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Beach Day With Nagito

A fan of KomaHinaNami. Nagito kinnie. Wants more attention to be brought to this adorable ship


Beach Day With Nagito

Nagito awoke to the sun's rays beaming down on his face, like an invitation to a warm cuddle. Not that Nagito knew what that felt like of course. But today would be a good day. Hajime and Chiaki had finally agreed to meet up with him after weeks of persistent begging. And Nagito couldn't hold in his excitement!

"Yes! This is finally my time to shine and make friends! Who knew I could be so lucky?!" Nagito hopped out of bed, grinning to himself.

"Now, what to bring..... Oh, I know! Along with beach supplies, I'll bring videogames for Chiaki and maybe a book or two on geometry for Hajime! I know he's currently failing maths so it should be of help!" Nagito made a mental checklist.

This was it. The day he had being waiting for his whole life. The day he would finally and officially be accepted into Hajime and Chiaki's friend group. Just thinking about it, got him all fired up!

After popping by a couple of stores on the way, Nagito found himself at the pre-determined location in no time. The beach. This was it. His chance to shine...... So why did he feel the need to run away?!

'Oh, no. I'm not prepared'. A wave of anxiety hit Nagito as he thought to himself. He had made preparations of what he would give them but never once thought of what he needed to say. He was certain he would embarrass himself.

"Breathe, Nagito. Just breathe". He let out a long exhale.


"GaaAaaHHh!" The nervous male let out a strangled noise.

Off to a good start.

Regaining his composure, Nagito managed to choke out a "H-hi..."

Chiaki smiled at him while Hajime looked as though he regretted every decision.

"So, uh, what you got there?" Hajime gestured towards the ton of supplies the other male had brought, perplexed.

"Oh, yeah! Here!" Nagito practically threw the books at Hajime while revealing the mountain of games he brought Chiaki, who's mouth fell open with awe.

"What's this supposed to mea-?!" A more than slightly offended Hajime began to speak but an excited Chiaki cut him off, no longer feeling apprehensive about meeting the socially decept albino male.

"Wow, is that Shadows of the Lost Souls?! And that The Winged Justice?! Nagito, thank you so much! I've been dying to play these since forever!" The petite female pulled him into a hug.

"U-uh, you're welcome!" Nagito was taken aback. A hug from a pretty female.... After just meeting?! Nagito couldn't believe it. His luck had certainly turned around!

Hajime witnessing how happy his best friend seemed to be, relaxed a little. After all, there was no one's judgement he trusted more than Chiaki's.

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"Thanks for the books, I guess..." He stared sheepishly at the ground. Did the whole school know he was failing? Just what Hajime needed. If embarrassment could kill, there would be none of Hajime left.

"I'm glad you both liked your presents" Nagito felt a little braver now. Chiaki's beaming face and the red rue of Hajime's filled him with warmth. The image would forever be engraved in his heart.

"So, what do you want to do first? Sandcastles, swimming, ice-cream, volley-ball, sunbathing, um, what else do friends or family do at the beach ...?" Nagito stopped to ponder.

"Uh.." Hajime exchanged glances with Chiaki. Or he would have if her eyes weren't glued to her console's screen. "I guess, we could go swimming."

"Awesome! Swimming it is!" Nagito took off his jacket that he was sweating perfusely in before promptly putting it back on, suddenly self-conscious. He hadn't thought about undressing in front of his new friends, especially a girl for that matter! "Or we could just... You know..... Unless you want to..... "

"I don't mind" Hajime shrugged, nonchalantly. "Chiaki's probably just gonna stay here anyways".

"Huh? Oh, yeah" Chiaki mumbled before suddenly looking up. "Oh, sorry, Nagito. I'm being rude. Did you want to do something? I'm just really excited about this game".

"It's fine. I'm just glad you like it." Nagito shook his head. He stood awkwardly, wondering what to do to help deepen their new found bond.

Chiaki noticed his awkwardness. " Hey. I heard the ice-cream place around here is good. We should get some".

Nagito perked up. "Are you sure? But your game.."

"I can play it later. There's plenty of time for that. Let's focus on hanging out!" Chiaki gave him a sweet smile.

Nagito couldn't help but blush.

"Alrighty then. " Hajime stretched. "Ice-cream, here we come. Let's go, guys."

Guys? Nagito couldn't believe his ears. For once in his life, he was being included. Who knew one word could make him so happy. His eyes began to shine.

Chiaki laughed. "Nagito, you're weird."


"Don't worry, it's a good thing". From Chiaki's expression, Nagito knew she was being sincere.

This only made his eyes shine even brighter. He was so happy he could kiss someone! Of course that would be going too far.

They arrived at the ice-cream place and as they were queuing up, Hajime let out a curse.

"Shoot! I forgot my wallet. Can you guys cover it? Sorry".

"Hold on..... Here." Chiaki pulled her purse out of her bag. "That should get us..... One."

"What about you, Nagito? Got any money on you? Otherwise we might have to share." Hajime inquired.

Nagito bit his lip. Of course, he had money on him. He was rich after all. But this was an opportunity. An opportunity to share food with friends..... With two very attractive friends.

"Sorry. I don't have any left after buying your gifts, unfortunately." He gave a sympathetic smile.

"We could just leave it." Hajime said to the other male's dismay. "Maybe another day".

Chiaki saw Nagito's disappointed face and turned to Hajime." We can still get one. It would be a shame otherwise."

She then turned to Nagito, giving him her cash. "Treat yourself, Nagito".

"Oh, thank you!" He went ahead, buying an ice-cream of mixed flavours, choosing what he thought would best suit the other two's tastes. Strawberry for Chiaki, vanilla for Hajime, mint chocolate chip for himself.

He joined the others who were waiting for him nearby.

"Looks nice" Hajime noted.

"It's for all of us. We'll share, like you said before." Nagito held the ice-cream out towards them.

Chiaki didn't hesitate. "Thank you!" She immediately began licking it up, like a hungry cat.

Hajime seemed slightly embarrassed about having to share it. He was half-joking when he said to share it earlier. But upon seeing Chiaki and Nagito passing it back and forth, he felt what could be described as a pang of jealousy. Hence why he also joined in the fun!

"Ugh, brain freezzzzeee". Chiaki clutched her head, causing Nagito to chuckle.

"Maybe next time slow down while eating it" Hajime gave her a playful pat.

"About that..." Nagito's voice caused the other two to turn to him. "There will be a next time, won't there be?"

This time, Hajime and Chiaki actually exchanged glances.

Chiaki nodded. "Of course!"

"Why not" Hajime shrugged. 'If he's good enough for Chiaki. He's good enough for me'. He thought to himself.

"Really?" Nagito gasped. Could this day get any better?! "Thank you! I was afraid you'd hate me. After all, everyone else does".

"Eh, you're not that bad. " Hajime was still playing cool. "Don't think we're best friends all of a sudden now though. It's not like that or anything".

"Don't mind him" Chiaki laughed. "His inner tsundere is coming out a little". Hajime shot her a look at that remark. " I think... We both want to get to know you a little better. So we'll definitely hang out with you again!"

"Don't say 'definetly'. He might get the wrong idea". The tsundere muttered through his teeth. Louder he added, "Yeah, I guess we could hang out again. Maybe".

Nagito embraced both of the them, to the other male's shock. "Thank you both! Now, what should we do for the rest of the day? Sandcastles?! Volleyball?! Sun-bathing?!"

Hajime and Chiaki laughed as Nagito happily rambled on, throwing out ideas. It looks like someone like Nagito could get friends after all.

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