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Beautiful Japanese Actresses Megumi Yasu & Yukie Kawamura

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Who Is Megumi Yasu?

Megumi Yasu is a Japanese supermodel or gravure idol and actress. She is really beautiful just like gravure model and actress Yoko Mitsuya, the awesome supermodel from Saitama. Megumi is one of the veterans of the Japanese entertainment industry having done modeling for quite a while. Megumi entered our vast and beautiful world on August 22, 1981. Megumi Yasu should not be confused with supermodel and actress Megumi Yamano (Furuya). This world has lots of beautiful things in it especially beautiful supermodels.

A native of Tokyo, Japan, Yasu attended Nishi Hutiyuu High School. Megumi is currently signed to Harmony Promotion Talent Agency. Megumi like many Asian celebrities is multi-talented having done modeling, acting, and singing and even made appearances in commercials. She can do it all. She has acted in several TV dramas and a few movies. Especially in the 21st century, being able to do work in many different areas helps a person tremendously especially if you are in the entertainment business.

Photos of Megumi Yasu


Megumi Yasu & the Story of Her Interesting Marriage

Megumi Yasu and 42 year-old comedian Takahiro Azuma held their wedding reception on July 8, 2012 at a hotel in Tokyo, Japan and they were very excited. The two had been living in Azuma’s home. An interesting fact to mention here is that the wedding dress that Yasu wore was designed by fashion designer Yumi Katsura. Their rings were made by Harry Winston and that is the same designer that designed earrings worn by former AKB48 vocalist Atsuko Maeda. A total of 380 people attended the reception. Azuma had proposed to Yasu in December 2011 and they registered their marriage in that same month. In May 2012, the couple held their wedding ceremony at a place called Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. Takahiro Azuma was excited beyond what words could say because he basically said that his happiness level was at the maximum. He was fortunate enough to have met his beautiful brids as he called it. Yasu herself was very happy to be in this marriage

Female celebrities are always popular among young men especially in Japan. Japanese women in miniskirts are always popular too. She is now part of an exclusive list of Japanese celebrities that are well liked by single men in Japan. There is a marriage counseling platform called Onet. That released a series of results in June 2013. The statistics that follow date back almost 7 years but it gives readers an idea of what single men in Japan feel about their preferences in terms of female figures. There were surveys that were conducted asking these single men what kind of female figure they like and which female celebrity has the kind of figure that they prefer. Megumi Yasu came in 2nd place behind Kyoko Fukada. But the results were different in each age group. Among people aged 20-24, Megumi received almost 16% of the vote, 19% of the vote among those aged 25-29, 30% of the vote among those aged 30-34 and for those aged 35-39, she got over 22% of the vote. A total of 665 men took part in the survey. Supermodel Sayaka Isoyama got an impressive 5th place vote. That’s not a bad finish considering the fact that Japan is loaded with gorgeous ladies. That is of course if you like Asian women. Among men aged 20-24, Isoyama received 15% of the fans votes, 12% of the vote in the 25-29 age range, 15% in the 30-34 age range category and 18% of the vote in the 35-39 age bracket. I rounded up the numbers to make it so that I do less work.

Yukie Kawamura In School Uniform

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About Movie Actress and Fashion Model Yukie Kawamura

Yukie Kawamura is a young Japanese fashion model & actress who is known for her high level of passion and enthusiasm. She also has an ability to smile and you notice just by watching her that she loves what she is doing. She is also very talkative during photo shoots and interviews. She may not be as popular as supermodels such as Aki Hoshino or Yoko Matsugane. But she has the passion, enthusiasm, energy and beauty that will satisfy any fan of Japanese celebrities and supermodels. Yukie is also an actress in addition to her time spent as a model. We should all learn from her about having passion and enthusiasm. A life with passion and enthusiasm is a life well lived.


Quick Bio of Yukie Kawamura

  • Date of birth is January 23, 1986
  • Her place of birth is the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan.
  • She has the blood type of O.
  • She stands at 158 centimeters tall.
  • Her hobbies are sewing, playing volleyball and spending time in her room.

Yukie spent her time in a few cities while growing up. She spent time in Yokohama, Kanagawa and she also spent time in Chiba so she moved around quite a bit. In 2003, she started her modeling career. A few years later in 2006, she started to appear in movies as an actress. Her first movie appearance was in the movie called Kikyû kurabu, sonogo. In 2009, she made an appearance in a movie titled Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. In the following year of 2010, Yukie starred in the movie Lost Crime. After that, she starred in King Game.

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