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Best Five Babies of the Last Decade

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This past decade was the decade of babies. Babies ruled the world for the past ten years. We have become obsessed with babyfication. We must turn everything into babies.

Don't get me wrong, I love babies. I just don't understand our new obsession with babies. Maybe reviewing this decades top baby moments will help us understand our obsession.

2014: Baby Groot


This could be the beginning of babies. Groot, a character from Guardians of the Galaxy, dies in the original movie and is re-spawned in a post-credits scene as a tiny baby tree. He then shows up in the second Guardians of the Galaxy as a legitimate baby.

2016: “Baby Shark”


Kids and adults were sucked into Baby Shark. Everyone was singing it. According to the internet (take that for what it's worth) Baby shark has been around since 2016. Still. it feels like forever!

2017: Boss Baby

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Boss Baby doesn’t have great reviews, but it was nominated for Best Animated Picture during the 2018 Oscars and grossed over $500 million globally in theaters.Many theorize that this is a movie about Trump, since it was released in 2017, shortly after Trump became President.

2019: Snapchat’s baby filter


Snapchat’s baby filter took over the internet, even outside of Snapchat. The premise is simple: see what you looked like as a baby, but now. Snapchat said its platform grew by 7 to 9 million users solely because of its baby and gender-swapping filters.

2019: Baby Yoda


Baby Yoda is everything we want in a baby: big eyes, big ears, cute little hairs, a shearling coat, and constant goo-goos and gah-gahs He is the King of the baby movement. I predict Baby Yoda will cause stampedes once he hits stores.

2019-2020: Baby Sonic


A look to the future brings us to Baby Sonic. We have no idea how Baby sonic will affect us yet. We know he is cute as most babies are.

I'm sure you have other babies that should be mentioned. So, please feel free to leave a comment

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