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Best BTS Shows to Watch If You Want to Know What They're Really Like

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I don’t remember how many times I’ve watched BTS reality and variety shows over and over because they’re all just plain hilarious! If they look like they’re perfect on music videos and live performances, and they look like models on advertisements, I’m sure you’re interested to see them without fancy clothes, smooth hairstyle, and makeup. For me, they look way much better as themselves, when they’re goofy, whiny, annoyed, feeling betrayed, or being too competitive by doing everything they can in their power to win things that they can easily afford. Believe me, their faces when winning free food, or ramen cooker, versus gaining a nomination at the Grammys, is epic! In this article, I’d like to share the best BTS reality and variety shows to watch if you want to know what they’re really like.



Run BTS is a variety show that can be viewed for free on VLive since 2015. Currently, they have over 140 episodes, and this show is still ongoing. It’s my ultimate favorite BTS variety show because you never know what they’re going to do. Either they’ll play simple games like mafia, card games, quizzes, or board games, or they’ll play physically exhausting games to win prizes. You’ll be amazed at how happy they are whenever they win, and how devastated they look when defeated. There are also moments of betrayal that would have you laughing like a hyena because they literally would do everything to win a simple prize. Most especially, if there’s a consequence for losers. They would totally avoid that in any way!

There are episodes when they don’t play games and instead, they would learn something like professional tennis, table tennis, dubbing, flower design, pottery, how to make kimchi, and lots more where they acquire new skills and show off by competing with each other! There are also times when they would do role-playing and show off their acting skills! Of course, except for V who’s an actor, the BTS members are humble enough to admit that acting isn’t their thing, but you’d be amaze that they actually have hidden acting ability, as well as other abilities that can be discovered by watching Run BTS.


Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is a reality series that features BTS travelling around the world. Currently, it has four seasons where each season has eight episodes. The first season with destination places in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, was released on July 5, 2016. It was a gift for their third anniversary, and their journey lasted 10 days. The second season aired on June 27, 2017 in Hawaii. The third season took place in Malta, Europe, and was aired on September 18, 2018. The fourth season, which is my ultimate favorite Bon Voyage season, took place in New Zealand, and was aired on November 19, 2019. Supposedly, there’d be a fifth season, but due to the pandemic, the travelling restrictions have hindered another season of Bon Voyage, which is completely fine of course, because their safety is always a priority to HYBE, ARMYs, and their family.

What I love the most about Bon Voyage is that you can really see candid moments from the time they pack their things, to their destination, to the airport, and the fun and mishaps they encounter before they travel, during their travel, or once they’ve reached their destination. You’ll see moments like RM losing his passport, V getting lost in the middle of nowhere, Suga needing to go back to South Korea for a personal and urgent matter in the middle of the shoot, Jungkook missing his brand-new shoes on a boat, Jin not being able to travel with the rest of the group due to an issue with travel documentation, J-Hope losing his tickets, and Jimin accidentally leaving his bag on a bus! If you want to see BTS without makeup, without their hair stylist, and with some unexpected occurrences during their journey, watch Bon Voyage!


BTS in the SOOP

BTS in the SOOP is a reality series that features the phenomenal group doing activities that are somewhere in between everyday life and leisure. It premiered on August 19, 2020, and was broadcasted every Wednesday at 11pm KST on JTBC. It is also available for purchase at Weverse. In this show, they spent seven whole days doing simple things that they usually can’t do during their busy schedules, in a beautiful lakeside home in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province.

I would say that this show was put together due to the pandemic. It was probably a temporary replacement to Bon Voyage. Since the seven kings of pop can’t travel, they spent their vacation together in a home where they can relax and heal from their hectic schedules. In this show, you can see them doing simple things like playing table tennis, solving puzzles, building toys, going fishing, cooking their own meals, reading a book, carving wood, playing computer games, creating a song together, playing the piano, boxing and other exercises, questioning themselves about what to do next, or simply sleeping. You’d be amazed at how unfamiliar resting is for BTS. They are so used to having busy working schedules that staying home can be a challenge for them because they often end up asking themselves what to do next. If you want to see BTS on vacation doing simple daily routines, watch BTS in the SOOP!


American Hustle

American Hustle is a reality series that premiered on July 24, 2014 on Mnet. Way before the septet became globally acknowledged, they were sent to the US to enhance their skills and be trained by Coolio, Tony Jones, and Warren G, who served as their hip-hop gurus. In this show, the members carried out different missions to experience the true hip-hop culture. They spent two weeks in L.A. learning about hip-hop dance, beatbox, vocal exercises, and many others.

There are so many candid moments in this show that you have to see if you haven’t seen it yet. Moments like BTS being kidnapped as a prank, learning how to pick up girls to appear on their music video, and their patient, as well as not-so-patient moments when they couldn’t hide their true emotions because they’re annoyed, or simply mad at something! If you want to see BTS in these very interesting moments, watch American Hustle!

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BTS Rookie King: Channel Bangtan

BTS Rooking King: Channel Bangtan is a variety television series that premiered on September 3, 2013, and was broadcasted every Tuesday at 5 p.m. KST on SBS MTV. This is the first BTS variety show following their debut, which allows new ARMYs to discover their individual personality during their youthful and less experienced years. There’s a lot of chaos in this show, making it so hilarious as the seven Bangtan babies accomplish tasks. The introduction part will have you laughing like crazy, and the contents are just full of cute and sometimes, embarrassing moments for the boys. If you want to see BTS during their early years, you have got to start with this show!


BTS Festa

BTS Festa is a show that is held every year to celebrate their anniversary through a variety of events. You can expect special songs, radio program, picture taking, special video contents, live performances, and other gifts that they could offer to ARMYs who are also celebrating their years in the music industry with them. All BTS Festa videos are available on YouTube through BANGTANTV, their official YouTube channel.

I am always looking forward to this event, even though I have only been a fan since 2019 and wasn’t able to be there to support them during their 2013 debut. They do all sorts of fun stuff and there are moments where they’d feel awkward in sharing their thoughts to each other. If you want to know them more on a deeper level, in terms of their experiences through the years, this is the best show to watch!


BTS Gayo

BTS Gayo is a variety series that is available for free viewing on VLive. The first season was aired on August 11, 2015 then ended on May 16, 2017 with its second and final season. There are some episodes on Run BTS where they revive BTS Gayo by doing the same format on their show. With different themes and challenges/mission on every show, there is never a dull moment! They do fun things like girl group dance quiz and other types of quizzes, re-enacting scenes of Korean dramas, and lots more! There are 15 episodes of BTS Gayo that you’ll surely love if you want to see them doing silly, but very entertaining things!


BTS Bokbulbok

BTS Bokbulbok also known as BTS Lucky Draw is a variety series with five episodes that are all available on VLive for free. All episodes were released on June 5, 2015. Basically, they play games that are drawn from a bowl. The games they played respectively on each episode were charades, video game, hide and seek, table tennis, and cup stacking. This is another hilarious BTS variety show that new ARMYs shouldn’t miss!

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Shey Saints (author) from Philippines on July 23, 2021:

Thanks, Ishika for the feedback! Their music is top tier, and perfect for my music taste because they each have different vocal texture, which makes me want to listen to all their songs all day long. The contents of their lyrics are deep and very indicative of their values, perception, and goals. Hence, I love both their music and personality.

ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on July 23, 2021:

I have always loved what these 7 guys stand for they might not always be my perfect music taste but when it comes to values and aims i do stand by what they represent. Interesting article -mygoblin

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