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Baker King Kim Tak Goo - A Story about Bread, Love, and Dreams


Also known as Jeppangwang Kim Tak Goo.
Genre : Romance, Family
Episode : 30
Broadcast Network : KBS2, From June 2009 to October 2010
Director : Han Joon Seo
Scriptwriter : Kang Eun Kyung

Main Cast
Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim Tak Goo (23 years - early 30s)
Joo Won as Goo Ma Joon
Eugene as Shin Yu Kyung
Lee Young Ah as Yang Mi Sun
Jeon Gwang Ryul as Goo In Joong (Kim Tak Goo's dad)

Goo Family
Jun In Hwa as Seo In Sook
Ha Seung Ri as Goo Ja Kyung (Eldest daughter)
Oh Jae Moo as Tak Goo (child)
Shin Dong Woo as Ma Joon (child)

Other :
Jun Mi Sun as Kim Mi Sun (Kim Tak Goo's mom)
Jung Sung Mo as Manager Han Seung Jae

Yang Family
Jang Hang Sung as Master Oh Pal Bong (Tak Goo's teacher)
Park Sang Myun as Yang In Mok
Hwang Mi Sun as Oh Young Ja

and many more.


Cast Characters

Kim Tak Goo, the eldest son of Goo Il Jung, President of Geosung Foods. But being born from a mistress makes him much hated by his father's legitimate family.
He's very talented in baking and has special smelling sense. He eventually dethroned from his rights to succeed his father due to a conspiracy. He has to start building up his career again right from the bottom. Not enough, his first love betrays him for her own interest. He has to face many difficulties and trials before become a professional baker.

Goo Ma Jun, he is supposed to be his father's successor if Kim Tak Goo has not appeared. Actually, he's not Il Jung's biological son. He always feels threatened by Tak Goo. Ma Jun knows that Tak Goo stays in the Pal Bong Bakery but he's not telling his father (who also spent 14 years looking for Tak Goo).

Ma jun even plots to steal Shin Yu Kyung from Tak Goo and marries her just to embarrass his family. In the end, Ma Jun decides to choose the right thing and helps Tak goo. He eventually has a happy ending with his new bride, Shin Yu Kyung.

Shin Yu Kyung, She is Tak Goo's childhood friend and also his first love. She decides to marry Ma Joon as revenge to In Sook. She is smart, beautiful, but can be ruthless and mean.

Shin Yu Kyung and Goo MA Jun

Shin Yu Kyung and Goo MA Jun


Yang Mi Sun, Master Pal Bong's granddaughter who works along with Tak Goo in Pal Bong Bakery.
She is a great baker too and love to make delicious and pretty tart cakes. She has a special taste sense and lovable person. She values love, friendship and family. She's eventually captured Tak goo's heart.

Goo Il Jung, The Chairman of Geosung Foods. A brilliant baker himself and a legend in baking industries. He chooses Tak goo, his son from a mistress to inherit all his wealths.
This decision causes a chaos in the family. Specially between Tak Goo and Ma Jun. His legitimate wife starts to take back everything that was given to Tak Goo.
In the end, he gives up everything to the children decision and lets his eldest daughter leads Guseong.

Seo In Sook, She is the legitimate wife of Goo Il Jung. Always looks good and elegant. She's also desperate for not having a son as Geosung's heir. She's really mad when her husband has a son from a mistress.

In sook has an affair too with Han Seung Jae. They have a son from it, Goo Ma Jun.

Goo Ja Kyung, The eldest daughter of Goo Family. Who knew what happened between her dad and Kim Mi Sun in her early age! Very smart, sharp and strict. She loves Geosung more than her siblings but Il Jung tends to give Geosung to his son, so she has to start career in Geosung from the bottom.
In the end, Ja Kyung is the one who leads Geosung as Chairman.


Bread, Love, and Dreams Trailer from KBS World


This Korean drama seems to be the most watched drama at that time. The story is soooo Korean, if you know what I mean. The story will take us back to 1970s.

Baker King begins with the wealthy Goo Family who own a food empire, Geosung Foods. Goo Il Jung, the Geosung's President is a man with passion for baking. Unfortunately, his wife Seo In Sook, only give him two daughters, no son to inherit all his wealths. Goo Il Jung really worries about his Geosung Foods' future because he's the type of man who only allowes a son to lead Geosung.

And here she is, Kim Mi Sun, a young nurse who worked in that manor gets her role. Il Jung seduces her and finally she's got pregnant. This pregnancy makes Seo In Sook mad (who won't?). But Madam Hong, In Sook's mother-in-law, takes Mi Sun's side. She's also desperate for a grandson, so she will do everything to get a grandson as an heir.

Seo In sook feels terrible and she lets it all out to..Han Seung Jae, Goo Il Jung's right hand man who also harbors feelings for her. They too share a night together and she becomes pregnant, with a baby boy, a son. In Sook decides to pass off as her husband's son. Well, let's say that all the ingredients of complicated story and problem for the future have been completed and let's start cooking it, shall we?

