbear on July 10, 2015:

Well Betty broke the law and had to be punished but Dan and Linda got what they asked for. They weren't exactly innocent. The only innocents were Dan and Betty's children.

McKenna Meyers on June 03, 2015:

I remember this story well. Nice to have an update on the kids.

tee on May 16, 2015:

My opinion. Is just That! My opinion. I've. Been. A victim from everything. From child abuse. To domestic. Abuse. Abuse can bring. Anyone. To the breaking. Point . I think miss betty. Should. Be considered. For release. But first. She should. Be required. To take. Anger management. Classes. To help. Her cope with her. Anger. Issues. Also she should. Be required. To take. Parenting. Classes. So she can better. Deal. With her children & grandchildren. When hopefully. She's. Considered. For release. Plus because. Of betty's. Age it takes. More money for the state to house her I think she should. Get out!! Good luck. Miss Betty.

To Clare: on April 30, 2015:

Nowhere in my post did I mention men who abuse. If you are talking about women who are physically abused then that's a whole other debate. I only said if every women who'd been cheated on by her husband went about shooting him and his mistress what would happen. You say it would diminish the level of cheating. I'm taking it you are saying this firmly tongue in cheek? You can't be serious! Well as I said I was cheated on and left heartbroken by my husband at the time who just abandoned me and our daughter. Didn't even provide for her financially just walked off into the sunset with his new girlfriend and never looked back. Believe me I hate him but I most definitely couldn't shoot him. Maybe as I come from Scotland where we don't really have a lot of "shoot your ex if he's an arsehole" attitudes and I've never even seen a gun except on screen,it's very hard for me to get my head around. Now a swift baseball bat to the head I have no problem with! I've fantasised about that many times. To be honest I really wouldn't want a man that I had to force to be with me. Someone that stayed only because I might shoot him if he tried to thanks! but thank you for making me laugh on what had been quite a shit day

clare on April 28, 2015:

To ella45: what would happen if women started killing men who abuse and cheat? would diminish the level of abuse and cheating...bullies recognize mortal danger. Not recommending, just responding to your question...

Patty on April 18, 2015:

Most woman like Betty are the glue. We run a business and take care of everyone. Running a household is an extremely important job and if done right, you pour your whole self into it, unconditionally. Giving up much of your own wants, hobbies,etc. With children it's the most important job one can have. A one time Shot as well. Plus a husband getting a career going, you either do pour your whole self into this, or it will all crash. Lots of work. Betty did just this. All the man has to do is his job outside the home or the college too in this case. It must be so nice to walk out the door KNOWING that when you leave, everything is taken care of. Everything. Woman who run a home knows exactly what that is worth. We need to get it done, keep order , stay organized,plan. That's why everyone asks mom, it becomes our job and because of that we also inherit control and that can often be misunderstood for "bossiness" so to speak. As it was our job for years, landed on our shoulders and we got it done. We may have also sacrificed our hobbies, talents, desires, or put career on hold. Then the husband wonders why the wife is so bossy or controlling. Really??!! After all those years of having decisions, planning,etc you know...always on our shoulders. Then her husband decided to have an affair! Strange things will certainly happen to that spouse. Good people, great people have turned when it's happened to them. What happens in each of our minds is different for everyone!! No one can know what they are capable of when this stuff happens. When bad news hits home we can't predict what we would do until that moment. For Betty it was most overwhelming and I'm sure it had to eat at her, weigh heavy on her mind. Slowly tearing away piece by piece of all she did to make it work . My gosh, it had to pretty near destroy her. So what does that do to someone 24/7. Do we hang on until we snap? Its so sad it had to happen. I'm sorry she didn't get help in time. Sorry for the kids. However she does not belong locked up any longer.

Cassandra on April 18, 2015:

I'm not saying she should have done it, but I understand.....

pamela on April 18, 2015:

Murder is never the answer, but in cases like this I see a a whole lot of grey area. The laws have changed in a direction that does not allow for any consequences against a person such as Dan or Linda. The law didn't help Betty & neither did Society. Neither deserved to die, but there should have been more severe consequences for the actions both Dan & Linda took.

