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Ben10 Enemies: List of Ben10s Most Dangerous Villains and Adversaries (Part One)

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Aggregor image

Aggregor image from Ben10 Ultimate Alien

Aggregor image from Ben10 Ultimate Alien

List of villains and characters in ultimate alien

The list of character in ultimate alien are

1 Kevin the Osmosian and Gwen

2 Ben the hero

3 Aggregor the Osmosian

4 Will Harangue the newscaster

5 King Xarion aging king of Zarcovia

6 Carl Nesmith the fake super hero

7 Computron robots imprisoned in dimension 12

8 Trumbipulor

9 Diagon the energy being

10 Advaita a mutant Aerio Geochelone

11 Lucubras ruthless animalistic creatures under the command of Diagon

12 Flame keepers circle. The followers of Diagon

13 Esoterica followers of Diagon

14 Ma Vredle using technology to create drones

15 Weapon master of Techadon and Techadon robots

16 Pretty boy Vredle son of Ma Vredle

Ben10 ultimate enemies

Benjamin Tennyson aka Ben 10 being the worlds most powerful defender of the universe despite his age encountered lots of enemies willing to destroy him. They range from the absurd, frightening, super villains, intellectual to the total insane adversaries; each encounter is unique as he battles not only alien life forms but android soldiers, energy beings and entities.

Many villains come during the animated television series while other appeared in film adaptations and Ben10 games, highlighted in no chorological order according to animation series appearance. The villains appeared in episodes such as Ultimate Alien series, Omniverse, Ben10 Alien force, Ultimate Alien, Ben 10 series and many others.

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Ultimate Alien bad guys

Some supper villain enemies that appeared in Ultimate Alien are featured bellow; they range from humanoids, robots and powerful aliens.


In the very first season of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Kevin did battle with a very impressive and dangerous Osmosian named Aggregor, Osmosian are known to have the ability to absorb energy and deploy it though intense will and concentration. They can also absorb matter gaining the power of the properties of the element.

The intergalactic crime lord favors humanoid robotic soldiers who are one hundred percent loyal and dedicated to his cause which he meticulously plans to perfection. In Ultimate Alien kidnap is on the mind of the villain special aliens numbering five who he believes would give him untold power after he absorbs their energy and abilities through special machinery located on his home world.

His plan is simple yet has universal implications if Aggregor succeeds, he intends draining the five captives with the machine absorbing their elements and retrieving four fragments of the map of infinity. Thereby reaching the forge of creation absorbing the power newly formed celestial sapiens and having unlimited power.

Didn’t I tell you the psychopaths plan was simple?

During battle between Kevin and Aggregor skilled physical combat and the use of specialized weapons like a fire blasting spear which deploys red energy that easily disrupts energy fields. Aggregor used his Osmosian powers to absorb the kidnapped aliens person also got hold of the four missing fragments of the map of infinity.

Using his own Osmosian powers Kevin defeated Aggregor by absorbing the ultimate Aliens powers as well as that of Aggregor rendering him powerless.

The Forever knights

The forever knights out in town. Ben10

The forever knights out in town. Ben10

The forever knights

Members of the forever knights played some role in Ultimate alien like Winston and their founder Sir George, the forever knight g organization main function is to destroy all alien life form. They do this with an aim of defending the earth even using unscrupulous negative ways; the medieval group also uses captured alien technology to fight any non human life form.

Sir George and his group after an encounter with Diagon managed to remove the heart thus sending it back to its own dimension; they also managed to capture a dragon looking alien called the map maker. This happened in another ben10 flick.

Some of the prominent members of the forever knight are Sir George, Enoch, Sir Cyrus and Patrick, the sect uses lances swords, energy beam equipment and advanced alien technology to engage the enemy. Because of their ideology against all alien life forms they sometimes find themselves doing battle with Benjamin Tennyson, through deliberate confrontation and sometimes error.

Vilgax the vilgaxia ruler also featured in some episodes getting restored and reenergized when e took on diagons heart and powers making him even stronger than before. He was instrumental in finally destroying Diagon by using a specialized machine to suck him into oblivion.

Fantasy Dragon-Dragons rock

Fantasy dragon image. Diagon looks more like an octopus than a dragon

Fantasy dragon image. Diagon looks more like an octopus than a dragon

Diagon image

Diagon image

Diagon image


Diagon is an ancient energy based life form that travels through different galaxies making the entity an intergalactic life form. Diagon using deception in an attempt to conquer this dimension and the earth through the semblance of a powerful dragon, he was eventually defeated but at great cost.

