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Best Zombie Movie Ever? (Spoiler alert!)


When a team of military soldiers transporting a cargo containing a mutated zombie has been met in an accident and the zombie has been let out... The zombie kills all of them and it enters the nearest city Las Vegas. The disease spreads all over Las Vegas and Las Vegas has been evacuated without any people going in people in Los Vegas has been transported to safe military camps. After some years Bly Tanaka a owner of a particular club in abandoned Las vegas wants his 200 million dollars, which is in the basement of the club. So he sets a deal with Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) to assemble a team and get that 200 million dollars. But when they are in the heist the bodyguard of Bly Tanaka who went along with them kills the Queen of the Zombie Army and the situation goes sideways, entirely crazy Zombie vs Human war (kind of).

At the same time the government wants to nuke the entire Las Vegas to kill the zombies will they escape the Zombies and the nuke and leave in time...?

Story and screenplay:-

The story is pretty good with so much detailing and layers in it... Kudos to Snyder... Apart from heist and Zombie's, there's a relationship issue between father and a daughter, backstabber amidst the team, the nuclear bombing by the government which gonna blast the entire Las Vegas to kill the Zombies, Huma kureshi and the other women held captive by the zombies, Zombie king's child has being killed and that creates a chaos etc...with lot happening so fast Zack Snyder handled the screenplay at its best, he put it in the best way possible..

Well, if you ask is there any flaws or faults they say in the beginning to kill a Zombie they have to shoot them in the brain or kill them with a knife to the skull or basically anything that destroys their brain but we can clearly see in some of the scene that they kill zombies using body shots and shooting it in the stomach and other body parts.


There's nothing to blame about Snyder's cinematography, who is best known for his cinematography, he proved it once again. The camera angles are so good in that part he did Justice

Graphics,VFX aspects:-

The VFX are pretty good it feels real.. nothing to complain no big errors for my eyes.


Everyone did a decent job in playing out their characters. But three characters who stood out to me was Scott Ward played by Dave Bautista, Marianne Peters played by Tig Notaro, Kate ward played by Ella Purnell especially Ella Purnell she did an excellent over the top job playing kate ward. She deserves a great appreciation playing it, i really mesmerized by her acting.

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Final thoughts:-

If you ask me if, it's the best zombie movie ever made i would say it's a really good zombie apocalypse movie that has been made so far...

I love this Snyder version of Zombie apocalypse movie.

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Mavlesagan (author) from India on May 24, 2021:

Thank you brother.

CHANDRAKANTHAN on May 21, 2021:

Really a great narration and it hyped me to watch this movie

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