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The Best Songs By Evanescence

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The Grammy award-winning modern rock band whose name is Evanescence, which means to vanish into a vapor form, is an American band that was originally started in Little Rock, Arkansas by Amy Lee and Ben Moody. These two rock stars met at a youth camp in 1995 and began writing songs and creating music together. Ben eventually left the band in 2003 to later start his own band called We Are The Fallen, who is comparable to Evanescence but not as awesome. The popular goth rock band currently contains these band members:

  • Amy Lynn Lee Hartzler is the co-founder and lead band member on vocals. She also plays the piano/keyboard and even occasionally the harp since the band's start in 1995.
  • Tim McCord has been the bass guitarist for the band since 2006.
  • William Hunt has been a band member since 2007 and started playing the drums for this band in 2010.
  • Troy McLawhorn has been a band member since 2007 and started playing the rhythm guitar since 2011.

    Jen Majura is the newest member of the backup vocals and the rhythm guitar.

Some of the previous band members include:

  • Ben Moody played the lead guitar from 1995-2003.
  • Terry Balsamo played the lead guitar for the band since 2003 - 2015.
  • David Hodges played the keyboards, piano, drums, and provided backing vocals from 1992-2002.

Current Evanescence Band Members


The Best Songs Created By Evanescence

All of Evanescence's albums were great sellers and had remarkable lyrics. Even after all these years and changes the band has been through, the band still sounds the same as it did in the beginning. Not to mention the band recently won a Grammy award. Amy Lee and band members always put on a good, energetic show when performing live and always seems to have a positive attitude. They just love to rock out. Amy Lee can sing what many people's hearts may feel but don't have the courage to say out loud.

I have narrowed all of their songs, including the newest album released, into a list compiled of the best songs performed by Evanescence to help further demonstrate and illustrate why Evanescence is so awesome and such a great band to listen to.

The Band Logo


1. "Bring Me to Life" Remix

This first song is a classic Evanescence song. Originally released from the band's first album "Fallen" in 2003, this song made them famous and known in many different places. This remix was released during November of 2017, on the new album from the remade band titled "Synthesis." Amy Lee and band members recreate this song with a new beat, new musical instruments, and a totally new vibe. This song has been brought back to life and I can't stop listening. This recreation is also a great way for the band to reinvent themselves with the same comforting Evanescence tone. I appreciate this song and this album after several long years of waiting for a new album.

2. "Imperfection"

This second best song is also from their new album called "Sythesis" and still contains the Evanescence feel that we have all come to know and love, but the meaning is much deeper than their previous songs released. The lyrics are meaningful and thoughtful. Amy Lee looks hotter than ever in her red dress and flowing black hair. She has not changed her style!

3. "Imaginary" Remix

This third best song was released on the same date and album as the first and second best song. The original song was released on the band's beginning album called "Fallen." This remix, found on "Synthesis", is way better and much more enjoyable. This song was good when it was first released, with the deep lyrics and soulful meaning. But now the beat just makes it more awesome than before.

4. "Anything For You"

This fourth best song was recorded during the 2001 - 2002 demo sessions and has never been officially released. Little is known about this unreleased song except that it is the fastest Evanescence song in terms of tempo. This is a song that demonstrates their more rock side that they used to have.

5. "Lost in Paradise"

This last and final top song is also from "Evanescence" and has deep emotion. Released in May of 2012, this song was written by Amy Lee alone. Sometimes people get too wrapped up in 'good things' but really they are lost in reality. This band has created a uniform album with many emotions that are played into music for the soul. This song, along with many other songs found on this album, can describe certain things in a special way that can be understood by everyone.

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