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Best Filipino Chick Flicks From 2007-2011


Tired of Hollywood Movies?

If you are searching for good foreign films, then you are on the right hub. Welcome to my personal list of my top 5 best Filipino chick flicks of this decade. Enjoy reading! :)

One More Chance (2007)

This is a typical story of self-discovery, heartbreak, moving on, and being reunited. This movie is like a complete meal- there is romance, comedy, drama… It is definitely one of the top favorite Pinoy chick flicks of all time… so here is the story:

After having been in a five-year long relationship, Basha (Bea Alonzo) experienced identity crisis. She felt sick of her job, and tired of being caged and over-controlled by boyfriend Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz). She felt suffocated with every aspect of their relationship. They share a common set of friends, work in a single company, and the likes. Worse enough, Popoy is the dictator-type boyfriend who plans everything in her life. From her career up to not to eat the chicken’s skin, Popoy always has the final say.

With this, she felt as though she is losing her identity so she decided to break up with him, be more independent, and find herself. She wore an entirely different haircut, got a new job, and got a new friend by the name of Mark (Derek Ramsey). Meanwhile, the break up devastated Popoy. He became alcoholic and this ruined his career. But eventually, he was able to redeem himself with the help of Trisha (Maja Salvador), the bar singer whom he met during one of his nights of self-destruction.

After some time, Basha learned about the change in Popoy and about his new girlfriend, Trisha. She saw how Popoy changed in terms of handling a relationship. She saw how he cares for Trisha. She felt hurt and guilty because all this time, she still loves Popoy. She swallowed her pride and begged Popoy to let her love him again. Since Popoy still loves Basha, he broke up with Trisha and chose Basha.


My Amnesia Girl (2010)

A funny flick about a girl who has been stood up at a wedding and her revenge to the runaway groom:

Most of the time, true love only knocks your door once. Apollo (John Lloyd Cruz) ,let this opportunity slip away by leaving her ex-girlfriend, Irene. As time passed by, it became clear to him that Irene is the girl that he wants to be with for the rest of his life. This realization made him sick with regret.

One time, after 3 years, he and his friends accidentally bumped into Irene in a supermarket. The girl, having been caught up in this surprise meeting, pretended that she doesn't know the guy or anyone of his company. She apologized and said that she has amnesia so she can't remember the people that she used to know.

Apollo saw this as an opportunity for him to pursue Irene and win again her affection. From then on, he patiently courted her. The girl, as part of her revenge, made ways to humiliate and make him suffer while on the process of courting her. This did not stop the guy. He was determined this time to not let her slip away from him. He did impressive ways like covering the girl's house with sticky notes written with pick-up lines. In the end, love once again proved that it is inevitable.


No Other Woman (2011)

A movie about infidelity, No Other Woman is a deviation from the usual mushy Pinoy chick flicks. Though different, it's story is not uncommon in the Filipino setting. Real life dramas like adultery, problems with the father-in-law, and the likes are prominent in the film. What made this movie a must-see is the remarkable dialogues between the characters of Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes. One of the most unforgettable is Anne's line to Cristine, "You can call me anything you want: a snake, a bitch, an other woman. But I will never be a pathetic, boring housewife."

Ram is a furniture sales associate who was a loyal husband to Charmaine (Cristine Reyes), until he met Kara (Anne Curtis). Kara is the daughter of Ram's client, a beach resort owner. Through his frequent visits to the resort because of a business transaction, Ram eventually developed an illicit affair with Kara. This made Charmaine, a then timid housewife, to turn into a lioness who is ready to fight for her property. In the end, Ram was left with no option but to choose from the two - to choose his mistress and continue their fiery affair, or to choose his wife and mend their relationship. Of course, like most true-to-life instances, he chose his wife.


Forever and a Day (2011)

This film is a real tear-jerker so better ready your Kleenex if you're planning to see it. The main actors are not my favorite ones, but I must admit that they did well in making the story realistic. All praises to Director Cathy Garcia Molina for bringing out the best from KC Concepcion and Sam Milby. The story goes around the theme, "Can you love someone whom you are certain of losing?"

Eugene (Sam Milby) is a very competitive, proud, career-oriented guy who felt that his whole life is falling apart after a job-related problem. Because of this, his friends invited him to unwind in a recreation site where he met Raffy (KC Concepcion) - a faint-hearted, cautious, and very fragile woman. And then they fell in love.

Eugene realized how selfish he was after knowing Raffy's condition. There he was ranting about his misfortunes at work while there is Raffy - a girl with a few days to live. Raffy has stage 4 lymphoma cancer. But despite this, she continues to hope, search for new adventures, and appreciate life.

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Eugene loved and cared for Raffy throughout her remaining days. As painful as it is, Eugene still chose to be beside her and love her more each day even though he knows that he will eventually lose her.


In the Name of Love (2011)

One rare story. This movie is really one of a kind with its many twists and revelations. Though the acting was not perfect, and the chemistry between the team up of Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach was definitely a flop (maybe because of the age gap), I would still say that it is still worth the watch.

Emman (Aga Muhlach), an overseas entertainer, got imprisoned in Japan for 7 years after being caught with Yakuza money at the airport on his way home to the Philippines. When freedom was granted to him, he finds himself to be too old and wasted to pursue his dreams. Worse, he was left with no family since his ex-wife got a new husband and his son was adopted by his friend. He then finds Mercedes, his ex-girlfriend who was now the girlfriend (or property rather) of a politician's son, Dylan (Jake Cuenca).

Emman was hired as Mercedes' dance instructor due to Dylan's insistence.This was in return for Emman saving him from the attack of a hater during one of his public campaigns. He had no idea that her girlfriend and Emman were ex-lovers. The story shows how tragic a love story can be. Out of love, the two main characters lost their dignity and dreams.

The big revelation is that Emman was imprisoned because he chose to save Mercedes. She was the one who possesses the luggage with the Yakuza's money, Emman, knowing that she was in danger, replaced her position. Mercedes, on the other hand, also suffered greatly since she has let herself be a prostitute and sex slave for the Yakuza just to have some help for Emman's release. Eventually, she caught the powerful politician's son attention and this became the key for Emman's freedom.


Paano na Kaya? (2010)

A teeny-bopper chick flick about bestfriends falling for each other.

The story goes around the lives of Mae (Kim Chiu)and Bogs (Gerald Anderson). Long time bestfriends turned business partners. Mae did all of what is expected of a bestfriend - support in career, love life, and other stuffs. She helped Bogs in courting his dream girl even though this pains her for she has secret feelings for her bestfriend. By the time, Bogs became available, it seemed he is also falling for her. This confuses her left her thinking if the love is for real or a mere rebound.


messy marshella (author) from Philippines on November 05, 2012:

Thanks MsDora! I'm sure it would. :)

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on November 05, 2012:

It seems like the female dialogues in "No Other Woman" would interest me. Thanks for the run down on these movies.

messy marshella (author) from Philippines on November 01, 2012:

by the way, you can download the movie torrent (with english subtitles) at :)

messy marshella (author) from Philippines on November 01, 2012:

Thanks shiningirisheyes! you're absolutely right. Loving someone who's dying is really heartbreaking. I don't usually cry over films but that one made me do so!

Shining Irish Eyes from Upstate, New York on November 01, 2012:

Wonderful job with the run down of these chick flicks. "My Amnesia Girl" sounds like a lot of fun and I would definitely be interested in the tear jerker "Forever An A Day." Although her stage 4 diagnosis is heartbreaking, it is these movies that teach us the most valuable lessons.

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