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Batman: Death in the Family Animated Movie


You Choose

I'm an animation guy, and when it comes to animation for me, the top two are Disney and Warner Brothers. The WB Animation DC Animated Movies ever let me down, and the most recent interactive movie that once again allows you to choose what happens to Jason Todd is fantastic. Each choice gives you different results, and takes Jason on a different path, some of which do not lead to him staying as Robin. It's a fun throwback, and a nice way to introduce a classic story to new audiences.

Under the Red Hood

One of the better aspects of this movie, is it plays off of a previous animated film, 'Batman Under the Hood', but it allows you to take the entire storyline in a new direction. I have never read either of the original comics, but to me, these animated movies always seem to hit home runs, and I think some of them should get a theatrical release. They're that good.

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