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10 Of The Best Rittz Songs

Ten Of The Dopest Rittz Tracks

Rittz is a unique character in the rap game.

During his 15 plus years perfecting his craft he has gained the ability to spit double-time raps flawlessly.

A starter on both the Slumerican & Strange Music roster, Yelawolf helped Rittz gain notoriety, then Tech N9ne put him on display and gave him the tools he needs to grow even more.

Here are The Ten Best Rittz Songs* in no particular order.

First up is my personal favorite song by Rittz, "Turn Down."

All I ask is that you press play and give it a chance. If it's the only one you listen to, that's fine. If you find that you love it and want to listen to the rest, well, that's the goal!

"Turn Down" - Official Video

"Turn Down"

The single "Turn Down" is Track #3 on Rittz' most recent album, Next To Nothing.

This track is smooth, catchy, lyrically on point, energetic, and most of all this beautiful beat (produced by Lifted) bumps like none other.

"Turn Up Rittz!"

"Turn Down" is a triumphant anthem - the return of Rittz.

He speaks on haters, being under rated, and being over looked in the rap game.

He isn't your typical rapper; you can tell that just by looking at him.

"LAF" - Official Audio


This song is just straight up lyrical murder.

Rittz calls out all the fake fans, friends, groupies, artists and more.

He wastes no time telling them they are all "LAF" (Lame As F**k)

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This ones a banger for sure.

"Crown Royal" - Official Music Video

"Crown Royal"

This is a very smooth, chill song.

The type of record you play when you are just kickin' it relaxing.

Or drinking too, since it's called Crown Royal and all.

"Wishin'" - Official Music Video


This song is about the hardships one faces during addiction.

Anyone who has been addicted to any type of substance will feel this one.

"Wastin' Time" - Official Audio

"Wastin' Time" Featuring Big K.R.I.T.

A record featuring fellow Southern artist, Big K.R.I.T., they speak upon how days go by faster and faster yet they are doing the same thing.

When him and his friends first started to party, they laughed and had fun with it.

Now they just sit and complain, using the drugs and booze to escape.

A real song that can be very motivational and/or influential for the younger crowd; or anyone really.

"All We Know" - Official Music Video

"All We Know" Featuring Jihad

"All We Know" is a heart breaking track about the sad realities of life for many lower class, and even middle class Americans.

He speaks on drug addiction, the struggle of poverty, and most importantly the message is not to judge these people because those are the cards they were dealt.

There's only so much you can do when dealt a crappy hand, whether it's the game of Poker or real life.

"Sleep At Night" - Official Music Video

"Sleep At Night" Featuring Yelawolf

Rittz vents his frustrations with his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend that is.

He complains that she has moved on too quickly while he still suffers. Many people can relate to this track, I know I sure did during my last break up.

Yelawolf sings a vengeful hook, acting as the cherry on top of a bomb sundae.

"Love Me" - Official Audio

"Love Me"

"#tbt check out #LOVEME on #YOUTUBE #theartofstorytelling"

- Rittz Instagram, Jan 2015

The perfect story rap. Each verse is a different story, each going into very intricate detail about the character's situations. It's as if you know these people personally.

Rittz is talented in more than just lyrical ability, he can tell stories on top of all kinds of other talents.

"Heaven" - Official Audio

"Heaven" Featuring Yelawolf

A calm track laced with Yelawolf. Nothing special, just chill music.

Rittz and his Slumerican associate Yelawolf speak on things of the paranormal nature, along with just goofing off on the track.

"Walking On Air" - Official Music Video

"Walkin' On Air"

This is his triumphant sounding anthem, telling everyone he is on Cloud 9.

Oh and he did it before Rick Ross according to "Turn Down"

"When I Was High (Remix)" - Nikkiya Feat. Tech N9ne & Rittz

Bonus! Best Rittz Guest Verses

Stream "Box Chevy"

Yelawolf Feat. Rittz - Soundcloud

Stream & Download "Bowties"

Yelawolf Feat. Rittz - Datpiff

Stream "Drinkers Club"

Big K.R.I.T. Feat. Juicy J, Rittz & A$AP Ferg - Soundcloud

Stream & Download "Freak (Remix)"

Wrekonize Feat. Tech N9ne & Rittz - Bandcamp

Stream "Ride On"

Chris Webby Feat. Rittz - Soundcloud

"Colorado" - Tech N9ne Feat. Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, ¡MAYDAY!, Stevie Stone, B.o.B, Ces Cru, & Info Gates


Gaspar Iulian on November 22, 2016:

This is a Dope Rapper that's for sure

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