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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Beast (2022)

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If you miss the early 90s and 2000s B-tier Discovery/Sci Fi Original movies like Anaconda, Arachnophobia or Sharknado, Beast might satisfy that craving. While the production value is certainly much higher on Beast, you can draw parallels and see the inspiration behind its conception with those old corny films. Baltasar Kormákur has directed several movies with a similar feel to this in the past, and it was evident that this was not his first walk in the park. Kormákur is very clearly skilled behind the camera, as some of the shots were astoundingly well tracked, and gave the nerve-racking feeling of claustrophobia effortlessly.

This being said, nothing about this movie is original by any stretch. The story has been told countless times before, the jumpscares are not a guessing game as to when they will happen, and the story itself is almost unbelievable. It’s a basic story, with an even more basic subplot. The characters were void of any personality whatsoever, save for Idris Elba’s main character, and the choices the characters made in the film fit like a glove when referencing a list of things not to do in a situation such as the one they found themselves in.

The soundtrack was very fun and exciting, and at times, even relaxing. The CGI elements were so well crafted that at times, I could not discern what was real and what was CGI. The team behind it worked with less than $36 million, which seems like such an impossible feat, that you would have to give them props for working with so little to make something that incredibly realistic.

While a cheese fest when it comes to a typical Hollywood Action/Thriller, it almost felt like it took itself too seriously, and would have been much more fun if it relaxed a bit and just rolled with being as cheesy and unbelievable for the sake of simply being goofy as possible. Beast is a heart pounding guilty pleasure film that would be fun to watch again with a different group of people each time, simply to poke fun at or to watch their reactions as the events unfold on screen.


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