Ella45 on April 13, 2015:

I can't believe there are people on here saying that she was justified in what she did because her husband cheated on her. Are you insane? My husband cheated on me and left me for a young girl who worked for him. I was devestated and left with a young child to raise alone. He didn't want to give me anything financially and was no longer interested in having contact with our child. We were divorced a few years later and he has not taken any interest in our daughter since she was 2 years old this was mostly because his new wife did not want my child in their lives. My daughter is now 29 and has a beautiful little girl of her own. My granddaughter who I adore. (His loss) Was I mad that he had an affair? Yes! Was I hurt? Heartbroken! Also the fact that he washed his hands of not only the marriage but his child has made me feel hate for him especially as I know how much this has hurt my daughter over the past 20 odd years. He has a whole new family now and seems to be a doting father to his two children from his new marriage. But my point is that no matter how much it hurt,how betrayed I felt or how I hate him for the pain and feeling of rejection my daughter has suffered due to him and his new wife it still didn't give me the right to take his life or hers. Divorce happens every day,people hurt others,children are brought up in one parent family's due to other parent abandoning any parental responsibility. It's just life and it's not always fair or easy but it's still not justification for ending the life of another human being!

What the hell would happen if every aggrieved woman shot her ex/cheating husband and his mistress/new wife?

Malorie on March 09, 2015:

She needs to stay in jail. If they let her out you don't think she's going to go nuts again? how will she emotionally deal with her grown children or any grandchildren if she has any . She won't be able to function out here plus she seems happy being locked up and she knows why she's there because she's the victim and they got what they deserved.

Mechelle on February 27, 2015:

I pray Betty let go and let God take control of her life. I pray that she can forgive herself and the people that really wronged her deeply. Yes she was wrong for killing these 2 people. Dan was very wrong and Linda. He used Betty to tear there marriage apart. No. 1 he shouldn't never cheated. Like that old saying you play with fire and you get burnt. Linda caused her own death. You don't mess with a married man at all. If he divorced Betty for her what makes Linda any better. So Betty picked up a few pounds and got older Dan didn't commit to his vows. He wanted sex from a young simple mind lady. Linda probably wanted money. Its not no telling how there marriage would have played out. Linda probably would have killed Dan. But anyway there are dead. Now I pray that God let Betty come home. Betty please put your all into God yes we all get hurt by somebody. I pray you love yourself and pick yourself up. Time was wasted on hurt. But let God heal your broken heart. Its time to let go. I pray you children can find away to forgive you. God has the last say so. And your children saying you should stay In prison, shame shame shame. Dan brainwash your kids so sad. How your children feel if there wife or husband cheated on them. They wouldn't be able to handle It. But God has your back. Repent Repent Repent why you have a chance. Love you Betty I always read your stories. It will get better but please have a forgiving heart and let God remove all the hurt and shame...

Kitty Lightening on January 13, 2015:

The whole Betty story has fascinated me for years It is very sad that two people had to die. However, Betty was a victim despite what anyone says. And what about Linda Kolkena. She knew Dan had a family and that she was helping to tear it apart. She had no morals. Betty gave a lot to this marriage and deserved a lot more than she got; it isn't just about the money. It is about treating people like decent human beings and thinking about their point of view and what they have been through. Linda and Dan thought of themselves only. Dan certainly did not think about his children.

Commenter on September 20, 2014:

@ GlendaGoodWitch: She's referring to a commenter named Debbie...who if you read her comment, she is mentioning the (movie) instead of transcript or actual testimony.

Mudassir from Sydney, Australia on September 03, 2014:

Really nice article

kelly on August 12, 2014:

Linda was completely self serving and obviously had some morally bankrupt issues. But she did not deserve to die for it. Life is about choices, and consequences. Betty did not have to behave the way she did and do the things she did. She chose to . She could have gone through the divorce been a good person and mother to her kids probably never would have had to work because of there money, and gone on to have a wonderful life. She is totally responsible for the way she ruined her life I don't feel sorry for her.

Carla on June 05, 2014:

It's difficult to make decisions about the Broderick's based on sound bites. Based on what I have read Betty struggled with mental health issues which became more pronounced throughout the divorce. Divorce is deeply emotional, hurtful and challenging under any circumstances. Murder was the end result. Regardless of the years Betty has spent behind bars, it appears she is still emotionally unstable and unable to take responsibility for Dan and Linda's murder. I feel deeply for their children who have suffered the greatest loss.

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