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Best Two Word Songs Beginning With White

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The Clash Were (Appropriately) Born with a Riot


Now, it seems, Disney's well-beloved princess is racist, since she is described in the story as “born as white as snow.” I guess some millennials will have to be hired to rewrite the fairy tale, making sure to leave out any references to white.

Perhaps, too, the word snow should be omitted as well, that particular type of precipitation obviously being white in appearance. Heck, while they're at it, I would welcome the idea of getting rid of the physical aspect of snow as well. It is offensive to anyone who must drive on it, not to mention us poor blokes who must go out and risk heart attacks to shovel it off of our driveways.

Losing snow in song titles would not dishearten me much, either, there being a only handful of songs using that word in their titles. However, I must wholeheartedly oppose the idea of omitting tunes that have white in their names, for many classic cuts begin their titles with White.

Here are the best sixteen of the two-word song titles that begin with White.

1. White Room by Cream

Entering Wheels of Fire, the classic double album from 1968, your first stop is in this walled area.

2. White Bird by It's a Beautiful Day

The self-titled debut is best remembered for this single, inspired by group co-founders David and Linda LaFlamme.

3. White Lightning by George Jones

Based on the Old Possum's reputation, this country classic is probably not referring to weather phenomena.

4. White City by Pete Townshend

His fourth solo album was promoted as a musical novel, highlighted by this title track as well as the single “Face the Face.”

5. White Knuckles by Elvis Costello

Trust is an ironic name for an album containing this disturbing cut, widely believed to be about domestic abuse.

6. White Riot by the Clash

This single from the self-titled debut introduced the world to a band that was offering a new sound, an innovation therefore frightening a lot of people.

7. White Queen by Queen

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Freddie Mercury was politically correct all the way back on the group's second album, which also contained “March of the Black Queen.”

8. White Squall by Stan Rogers

Canadian folk legend Rogers narrates, with his characteristic imagery and feeling, a storm that devastated many families.

9. White Sportscoat by Marty Robbins

In spite of his wardrobe adorned with a pink carnation, the jilted guy her is feeling blue.

10. White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

One pill makes you nervous while another makes you small, sings Grace Slick on this hit from Surrealistic Pillow, which adds that “the ones your mother gives you don't do anything at all.”

11. White Flag by Gorillaz

Not nearly as memorable as “On Melancholy Hill” or the Lou Reed collaboration “Some Kind of Nature,” this nevertheless helps make Plastic Beach the Damon Alburn project's most accessible record.

12. White Wedding by Billy Idol

Propelled by the video set around a church with the singer's bleach-blond spiked hair, this track became a huge hit still heard on oldies station now forty years later.

13. White Dove by Jenny Lewis

Rilo Kiley founder and folk-rock icon Lewis included this piece on her latest album On the Line, which also boasts singles like “Rabbit Hole” and “Hollywood Lawn.”

14. White Lies by Duran

A cover version would reach even greater acclaim, but the Rio band's original from the Thank You album charted in 1995.

15 White Christmas by Bing Crosby

In spite of the many hits the crooner recorded, this one by far the most enduring, especially when the calendar dwindles to its final two months.

16. White Elephant by Nick Cave

Pale pachyderms are not often subjects for songs, so this rarity is a treat from the collaboration with Warren Ellis called Carnage.

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