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Review of "Good Luck Charlie"

GOOD LUCK CHARLIE was a hit show on the Disney channel, centering around the Duncan family and all the humorous situations that they encounter. The show stars Bridgit Mendler, who also released her debut album recently.

About the Show

Good Luck Charlie premiered on the Disney channel on April 4, 2010. It has acquired a very loyal fan base in a relatively short amount of time. The title of the show, for those of you who don't know, refers to Teddy (Bridget Mendler) and her video diary in which she ends each entry with the phrase, "Good Luck, Charlie". At the end of each episode, there is usually something funny (but unrealistic) that refers to the subject matter of the day. My favorite one is where Charlie is suddenly this huge basketball player that blocks a shot at the buzzer. The show is definitely for family viewing, with no adult language or sexual situations. It's good, clean, wholesome fun !



Bridgit Mendler as Teddy Duncan

Jason Dolley as PJ Duncan

Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe Duncan

Eric Allan Kramer as Bob Duncan

Leigh Allyn Baker as Amy Duncan

Mia Talerico as Charlie Duncan

Raven Goodwin as Ivy


Some of the Best Episodes

The Singin' Dancin' Duncans - Amy wants to win a family dancing competition against her long-time rival in a benefit for the hospital. When she realizes that her family is not going to be particularly good, she hires professional dancers to pose as the other family members except for herself and Charlie.

Sun Show (2 part episode) - Bob surprises the family with tickets for a vacation in Hawaii. While they are there, Amy is cursed for entering sacred ground and goes through all sorts of personal tragedies. Meanwhile. Bob tries to hide the fact that the trip was actually a free trip given in exchange for the Duncan's attendance at a timeshare presentation.

The Bob Duncan Experience - When Bob finds an old record in the garage, he decides to get his band back together. Also, Gabe and his friend Leo have a disagreement over their lemonade stand and go their separate ways, leading to a furious competition to have the best stand in town.

It's a Charlie Duncan Thanksgiving - P.J. tries to trick Amy out of cooking the family dinner. Bob's father begins a romance with the recently divorced Mrs. Dabney, much to the dismay of the entire family. Do not miss the flying turkey scene !

Amy Needs a Shower - At a baby shower that Amy basically throws for herself, Charlie blurts out all the horrible things that her mother has said about all of the guests. P.J. and Gabe compete for Bob's affection so that he will take them to a hockey game.

Duncan Dream House - The Duncan Family decides to build their dream house after the family home is devastated by termites. Everyone, with the exception of Charlie, is excited at the prospect of a newer, larger home. However, Teddy has a dream in which Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and Animal convince her that the old family home is really the house of her dreams.


Good Luck Charlie products


Fun Facts

The show was originally going to be titled "Oops to Love, Teddy", but changed to the current title to ensure it appealed more to the entire viewing audience. It was even considered to be "Love, Teddy", but that didn't seem to appeal to younger male members of the family dynamic. When it was all said and done, "Good Luck Charlie" turned out to be the perfect title.

Eric Allan Kramer played Thor, the God of Thunder, in a 1988 television movie "The Incredible Hulk Returns".

The show premiered on Disney Channel in the United States on April 4, 2010, in Canada on April 5, , the U.K. and Ireland on May 14, and in Australia and New Zealand on July 23. In only 4 months, the show had taken the globe by storm.



Pop Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who is the neighbor who is always getting pranked by Gabe ?
    • Mrs. Cook
    • Mr. Wilson
    • Mrs. Dabney
    • Miss Armstrong

Answer Key

  1. Mrs. Dabney

Watch Bridgit perform "Hurricane" live

Final Words

Despite it's success, it's hard to imagine the show sticking around past season 4. Bridgit's music career is beginning to take off and the kids are all growing up so quickly that the cute kids will soon be teenagers and elementary students. Most family shows eventually face that same challenge, so it would be no surprise if this show comes to an end soon. All we can say to that is -- THANK YOU DISNEY for another great show !!

"Good Luck Charlie"

Teddy Duncan filming the video diary

Teddy Duncan filming the video diary

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