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Better Ending Scenarios for The Eternals

I have seen all of the MCU movies, so I think that I have the credibility to make a reaction paper/review paper about MCU's latest release.

The Reason

I am currently writing this for the sole reason that I would've wanted a different ending, one that would make us more emotionally invested with the characters and would make us want to watch more of the movie.

In line with this, I have stated why the ending kind of suck because of the original ending that the MCU has given us. We didn't get too emotionally invested, everything was predictable (at least for me), and well... I have already said this in my other article.

Should you want to read more about how the movie felt predictable, go ahead and scroll down below. It's going to be attached after this.

To inform ya'll, I would be jumping to the latter half of the movie, where all the plot twists happened already.

DISCLAIMER: This contains spoilers and a lot of criticism from a non-professional writer.

The Original Ending

If you don't want spoilers, I would highly suggest that you watch it first before you read this article.

Alright, all settled then? Great.

So, the Eternals second half started with the whole gang all reunited, Ajak is dead. They entered The Domo, where they met up with their last member, Makkari.

Phastos came up with this Uni-Mind. Then, we saw the back story of how Ajak died. We find out that Ikaris was gone for I-forgot-how-many-years because he was burdened with the knowledge of what would happen to Earth, and he didn't want Sersi to find out. After years of being alongside humans, Ajak developed this love for them, which was strong enough that she was willing to forsake her purpose.

Ikaris, being burdened by the knowledge and his loyalty to Arishem, he willingly lost Sersi, got mad at Ajak for loving the human kind. He was loyal enough to Arishem that he was willing to kill Ajak, just so that the Eternals would fulfill their duties and move on to the next world that they would destroy.

We found out that Ikaris was the betrayer, and he left to protect the resurrection point of Tiamut, and Sprite followed him. Kingo didn't even fight, and he walked away. The rest of the Eternals followed Sersi, their new leader, and stopped Tiamut. Sprite becomes human, yada yada. Then, they all went back home to live their mundane lives, but... PLOT TWIST! Arishem takes Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos.

Meanwhile, the remaining three celestials: Thena, Druig, and Makkari, are now off to save Sersi and the others upon finding out that they have been taken.

We have yet to know what role Thanos' brother, Eros (Played by Harry Styles) plays. Also, what of Sersi's boyfriend? Jon Snow?

Kidding... Dane Whitman (aka Black Knight)

Let's go on with this, yeah?


One of the endings that I thought would've made better sense was if instead of having the original version where Ikaris just gave up, Ikaris reluctantly fought Sersi.

Not only would have this scenario give us a better sense of pride and admiration for Sersi, but this would also save Ikaris' reasons and beliefs.

If Ikaris didn't give up just because he had flashbacks of his time with Sersi, we would've seen a battle between the should've-been-leader and the leader of the Eternals. The Strongest, Ikaris, versus The Selfless, Sersi.

Ikaris already killed Ajak and, in the process, got Gilgamesh dead. Still, he decided to fight them, was even ready to kill them if they got in the way of resurrecting Tiamut. We could clearly see Ikaris' reasons for living, and how loyal he is for Arishem. He was more loyal to Arishem; his whole life is to serve Arishem. Then suddenly, he's on his knees because he had a wave of flashbacks of his time with Sersi?

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It really defeats the purpose and reason of his actions. The ending made me ask, "Why not think about Sersi for a moment, then, Ikaris? She loves humanity, you love her, what do you think would happen if you kill what she loves?" And then, bam! We don't have a dead Ajak and Gilgamesh, and we have a very much alive and renewed Ikaris.

I think the original ending would've rendered Ajak and Gilgamesh's death on Ikaris' part. Because as we can see from the original ending, Ikaris isn't really determined at all to follow Arishem. He wouldn't have the stomach to kill Ajak if his will is that weak.

Ikaris reluctantly fights Sersi.

Now, why do I say reluctantly fight? Of course, with this concept, we can see Ikaris' feelings clearly. Imagine if during the fight, we get snippets and glimpse of Ikaris' happiest memories with Sersi as he tries and beat her up. We could even see Ikaris crying, forcing himself to stop, but then he can't because of his loyalty to Arishem.

But Steph, Ikaris is so much more powerful than Sersi! How in the world will she stand a chance?

