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Bloveslife Rise to Success on YouTube

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Bethany Gaskin aka "Bloveslife"

Bethany Gaskin aka "Bloveslife"

The Bloveslife YouTube channel is the brain child of Bethany Belton Gaskin. Gaskin started the channel in January of 2017 from her Appleton, Wisconsin area kitchen with the intention of building a cooking channel called Bloves2cook.

Her first video is a traditional YouTube cooking video that shows her preparing Southern cabbage with smoked turkey (see below). You can see from the video that Gaskin is a good cook who loves her food flavorful and well seasoned.

There's no doubt her original concept of being a YouTube chef would have worked, but the way she talks about food, even in this initial video, shows that she is one of the many of us who actually loves to eat. Gaskin took her obvious passion for food from cooking to eating and now she's found unimaginable success as a YouTuber who Mukbangs.

Bloveslife First YouTube Video (Bloves2Cook)

If you're not familiar with what a Mukbang is, you can basically think of it as an eating show where audiences watch as a person or a group of people consume large amounts of food. The person(s) doing the eating often engages the audience in lively conversation.

Mukbangs began in South Korea in 2010, and they can be a spectator sport for some and/or a source of companionship for people who routinely eat alone.

Bethany Gaskin bet on the fact that she would be a prime candidate as a Mukbanger, first because of her true passion for eating, and also because she is pleasant to look at, she's smart and funny, she stays up on the latest trends and her family was clearly not opposed joining her - her bet obviously paid off, because her rise to fame on YouTube has been meteoric.

Today, Bethany, through her Bloveslife channel has become one of the top Mukbang channels on all of YouTube and she holds the crown as the seafood boil champion.

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Bloveslife is Queen of the Seafood Boil!

Early on in her YouTube career, Gaskin gave viewers the "secret sauce" to how she rose to success. When she earned her first substantial YouTube check she uploaded a detailed video where she told viewers exactly how she grew her channel.

Not too many other big YouTubers have divulged such information, and the ones who have done so are relatively secure in the knowledge that most people won't actually put in the work to follow the steps to success, so there is no real fear of competition. However, it appears that Gaskin divulged the details for how she grew Bloveslife out of a sincere desire to help anyone who wants to try to replicate her process.

How to Grow a YouTube Channel by Bloveslife

Bloveslife YouTube Channel Success

Today, Bethany and her husband Nate, along with their son Darius, have seriously upgraded their lifestyle because of the hard work they've all put into the Bloveslife YouTube channel. Her oldest son goes by the moniker of ZaddyChunkChunk on his own highly successful YouTube channel, and Bethany's sister, Adrienne has a channel as well...

According to, the Bloveslife channel currently has close to 2 million viewers and she earns nearly $1 million dollars in revenue just off of her Google Adsense account alone, which doesn't include any partner deals she may have.

Bloveslife is Bethany, her husband Nate (her far left) and their sons Darius (her immediate left) and Dalvin (at her right).

Bloveslife is Bethany, her husband Nate (her far left) and their sons Darius (her immediate left) and Dalvin (at her right).

Unfazed by The Haters & Still Thriving

Like most big YouTubers, Gaskins has plenty of detractors who constantly attempt to drag her in the comments, blog posts, forums and in clearly targeted videos... some from the most surprising places, but she trudges on, completely unfazed.

She does Mukbangs with an ASMR slant and she has a unique style and personality that viewers absolutely love. Admirers copy her signature Smackalicious sauce (seafood boil sauce), from celebrities like Tamar Braxton to regular folks like you and me. YouTubers clamor to collaborate with her and fans sing her signature jingle all across the country, "What's Up My Blooooovvveleeeezs?"

In the end, Bethany Gaskins came out of nowhere and truly did her thing with Bloveslife. She's built a truly thriving business out of her passion for food and we wish her nothing but success in the future.

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