Kim Mi sun leaves the Goo mansion, despite Goo Il Jung and his mother insisting they stay. Han Sung Jae also give a stern warning to them, never ever show up again in front of Il Jung or his mother, if Mi Sun does that, he will kill her and her baby. So, they leave and stay a simple life in the country.

12 years later, a young and smart Tak Goo grows in the middle of life's hardship. Mi Sun doesn't want her son wasting his life and struggling in life, so she decides to take Tak Goo to his father, hoping that they will take better care of him than she could. Il Jung and his mother are surprise but glad, but not Seo In sook, her 3 children, and Manager Han Seong Jae.

Han Seong Jae and In sook are afraid that Tak Goo will take over the Geosung empire as the eldest son and they do everything to keep Tak Goo from getting anywhere near the company and family. But their proverb that blood is thicker than water is become true. Tak Goo, has a rare gift, he's a child with super sensitive smelling sense. Tak goo can say what inside a dough only from smelling it. This makes Tak Goo gets Goo Il Jung's heart.

But with many hands wanting to get rid of Tak Goo and with many and unbelivable surprising twists, Tak Goo and his mother Kim Mi sun are separated for next 14 years. During the 14 years, Tak Goo lives on streets, fending for himself and searching the entire country for his mother.

Now, Kim Tak Goo is in his 20s, he still search for his mother and meets again with people from his childhood and his first love, Shin Yu Kyung.
Tak goo becomes Master's Pal Bong from Pal Bong Bakery student. He also meet Goo Ma Joon there, but under different name (Seo Tae Jo) and his future wife, Yang Mi Sun.

Goo Ma Joon finally takes Yu Kyung away from Tak Goo. All those hardships make Tak goo more strong and his passion of baking drives him to move forward as a professional baker.

Last Episode
Goo Il Jung finally recovers from his brain bleeding. He's already known about his wife and Han Seung Jae's affair and that Goo Ma Joon is not his son. He has found out about Han's murder attempt to Kim Mi sun, and the double bookeeping Han did. He gives Han two choices, leaves the country forever or calls the cop himself.

Han Seung Jae asks Il Jung to choose too, between Geosung or his son, Tak Goo. Apparently, Han Seung Jae tries to kill Tak Goo and he fails. Han goes to jail. Ma Joon reconciles with Yu Kyung. Tak Goo gets Yang Mi Sun and Gu Ja Kyung (the eldest daughter) gets Geosung, as the President of Geosung. Seo In Sook alone in her mansion while her husband decides to stay in their pavilion.

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Mrs. Hong

Mrs. Hong

Personal views :

The synopsis seems like a typical Korean drama series, but the difference about Baker King is that the writer has written a brilliant crafted story that continually drives the series forward. It's so fast paced, easy to watch and I ended its 30 episodes like a flash. Seriously, I never made a recap that fast. I made a recap too in my own language, specially in its last 5 episodes more faster than any other series.
Baker King manages to keep the story moving and hold of my interest in watching it. It's an emotional roller coaster, you may feel happiness, sadness, excitement and anger in the best way possible. You may feel so moved and cheering and in the same time you want to throw something at your television in anger. Yes, something like that.

But, I don't understand with Mrs. Hong (Il Jung's mom) point of view who really want a grandson and harsh to In Sook because she did not give them a son. What's wrong with daughters anyway, In the end, Ja Kyung, is the one who leads Geusong. I think Mrs. Hong's attitudes toward her daughter-in-law made this family worse. It makes Goo Il Jung feels okay to have an affair with Mi Sun. And In Sook thinks it's okay to plot a revenge with Han. Fortunately, Tak Goo can grow as a decent and fine young man.

In its early impressions at June 9, 2010, no one is expecting great success from Baker King. Although many senior veteran actors that we usually see, such as Jumong's stepfather, Hwang Jini's Mom, Kim Yushin's dad, etc. but the competitors at that time quite hard (on paper)

Baker King started running, almost simultaneously with the Road Number One (MBC) which was produced with big funding plus big names such as So Ji Sub and Kim Ha neul.
Then there's the Bad Guy (SBS) at the same time, Wednesday-Thursday, 9:55 at night which had huge media covering, and starred by famous actor-actress like Kim Nam Gil, Kim Jae Wook, etc.

And many people think, Baker King, without a big name in its main casts, not comparable with So Ji Sub and Kim Nam Gil. But Baker King had a strong force in the script, the story about the clash of good and evil, the way the story is not predictable and that ultimately makes Yoon Shi Yoon, Joo Won, Eugene, and Lee Young Ah stole the hearts of viewers.
Ratings skyrocketed and always in top spot.

Nowadays, most people in Asia know Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Won, both become kings of CF (Commercial Films). And I love Baker King because of the ups and downs of the story. It may similar with Bad Guy, but Tak goo will never think of revenge like Shim Gun Wook.


