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Best Two Word Song Titles Ending With "Girl"

Squeeze Made The List, Thanks To A Hit From Their Second Album


Beck and the Beatles Had Singles With Just The Singular, But Adjectives Are Needed To Make This List

It just happened to be on the TV, which I had basically turned on for some background noise while I did some exercising. Crazy Rich Asians was the name of the 2018 film playing, and the only thing that really caught my attention was one of the songs being covered.

An actress was singing "Material Girl", the song made famous by Madonna over three decades ago. For some reason it struck me as an appropriate choice to include in a film with that title, for all three of its words were each used to describe a girl in hit songs.

The pop duo Hall and Oates had a smash hit with "Rich Girl" and the Eli Young Band made a song called "Crazy Girl." While the third word in the title is not an exact match, "China Girl" by David Bowie would definitely be a worthy substitute.

Naturally this realization led me to consider other two word song titles ending with "Girl", and here are fifteen of the most well-known. I have excluded all song titles using the plural form of the nouns, therefore you will not find the classic Beach Boys hit about females from the Golden State.

1. Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield
Long before The Simpsons made it the name of their town, this actor/singer made Springfield a household because of hits like this one.

2. Party Girl by Elvis Costello
His second album gave us "This Year's Girl" while this one appeared on its follow up, Armed Forces.

3. American Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
This patriotic princess was the first single from the self-titled debut album, and there would be two dozens more before Petty's untimely death.

4. My Girl by the Four Tops
Bringing sunshine on a cloudy day is just one of the amazing things the title girl can do, according to this classic Motown hit.

5. Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young
Having a cowgirl in the sand was not enough for the folk-rock legend, who scored a huge hit with this track from Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.

6. Diamond Girl by Seals and Croft
Along with "Summer Breeze" and "Hummingbird", this hit served to make these guys the most popular duo in the first half of the Seventies.

7. Island Girl by Elton John
Similes and metaphors abound in this excellent single from Rock of the Westies, when the title gal is described as burning like fire and as adhering as well-worn tire.

8. Mennonite Girl by John Gorka
True In Time, the folk singer's most recent album, is the home of this ballad of regret and nostalgia.

9. Spectacular Girl by the Eels
Mark Oliver Everett found the perfect word to describe just how precious is his sweetheart, who can be found on the Tomorrow Morning album.

10. Valley Girl by Frank Zappa
"Gag me with a spoon" whines Moon Unit Zappa at the end of this novelty hit, the biggest chart success her dad ever enjoyed during his long musical career.

11. Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
Romance abounds in this timeless hit, be it behind the stadium or under the waterfall.

12. Young Girl by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
She would soon be a woman now on a follow up hit, but until then Puckett longingly begs for the title subject to get out of his life.

13. Hunting Girl by Jethro Tull
Of all of the Songs From The Wood on the album of the same name, this one is by far the most electric.

14. Bad Girl by Don McLean
It starts off sweet and slow before turning fast and loose, which is exactly the way the poor girl's life seemed to go.

15. Goodbye Girl by Squeeze
Cool For Cats, the band's sophomore record, is chock full of hits like this one, the title track, and "Slap and Tickle."

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