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Top 10 Best Anime to Watch on Netflix

Pic courtesy @ catarinaxsanchez

Pic courtesy @ catarinaxsanchez

As more and more genre of anime are added in the Netflix's catalogue, it makes a very confused and tricky road for us to design our watch list, extracting all the juices out of each episodes. Here are my top best anime list that you must include in your watch list.

10) Assassination Classroom

The story revolves around a new monsterous teacher who has given a assignment to his new students....to kill him!!! (Yeah you heard it right, weird isn't??) or else he will destroy the planet earth. The series consist of two seasons where it totally comprises of 48 episodes. The anime explores the life of the students as well as the main reason why such assignment was given to them. Will they succeed in completion of this assignment??

9) Neon Genesis Evagelion

Based on concept of the panspermia in biology. The protoganist Shinji Ikari, a shy and timid boy has been entitled as a new driver of EVA-UNIT 01. Though undergoing hardships to control and understand the war he has been dragged into, the plot is really dark and mindbending, where you might not understand what the hell is going is going (So many secrets....) . The main series has been rebooted in Netflix with better visuals and new add-ons. The main plot consists of 26 episodes and an alternative ending has been added in the movie "The End of Evangelion "

8) My Hero Academia

In the world full of heroes, a quirkless boy Izuku Midoriya struggles to be the only one without powers when one day he inherits the legacy of "One for All". As you might have guessed there is no heroes without villains. The Heroes unite to fight back the villains causing chaos in the society. The animations and voice-acting is superb and it's worth watching. Currently with 4 seasons this anime must be in your list!!

7) Gintama

Four Job-less people (including a huge and cute dog), Gintoki Sakata (a retired samurai) and his band tries to pick up normal errands to pay-off their rents and always end in trouble. The scenario is setted around feudal Japan which has been invaded by aliens. This modern comedy is fine to make up your mood. The number of episodes is pretty high with over 350 episodes.

6) Steins; Gate

With the concept of microwave machine being as a time-machine, the protaganist tries to break the law of physics and in turn time plays with him...again and again causing a loopfull of events to occur. Will the protaganist ever get out of this loop?? The show is a must who likes time-machine and that sort of things. The chronology of actual series is pretty complicated, which i can cover in my next post.

5) Haikyu


The plot focuses on two talented volleyball players :- Hinata Shoyo and Tobio Kageyama, their journey from being high school players to national level players. The physics of anime is so crisp that each volleyball spike causes a spike of adrenaline in your body.

4) Hunter X Hunter

This anime is a adventurous one. Four protagonist sets a journey to become hunter, where they might enjoy their privileges or take a personal vendetta. Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio will surely take you to a marvelous journey that you might have never seen.

The HxH in Netflix is a 2011 remastered version. zRecently more and more arcs are added in Netflix.

3) Demon Slayer

After annihilation of his family and survival of just-turned demonic sister in deep snowy mountains, Kamado Tanjiro sets out to find the murderer of his family. He trains a lot with his sister on his back and befriends two of his collegue in his journey of hunting demon thereby becoming the demon slayer!!! Season one comprises of 26 episodes with movie Demon Slayer :- Mugen Train serving as the cannon

2) Full Metal Alchemist


When two brothers tries to bring back their dead mother to life using alchemy (magic), something terrible happens to them. Ed, who lost his one leg and one arm and Alphonse whose soul has been transfered to a armour sets out to restore what they have lost. The story is very emotional from my experience and you will surely fall love into it.

1) Death Note

On his way back to home, Light Yagami gets a book named as ''Death note''. As the name suggests any name written on this book results in death of the person. Light takes a road to free the world from criminals and tries to declare himself as god with a contract signed with reaper himself (Ryu!!!). the story is filled with thrill and is a must watch!!!!...

Let me know in the comments if i have missed something dear to you...

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