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"Beast" Movie Review

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Imagine, if you will: your wife has just passed away and you take your kids on a safari in Africa in order to become close as a family once more. Your guide is your best friend, and he is a friend of villagers and an anti-poacher activist. But then a lion starts stalking you. You're stranded in the middle of nowhere. No wifi, no signal, no water, no hospital, no police, no animal control. All you have are your two kids and very limited supplies. What would you do?

That's the situation our hero Nate finds himself in in Baltasar Kormakur's film Beast, a wonderful tribute to fatherly love and what one will do to protect his family. The film is incredibly intense and a true nail-biter in every sense of the word. Yes, I'm sure there's a ton of zoologists that'll refute this film and say 'lions don't behave like this'. Well, yeah, that's the point as the film clearly indicates in more ways than one.

I loved the two fathers dynamic that the film displayed. One father (the lion) sees his entire pride (family) gunned down by poachers and decides to take revenge on every human he finds regardless of whether they're guilty or not. Then you have the other father (Nate) who was divorced and his family split-up and wasn't there when his wife died of cancer and that made him blame himself as he wrestled with the guilt of also losing his family. It's such an intriguing duality, revenge vs love, and the film portrays it in such a strong and memorable way.

The only negative thing about the film was that the CGI was a little janky in some parts. Granted, there were some scenes where the lions looked extremely realistic and then there were times when you could tell the budget was running low and they patched it up the best they could. That's not to say that it was bad in places because it wasn't. It was just noticeable. But if you get into the movie as deeply as I did, you won't care. You'll be just as on edge as if it were a Disney-budget movie.

In conclusion, definitely see this film on the big screen. It's so much better to see it in theaters and it's far more plausible and believable than 98% of these ridiculous shark movies floating around. I give Beast a 3.5 out of 4.

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