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Bands Named After Body Parts

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Fairport Convention Gave Birth To a Folk Rock Band On This List


Last week, upon the first release of the young band, Wet Leg reached number one on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart. The indie rockers had already gained a national following, thanks to the infectious single “Chaise Lounge.”

Few artists have managed to reach number one with a debut album, especially as quickly as did Wet Leg. Nor have very many groups with a body part in their name climbed as far or, for that matter, even hit the Top Forty.

Here are a dozen bands, whose names include a part of the human body, with varying degrees of success. Because so many bands have called themselves something to do with the head, I have omitted such acts as Head East (“Never Been Any Reason”), Motorhead and the Headboys (“The Shape of Things To Come”).

1. Heart

Wilson sisters Ann and Nancy charted from the Seventies through the Eighties, cementing their hall of Fame career with hits like “Magic Man,” “Crazy on You” and “Barracuda.”

2. Elbow

Flying Dream 1, which was released last year, was the eighth album since the alt rock band's inception in 2001.

3. Bright Eyes

Embarking on its fourth decade of making records, Conor Obert's indie ensemble has made great folk-rock songs with stellar lyrics in cuts such as “Train Under Water” and “Jejune Stars.”

4. Badfinger

As if starting with the smash hits “Come and Get It” and “No Matter What” were not enough, the quartet's sophomore effort Straight Up gave fans “Baby Blue” and “Day After Day.”

5. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Two famous Davids, Bowie and Byrne, quickly became fans of the Alec Ounsworth group after hearing its fantastic self-titled debut.

6. Little Feat

It was no small deed when this country-tinged rock band charted in the Seventies, a few years after appearing in an episode of the sitcom F-Troop.

7. Five Finger Death Punch

Technically, in order to be anatomically-correct, the rock band should be called Four Finger and Thumb Death Punch, but the music would still be a knockout.

8. The Shins

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James Mercer has fronted this indie rock outfit since its 2001 birth, coming up with classics like “New Slang,” “Kissing the Lipless” and “Gone For Good.”

9. Butthole Surfers

Anyone expecting to hear sounds like the Beach Boys from these Surfers would be shocked by the noise rock of this band that took “Pepper” to the top of the charts in 1996.

10. Lynyrd Skynyrd

Taking just the first syllable of the gym teacher whose name was the basis of the Southern Rock legends, they fit the category.

11. Lipps Inc

In 1980, this disco band invited us all to go to “Funkytown.”

12. Flaming Lips

Wayne Coyne and gang have been releasing edgy music and staging outrageous concerts since the Nineties, in addition to re-recordings of The Beatles Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as well as Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

12. Mouth and McNeil

When the duo asked “How Do You Do” back in 1972, they were answered with a number one hit.

13. The Small Faces

Before embarking on a storied solo career, Rod Stewart fronted this British rock band that also included future Rolling Stone Ron Wood.

14. Steeleye Span

This folk rock ensemble spawned from Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention, covering mostly traditional ballads on its debut album Hark! The Village Wait.

15. Painted Palms

After two gorgeous records of technopop, the debut Forever and then Horizons, fans are growing impatient without a new release over the past six years.

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