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Before We Go: All about Commitment

A Simple Film That Talks About Commitment


I'm not sure the film is popular enough among audiences. Moreover, the synopsis of this film is arguably just plain and seems simple. In fact, the ratings aren't that great. The film in question is Before We Go by Chris Evans who is also the main character named Nick. Nick is accompanied by Brooke, played by Alice Eve, to be the main character throughout the film. In the plot of the film it is told that Nick who is interested in music accidentally meets Brooke at the station. At that moment Brooke dropped her cell phone while running in a hurry to catch a train that would take her home to Boston. Unfortunately, despite trying to catch the train, Brooke still did not manage to get on the train.

Shortly afterwards, Nick approached her while carrying Brooke's mobile phone that had fallen. It's just that the phone's broken. From there, Brooke then told him that she had to go home to Boston right away. Not only that, Brooke explained that she no longer has money because her wallet which also contains other important things was stolen while she was in a bar. It causes anxiety for Brooke because she is already confused about what to look for in order for her to go home.

Hearing this, Nick then tries to find a way out in order to help Brooke get home. Long story short, Nick has helped as much as possible, from finding Brooke's wallet, trying to discuss with the taxi driver, and finding a bus. However, the result is nil so that makes them in a situation of confusion. Nick then tries to find a friend named Danny who might be able to help with his money.

Both of them has their own romance story

This is what then becomes the core of the story in this film. At that time, Danny was at his friend's wedding reception. Nick, who already knew the address, then went straight there with Brooke. When he arrived, Nick then saw a woman he had known for a long time. It's just that they haven't seen each other in six years. The woman's name is Hannah. Upon seeing Nick, Hannah immediately approached him and from there, there was a small conversation from them. Shortly thereafter, came a man named Cole who was seen to be close to Hannah.

Seeing that, Nick just fell silent and before long, he headed straight out of the place. Brooke who doesn't know anything goes straight after Nick. This is where Nick's romance story begins to show. Nick tells Brooke that Hannah is someone who has been very close to him for a long time. His closeness begins to falter when Nick knows that Hannah is getting a job in Philadelphia. At the time Nick felt that it was time to convey his feelings to Hannah before they had to separate. He also bought a ring as a sign of his seriousness. The problem is that, before Nick conveys his feelings, Hannah has already said that it's time for them to split up. Nick can only stand still, even confused about what to react to. This is the thought for Nick during this time where he feels he has not got certainty yet because he has not had time to convey his feelings.

After Brooke listens to the story, she then assures Nick that this might be the right time to do what he didn't do before. Nick had rejected the suggestion, until he finally began to venture to convey what he had planned a long time ago. With the confidence he had, Nick returned to the wedding reception to see Hannah. A few moments later, Nick comes to Brooke who is already waiting for him outside. Nick's disappointed facial expression explains it all. She tells Brooke that Hannah is married and even pregnant. Nick could only stand still and smile tearfully. However, at that time, Nick was relieved that at least he had got certainty and something concrete so that he did not have to fantasize about what he expected and all the possibilities that happened.

The story then continues into the troubles of Brooke's romance story. Somewhere quiet, they sit down and exchange stories until there's a moment where Brooke explains her life. She tells Nick that she feels angry about the affair committed by her husband, Michael. At first, Brooke let it go because she didn't want any further trouble between them. However, her patience began to run out when she knew that her husband's affair, Linny, again contacting Michael via email. From there, Brooke's anger overwhelms everything and makes she write a letter that express her resentment to Linny. In fact, she also included her engagement ring and wedding ring in the letter indicating that she no longer wanted to have a relationship with her husband.

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The problem here is, Brooke just realized while sitting in a bar. She realizes that she loves Michael and she thinks maybe she can forgive what her husband did. When Brooke was about to turn around from her seat to go home to Boston and forgive all the situations that had happened, her wallet had to be lost. This is why Brooke couldn't go home to Boston and stuck with Nick until then. Then this was also the reason why she had to go back to Boston right then and there because she had to get rid of her letter before Michael came home from Atlanta and found the letter.

This time the opposite, Nick convinces Brooke that it's not over yet, he feels Brooke can still fix everything. Nick even tells Brooke about a commitment in which he argues that if someone has a commitment, that person will not allow themselves to seek perfection in others. Nick explains this because she knows that Brooke loves her husband very much and she wants Brooke to solve all problems with her husband in a good way, by forgiving him, not running away from the problem. Nick believes that Michael will regret his actions and feels guilty so he feels confident that Michael will return to Brooke.

After the conversation, they choose to take a break in one of Nick's friend's hotel rooms. There they both try to calm their minds and fill their free time with a simple thing to let go of all the fatigue they are experiencing. By then, they were already aware that it might be the last moment for them to meet because it was then told that Brooke was going home to Boston using money owned by her friend Nick (Danny). This is inseparable from Nick's successful attempt to convince Brooke that everything will be fine and her marriage will continue.

The morning came and they rushed straight to the station. Of course, this is the hardest thing for them because they have to part ways and probably won't see each other again. However, their lives must continue so that their separation is inevitable.

They love each other, it's just not their destiny to be together


That's the storyline that happens in this movie. One thing I'm sure is that actually the two of them (Nick and Brooke) love each other about what happened to their situation. It's just that, in my opinion Nick is an adult-minded person, he appreciates Brooke's marriage and even supports her to go back to her husband. Nick might have made Brooke not to go back to her husband but he wasn't that kind of person. On the other hand, Brooke also realizes that she still loves her husband and that's why she managed to be sure that her marriage would be okay. Brook also had a choice, she would either go back to her husband or run away from her problems and Brooke made a wise decision where she didn't let her anger take a role in her decision.

The fact in this film is that we may be able to love more than one person but when we are already bound in a commitment, we will not seek comfort anymore with others.

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