That's where the second part of this scenario appear!

Sersi is a history professor, which means she is smart and cunning. She will outwit him somehow. She has a very unique and strong ability. They already hinted that she could change sentient beings, so why not demonstrate it on an eternal besides Tiamut? Say... Ikaris.

This kind of ending would show us that even if Sersi can't fly or shoot lasers through her eye, she can still stand against him as a leader of the Eternals. This would've made us feel so much prouder and would've made us root for her even more.

Alright, even if Sersi just happens to touch him while Ikaris gets those flashbacks of their love, I would accept that. Ikaris is holding back, Sersi is determined. Ikaris turns into a wax or whatever, from the story... And then Sersi would have earned the respect of all the other Eternals that was so much powerful than her.

This ending would've made us see three things:

1. That Ajak and Gilgamesh's death weren't for nothing. Their deaths were meant to be.

2. Ikaris' sacrifice wasn't for nothing, and he is super loyal to his purpose that he would kill two of his family.

3. Sersi would've earned a lot of respect, and we would've cheered and rooted for her more. We would have a strong bond with her character from the admiration.

This would've made even more sense right?


I'll keep this short.

The Goddess of Wisdom, Thena, fighting against The Strongest Eternal, Ikaris.

Isn't that a fight to see?

We have been teased in the earlier parts of the movie, Ikaris vs Thena, so why not give us that?

In this way, we get to see Angelina Jolie in action more.

Need I say more?

But really, do you think that Thena would forgive Ikaris for the things he has done? I think not. Maybe, she would even want to kill Ikaris for getting Gilgamesh killed indirectly. This would've made Ikaris take longer to get to Sersi, which will then stop him from kneeling in front of her and give up altogether, which is the boring ending of the movie.

This would've been a very great action sequence, and we would've seen more of Thena's capabilities, and how she was known as the Goddess Athena.

Or maybe, we can get Thena defeated after a while of fighting, and Ikaris flies to Sersi. However, Sersi has already succeeded, and then our focus would now be on the Eternals fighting the Ajak-Gilgamesh-infused Deviant. Thena then gets a redemption fight for her loss with Ikaris, and then kill the Deviant altogether.


Now, this would sound a bit contrary to my first scenario. This is because we are giving the movie a bit more drama, and we are giving Ikaris a bit more purpose.

While the two fought, Sersi would've lost to Ikaris' greatness. Sersi is lying down on the ground, Ikaris on top of her with that almost activated laser eyes. Ikaris couldn't do it, the sight of the helpless Sersi would be too much. His memories of their wedding and everything would come flashing back, and then he'd collapsed into her. He could cry, and Sersi would hug him to comfort him.

Ikaris would stand up, walk away, and watch as Sersi fulfils her purpose which is to stop the resurrection of Tiamut. After Tiamut is defeated, he would then fly away.

NOTE: He doesn't fly into the sun!!! That's a cheap way to die.

This ending would've given us a whole new use and purpose for Ikaris' story.

1. He grieves so much and that would take a toll on him, finding a way to recover from the fact that he just killed two of the people he treated as his family. He would then help on saving the three taken Eternals.

2. The romance and bond that Ikaris and Sersi have would've become more... meaningful to us as the audience.

3. The death of Ajak and Gilgamesh wouldn't have been in vain. Ikaris would've still held out to his purpose a bit longer, and he would've beat Sersi up in hesitance, but he still can't. He believed that he can beat Sersi for Arishem to the end, and it's the perfect misdirect.

Am I right?

Did I make any sense?

Well, I hope I did. I poured effort into that.

Anyways, this is just my opinion about how I would've wanted the ending to be executed. I think that one of the disappointment that I saw from the Eternals was the ending. Everything else, I loved about it, but the ending... That really pissed me off.

I love the whole movie in itself.

I have made an article about how I thought of the Eternals being so predictable if you would like to check it out here>> MCU's Eternals is so Predictable


I also write a bunch of poetry and stories, so don't hesitate to check me out. My links should be pasted somewhere in my profile~ or click here.

ALSO... MORE DRUIG PLEASE. Let me see more of him, hear more of him. The movie would've been a lot better. Kidding.

Like the last time, I will be ending this with Druig.

'Till then. Toodles~

© 2022 Stephanie R

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