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Best Ghost Type Pokémon List! ~ All of the Most Iconic Ghosts!

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I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!


Ghost Pokémon is One of the Rarest!

As of generation VIII, there are only 59 ghost types. Only 14 are pure ghost types with no secondary typing. Just for comparison, water type (the most common) is included. Ice type is the only type that is less common than ghost.

Pokémon TypeTotal Number of PokémonNumber of Single Type

Water (Most Common)



Ghost (Second Rarest)



Ice (Rarest)




Giratina is the original ghost type legendary Pokémon. It mostly stays in its home world, the Distortion World. When in its home world, Giratina assumes the origin form which looks like a flying serpent or dragon. It is also extremely protective of its home world. Since its first introduction, Giratina is known as the iconic ghost type legendary Pokémon. When it comes to the earth, Giratina's form changes to altered form with legs and a set of wings. Both forms look amazing. But the origin form looks very powerful. Giratina is known to be violent and very aggressive. Surprisingly, Giratina actually protected earth from destruction in the Pokémon movie. That means Giratina has a softer side!



This generation I ghost Pokémon is still one of the most beloved ghost type Pokémon. Gengar is actually a dual type Pokémon with poison being its secondary type. Like most ghost Pokémon, Gengar is very mischievous. It likes to play pranks on unsuspecting people. Most of the time, Gengar is just having fun. But, it is definitely able to cause harm with its cruel jokes. If you treat this ghost well, it will love you back and stay at your side forever. With a permanent grin just like the Cheshire Cat, it is one of the most recognized ghost Pokémon in the series.


This is a very unique Pokémon with ghost and fairy type. It loves to imitate Pikachu because Pikachu is loved by lots of people. Mimikyu never showed its true appearance in the cartoon. But it can be assumed that it is probably not the best looking Pokémon. It is so sad that we always judge a book by its cover. Jessie's Mimikyu hated Pikachu so much that it's always motivated to fight against Ash's Pikachu. When Meowth peaked at Mimikyu's true appearance, he almost died. That makes Mimikyu even more mysterious and frightening. Nevertheless, this little ghost and fairy Pokémon has lots of fans in the Pokémon community. When you first attack this little guy, instead of causing damage, its disguise fall apart and it will remain in the busted form until the end of the battle. This is the unique ability of Mimikyu and that just makes this ghost Pokémon even more special!

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Another very peculiar but strong ghost Pokémon is Aegislash. This ghost type is also part steel type. Literally a sword Pokémon, it is one of the strongest in competitive battling. Able to change form from offense to defense, Aegislash can hold its own in battles. If you manage to catch this Pokémon, you are destined to become a king. Awesome! Aegislash can recognize innate potential in people. It seems like ghost type Pokémon always have some kind of unique abilities.



Spiritomb is one of the most peculiar Pokémon in the Pokémon world. It is actually a dual type of ghost and dark. Prior to generation VI, Spiritomb was not weak to any type. However, with the introduction of fairy, it is now weak to fairy attacks. Unlike most Pokémon, Spiritomb is actually very aggressive and vengeful. It will attack without being provoked. It actually contains 108 spirits. How scary? That makes this ghost type Pokémon that much more interesting. It definitely takes a very skilled trainer to be able to handle a Pokémon like Spiritomb. Up to date, it only had one appearance in the Pokémon anime. No trainer is known to have a Spiritomb on hand. That just makes this Pokémon even more mysterious and spine-chilling.



This little mischievous guy is another dual type ghost and dark Pokémon. Again, having no weakness prior to generation VI, Sableye has the advantage in battle. Do you all remember Sableye's first major appearance in the anime? It lived in an abandoned mine. Like a typical ghost Pokémon, Sableye played pranks on Ash. When team rocket's Meowth lied to it about Ash being a bad guy, Sableye sided with team rocket. However, after finding out the truth about team rocket, this little guy helped Ash to win the battle against team rocket. It's really disappointing that Ash didn't catch Sableye. This ghost Pokémon is full of personality and so much fun to be around.


Alolan Marowak

Marowak got another form in Alola! This regional variant is a fire and ghost type. What a nice type combination! Unlike most ghost Pokémon, Alolan Marowak is not mischievous. Instead, it has a serious nature, loves to battle, and develops rivalry with other strong Pokémon. One of the most unique characteristics of Alolan Marowak is its love of dancing. Although considered by many to be a scary sight, Alolan Marowak dances to mourn its dead friends and also just out of happiness. This is a really good ghost Pokémon to add to your team!

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