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Best 15 Songs With Uncle In The Title


Bill Monroe Created A Classic About A Fiddle Playing Relative


Only One On The List Mentions The Bearded Mascot Of The United States

Sitcoms have been responsible for immortalizing some of the most famous uncles ever, starting as far back as the Sixties all the way up to the end of the Twentieth Century. No one will ever forget Uncle Charley of My Three Sons nor Uncle Bill of Family Affair nor Uncle Jesse in Full House nor Jerry Seinfeld's fictional Uncle Leo.

Hollywood has even recently cashed in on the concept of the parental male sibling, releasing the 2018 Uncle Drew film starring NBA great Kyrie Irving. Long before that, however, the music world had been paying tributes to uncles for over six decades.

Here are the fifteen most well-known song titles that include the word uncle.

1. Uncle Walter by Ben Folds Five

Promoted by a delightfully comic video, this track helped make the self-titled debut the most welcomed piano-based act since late Seventies Joe Jackson.

2. Uncle Salty by Aerosmith

Buried below hits like "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion" on Toys In The Attic is this catchy gem, which precedes the also excellent "Adam's Apple (She Ate It)."

3. Man Called Uncle by Elvis Costello

"I'm so affected by the effects of your affection" the rock wordsmith snarls on this Get Happy tune, one of twenty songs on the single disc follow up to the Armed Forces record also produced by Nick Lowe.

4. Uncle Dad by John Wesley Harding

While the title might appear odd, it quickly makes sense when you realize that Wes Tace has written it about a divorced father with contact every other weekend.

5. Uncle by Norman Blake

Although the parent's sibling is never named, this portrait of him is the highlight of the bluegrass legend's The Fields Of November.

6. Uncle Albert by Paul McCartney

Admiral Halsey gets a sub title for this hit, Paul's first number one after the breakup of The Beatles.

7. Uncle John's Band by Grateful Dead

Jerry Garcia penned this classic which reflects his admiration of bluegrass, country and folk.

8. Uncle Tom's Cabin by Warrant

Back in 1991 this third single from the sophomore album Cherry Pie climbed into the Top Twenty.

9. Dear Uncle Sam by Loretta Lynn

Instead of her mama or papa or her unfaithful husband, the Coal Miner's Daughter here sings about a slightly more distant member of the family.

10. Fiddle About (Uncle Ernie) by the Who

Keith Moon admirably portrayed the creepy relative of blind, deaf and dumb Tommy in the rock opera.

11. Uncle Pen by Bill Monroe

"Soldier Joy", "Boston Boy" and "Jenny Lynn" are three of the songs dearly recalled as having been played by the fiddler in the title.

12. Uncle Remus by Frank Zappa

A quirky piece decrying racism, this ditty appears alongside the huge hit " Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" on the Apostrophe album.

13. Uncle Sam Blues by Jefferson Airplane

This anti-war anthem fitted perfectly into the set the band played at Woodstock.

14. My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died by Roger Miller

Accompanying the title in the refrains the line "A chicken ain't a chicken till it's lick in' good and fried."

15. Uncle Joe by the Country Gentlemen

For fans of the classic sitcom Petticoat Junction, the bluegrass band here is not singing about the lazy character played byEdgar Buchanon.


Sherry Hewins from Sierra Foothills, CA on September 14, 2019:

I've got another favorite. It is "Me and My Uncle." Written by John Phillips, of the Mamas and the Papas, my favorite version is by the Grateful Dead.


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