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Best Horror Anime

Horror Anime!

Horror Anime!


There aren't many horror anime series, since they're not so popular, but when one comes out it's always good to check it out. Anime can do awesome things that real life pictures can't!

If you're an anime enthusiast and a horror fan, then you'll love this list! They're my top watch series of horror anime. Hopefully, you haven't seen or heard about all of them.

Late hours and dark rooms are advised for maximum enjoyment!!

Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is one of the latest hits on the anime world. It's one of those series that even people with no enthusiasm for anime, felt the urge to watch. It's dramatic, angering and addicting!

However, it isn't much of a horror anime, but it's bloody as hell.

The core premise is human kind defending themselves from the titans. They live inside huge walls, until one big titan appears and is able to break them! There's a ton of man eating and slaying, and the plot thickens every episode. If you haven't checked it out, you should. Horror isn't the main theme but you won't be let downed about lack of blood and human parts flying!

Manga Lovers!

One of the protagonists Of Attack On Titan

One of the protagonists Of Attack On Titan

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied was one my first horror anime, and i loved it! At the time, i wasn't sure of what horror anime were capable of, and i was amazed by it. It has many perverted scenes, nudity, but an immense amount of horror, blood and brutality scenes!

The contrast between the romance and brutality is really well built. If you're into horror anime, then you need to check this one out. It's amazing how the mood is so light at some points, and five minutes later it turns into a blood bath. And it's even endearing sometimes.

The first episode starts really strong but if you endure it, you'll easily watch the entire series. It's a short series of only 13 episodes and that's why it's so awesome as well. The action is really fast paced and there's no break or rest through the story line. I'd recommend watch it in one sitting! Have fun.

Hellsing Ultimate

Well well, this is one of my favorite anime of every style and genre. It's insanely cool, gore, brutal and addicting.

If you know the series, Hellsing, then you know the main series were absolute garbage and a pain to watch. I don't know how they went from that crappy show to one of the best series with the OVAs.

Hellsing Ultimate is the OVAs and they're so worthy watching. Alucard, the protagonist, is one of the best characters in the anime world to date. He's crazy, insane, insanely cool, pure evil and ruthless. Yet, at the end you still feel sorry for him and you feel his pain. I can't say much without spoiling the show for you. Just type Hellsing Ultimate on google and take a look. This isn't one of those lame vampire shows. This is how a vampire should be.

It's one of those must watch, that you can't let it pass.

Hellsing, A True Vampire

Hellsing, A True Vampire

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, is one of those anime that excel for its attempt of doing something different. It's divided in many arcs that start exactly the same, a boy moves to a country village and makes friend with the town girls. It resets every time after the arc ends, and every arc there is a different psychopath.

You get to see the small village spiral into a bloodbath guessing what is going on, and who's making it turn that way. This show excels as a dark mystery series, and it can't go unnoticed. It's more of a suspense show than a horror, but it's as frightening.


Corpse Party

If you're looking for a true and only horror show as genre, then this is it. Corpse Party is insanely gore, violent and pure horror to its core.

It's an insanely short show, 4 episodes only of 30 minutes. However, i haven't seen anything as violent as this show. Essentially, a group of students are appear on an older version of their school, which is haunted by spirits. Vindictive spirits, that is. While they're trying to get out of that world, they're slaughtered by the spirits.

It's really intense and deeply horrifying!


This series are incredibly long for a horror show, 74 episodes. They're all worth your time, don't worry.

In this show what excels is its mood. It's heavy and intense. The line between good and evil is close to nonexistent.

The pacing is brilliant, and the balance between moments of hope and hopeless is insanely well put together. It may feel like a long show, but it will be over in a flash. Take your time watching it, since it's so deep and touching that will rock your core.

Jigoku Shoujo

Not every horror show needs suspense and bodies flying to prove itself as a successful premise. Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) is a fine example of that. This horror anime revolves around a curse. One goes to a website, types the name of the person they want revenge upon and it will be granted. The premise is pretty simple and the gore is super soft compared to the rest of this list. However, is there anything scarier than the human mind? The anime explores the darkness in people's hearts. A nice twist and entertaining as hell.


Bonus Mention, Tokyo Ghoul

This is a new show that is coming out at the moment, following the zombie madness that we're in right now, i guess. It's violent and bloody.

The show revolves around a boy, who was turned into a half ghoul. It's a world where ghouls disguise themselves as humans and the only thing that they can eat are humans. If you like to follow new shows, take a look at this one!


Evita on January 06, 2017:

I watch Tokyo Ghoul and it's not scary maybe interesting but I will try to watch the others

Btw nice list

belleart from Ireland on April 22, 2015:

Have you watched Shiki? It was my first horror anime, had me in love with the genre after watching it! Steins;Gate was pretty horrific too, although I don't think its categorized as horror, an amazing show!

Trisha on February 01, 2015:

I see, I suppsoe that would have to be the case.

kotobukijake on November 14, 2014:

Interesting hub. I am not a huge horror fan myself, as I have difficulty with gore and even more so with torture, but I do get really into well-done psychological horror and horror comedy, and there are several more-or-less horror titles I have enjoyed. Though to my mind they straddle the line between horror and thriller, I do love Elfen Lied and obviously like Hellsing a lot better than you did (it is deeply flawed, and the ending never sat well with me, but I have seen FAR worse shows)--both shows would likely make my Top 10 list for horror anime. I FULLY agree with you on Higurashi no Naku Koro ni; it easily is the best full-horror show listed here (though the sequel, Kai, and the inferior spinoff Umineko no Naku Koro ni are both more murder-mystery thrillers than straight horror). You actually don't mention the truest horror anime I've seen. I sadly was forced to take a monthlong break (with a return to the show slated for Monday) from the Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) franchise, but the first series in particular is dark, disturbing, atmospheric and CREEPY, and if you can get past its repetitive structure is one HELL of an effective horror series. Also, the renowned mangaka Rumiko Takahashi has often dabbled in horror, and there are two nearly lost specials that absolutely MUST be on a list like this. The Laughing Target is incredibly creepy, and no anime in existence makes for better horror viewing then Mermaid's Scar; these two are among the titles released here on VHS but never yet given a DVD release, but they are well worth the trouble to track down. Also, some other anime with horror elements well worth watching are the first feature by the late maestro Satoshi Kon, Perfect Blue, and his short series Paranoia Agent. Anyway, good hub, and yet another voice telling me to watch Attack on Titan and Hellsing Ultimate (and Another, counting your other commenters).

cochitenz (author) on August 14, 2014:

I've seen Another yes! But i didn't find it to be scary! Great suspense anime though. Thanks Zeron!

Zeron87 on August 14, 2014:

I'm a huge fan of horror anime myself. If you haven't seen Another, you should definitely check it out. So far, When the Cicadas Cry and its sequals are still my favorites. Your hub did the genre justice.

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