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Beginners Guitar Lessons

I like to write and to play guitar, so here I am writing about playing guitar ;-)


Beginners Guitar Lessons

Tips To Help Keep Up With Your Beginners Guitar Lessons

When learning to play guitar the beginning will always be the toughest time. Your fingers do not seem to do what you want them to, they might also hurt a bit, and the whole learning process seems to be moving along at to slow a pace. It's at this time the most people quit their guitar lessons.

Start With Chords

The first thing you should focus on are chords. There might be exceptions, but most of the time new guitarists are getting the best start to success if they focus on chords first. Chords are important no matter what genre of music you want to play. Even if playing lead guitar is your burning ambition, you have to learn chords to get a basic understanding of how the guitar works.

Chords come in many variation, some easy to play, and some completely crazy to play. Always start with easy chords, those that only use two fingers are great, and in the beginning you don't have to play all six strings, just the top or bottom three of four, this makes it even easier to hold the chords and make it sound good.

Keep It Simple

Keep it as simple as possible with your beginner lessons, learn a couple of chords at a time, and then when you have learned three to four easy chords, find a basic song with those chords and learn to play it. Don't start by learning a difficult song, you will always have time to learn your favorite songs later when you get better.

Don't Rush It!

Don't start practicing hours at once, just a half an hour a day or a little more if you feel like it. If you get frustrated when practicing just put the guitar down and practice on the next day.

Remember that all the great guitar players has also have to start from the beginning just like you.

Don't start with expensive gear!

It can be a good idea to start playing with a nylon stringed acoustic guitar, they are so much easier on the fingers, and have a wider space between the strings. Even though it's an acoustic guitar, you can still practice rock, blues or whatever style you would like.

When you get better and feel it's something you will continue to do, you can always get an electric guitar and amplifier, if that's what you want.

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Don't start of buying an expensive guitar, you will first know what you really need when you have played for a while.

If you like to learn using online guitar lessons and not a private teacher, sites like Jamplay have helped many guitar players to get better, I think it's the closest you come to have your own teacher.

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