Diagon was banished to his dimension during battle with the forever knight’s leader and king sir George; Sir George managed this incredible feat by cutting out diagons heart with the powerful sword of Azmuth. The forever knights at inception had good intentions to defend the earth from any alien life form but along the ways personal ambition of some bad leaders change them.

Vilgax came into the picture when he was mistaken for Diagon by Esoterica devotes and later colluded with Diagon which resulted in devastating consequences for Vilgax and his home world.

Diagon attempts to break the seal which he eventually succeeds from his own dimension, then turning humans into Esoterica zombies including Gwen to serve him. In an epic battle the powerful Diagon defeats Ben kills his ach enemy sir George and is later destroyed by Vilgax revenging for his people.

Vilgax gets Diagons power which is taking from him by Ben with the aid of Ascalon thereby reverting earths inhabitants back to humans and saving the day.

Esoterica and the flame keepers circle

The Esoterica followers of Diagon are hundred percent devoted to the energy creature, the leader Conduit Edwards uses charity as a guise to recruit celebrities into their group. They have alien technology which they use for inter dimensional travel; manipulate energy and evasion during confrontations while they await the return of Diagon who was banished by Sir George.

The Esoterica also guards the heart of Diagon in a secret location they unwitting restores Vilgax who absorbs diagons heart, In an intricate maze of battles Conduit Edwards kills sir Winston of the forever knight, Vilgax defeats Edwards and sir George kills Edwards.











energy being


Ma Verde

technology drones

Carl Nesmith aka Overlord

Carl Nesmith was a fraud from get go staging criminal activities and stopping them for recognition as a super hero, through his nefarious activity he gain public acceptance an financial gain until Ben 10s exploits overshadowed his ruse.

In Hero time Carl Nesmith kidnapped Jennifer and Julie to bait Ben into a contest with a view to humiliate Ben , during the contest which Ben eventually won after despite Nesmith weaponry and conning . Kevin and Gwen Tennyson helped Ben rescue Jennifer from the psycho while Ben saved Julie and handed the villain over to the cops.

Other interesting character in hero time saga was Will Harangue a newscaster show business personality with a dislike for Ben, Will tried discrediting Ben through propaganda, and falsehood.

Will Harangue is a newscaster, host and anchor of a top rated television program called The Harangue Nation, in order to gain higher acceptance and more viewers decided to trick Ben into showcasing his transformations for better ratings. He worked with Carl Nesmith on this scheme by using a giant robot called the stalker and in subsequent episodes organized a contest to get even more ratings and using false propaganda.

Will Harangue cannot be rated high in the scale of bad guys but he is worth mentioning because he walks the grey area between bad and evil.

Captain Nemesis

Captain Nemesis

Captain Nemesis

Other characters

Other characters you can find in ultimate Alien are Advaita the master lord of ledergonian, Captain Nemesis, king Xarion, Trumbipulor, a merchant that deals with illegal alien technology, and Lucubras. This are only a few of the colorful characters you find trying to destroy or conquer the earth and universe.

Captain nemesis and the computron robots

The computron robots are supposed to be robots that can be found in dimension 23, they are imprisoned in that dimension, captain nemesis managed to get them under his control using a clever device. Within the objective to destroy Ben a fusion bomb a pocket watch and the use of Armadillo, they are defeated through the combined effort of Ben, Gwen and Kevin and the earth saved once more.

In the ultimate alien Ben battled numerous villains such as Ma Vredle, the Esoterica, and Diagon, the forever knights, Lucubras and many more adversaries. Not forgetting the ever present danger of Vilgax and his intergalactic conquering quest. In the next article you will encounter even more impressive villains all trying to outsmart the greatest hero in the universe Benjamin Tennyson.

But they will find great resistance form the plummers, Gwen, Kevin, Grandpa Max and Ben.

Cosmotrons robots are organic in nature and are worker robots that build stuff; they were hijacked by Captain Nemesis to do his biding but got reprogrammed and sent back to dimension12.


olu (author) from Lagos, Nigeria on May 29, 2014:

I got hooked on the series because of my nephews and found the story lines very interesting. The producers and writers have tons of imagination and I think they can keep it up for years to come.

Thank you very much for stopping bye dailytop10.

dailytop10 from Davao City on May 28, 2014:

I grew up watching Ben 10 and the series is really good. Villains get stronger and weirder every chapter. I just hope the people behind this animation series can think of interesting twists in the story to make things exciting and less predictable.

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