The conversations between Ma Joon and Tak goo below will make you understand, it's from Episode 29 :

Ma Joon : "Kim Tak Goo."
Tak goo : "What's up, Seo Tae Jo?" (Tak Goo called Ma Joon, Seo Tae Jo - the guy who have become his best friend and co worker)

Ma Joon : "How can you be like that? How can you keep smiling like that? You've only had things taken from you until now. Your Mom was taken and Your Father was taken. An you were kicked out of Geosung. Shin Yu Kyung was taken and everything else was taken. How can you be like that? Do you not have a heart, are you dumb or...are you really okay?"

Tak Goo : "How can I be okay? It's not that I don't know anger, it's not that I don't feel it's unfair, and it's not that I can't feel pain in my heart."

Ma Joon : "Then? How can you bear it like it?"
Tak Goo : "Because I need to live. While I'm alive, nothing is over. Just because today was good, my life is not over. And just because today was bad, my life is not over either. Good things and bad things..they all go away."

Ma Joon : "Even if I live a million years, I will never understand anyone like you."

Based on a true story

Baker King is said to be loosely based on the life of Paris Baguette's President, Heo Young In. And there are also breads that become famous because of Baker King, they are Bong Bbang and Corn and Barley Bread.

Bong Bbang or Bong Bread is made from makkeoli (Korean traditional rice wine) and it's become master Pal Bong's trade mark.
Corn and Barley Bread is Kim Tak Goo's first bread. Both kind of breads are sold in Paris Baguette Bakeries around the country.

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette

Below is a dose of Jeon Kwang Ryeol's photos, special delivery for my fellow hubber Maria. I hope you'll like it girl ^_^


Lin Lin from New Jersey, USA on July 02, 2012:

This drama is currently airing in NJ, US. A very good drama. I love it from the beginning. Yoon Shi Yoon becomes a star overnight for playing Takgu and I can see why. No wonder the rating went over 50% in S. Korea.

jomar on March 12, 2012:

i love watching this.....hope that there will be a new season of it.......

meow48 from usa on February 18, 2012:

thankyou for writing this. i think i accidently deleted my first comment, so if this is redundant, deny it. loved this drama, attesting the box of tissues i used when i watched it. love overcomes hate with forgiveness as the key, those who were willing to forgive and accept forgiveness were saved from themselves, those who were unable, were left in misery. really liked this hub. take care

lynell on August 28, 2011:

thank you very much for the overflowing information about this korean drama. it gave me a very huge help for our project which is role playing... i love baker king very much too.... that's why i chose this one for our Drama ^^

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on May 06, 2011:

@Windmillguy, his real name is Park Sung Woong and his character is Jo Jin Goo.

WiNDMILL GUY on April 28, 2011:

what is the boy with a windmill tattoo ? what is his name.

leo udtohan on March 29, 2011:

nice koreanovela... :)

Emma from Houston TX on March 10, 2011:

Nice article and thanks for sharing.

hanski on March 08, 2011:

@febrie, maria: sorry. it was a false report...baker king casts did not arrive in manila. =(

hanski on February 24, 2011:

@febrie: yeah me too, i worry over my tummy. coz apart from bread i like pasta too. guess we can just have a work out ... ;-) thanks for responding...:-) im now about to watch ep 26-30

hanski on February 22, 2011:

@maria, febrie: baker king is coming to manila on march 3!

soneblom from South Africa on February 21, 2011:

Ur most welcome febriedethan :-) Have a great week ahead!

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on February 20, 2011:

Hi webguyonline, thank you for visiting, I love Tak Goo too and it was a huge phenomenal when it aired in my country too.

@ Maria, hahaha..yes, those photos were special delivery, just for u :) and somehow I think that Korean moms or mother-in-laws, are really scarry and powerful. I think most of K-dramas are influenced by the roles of those Moms, aren't they? No drama without the Moms.

@ Soneblom, mel, Thank you guys :)

@ Ingenira, that line is also my favorite too. I hope that Paris Baguette will open their store in South East Asia. Green tea latte..hmm sound yummy..I love latte.

@ Hanski,'re really had a great time in commenting :) thank you so much...

Well, for sons, I think most of Eastern's traditions are the same. In my country, sons are also very expected, because they will continue the family's name and heritages. But not that desperate.

Chaebol seems similar, they're really desperate for sons as their heir, cause usually most big business groups in Korea are belong to a family, they won't let their wealth go to anybody else. It's different with business groups in Japan that belong to a consortium.

Even if we'd like to kick Manager Han's ass, he received so much love from Korean fans, even during the shoots. I saw a special program of Baker King and Han were surrounded by girls who asked for his signature. The writer is really genius and she got an award for Baker King.

You know, everytime I have some breads, I remember Tak Goo, and I visit Bread stores more often now, it's getting woorisome...specially for tummy and butt. Just imagine, spent hours in writing the K-drama hub with breads in a's woorisome hahaha..

@ Maria, you won't believe what I got, if I typed Korean mom or Korean mother in law in Google, wow..the moms are powerful in controlling their families.

Thank you for the comments everybody!

hanski on February 20, 2011:

maria: hahaha! hahaha! me too, i've been frequenting bread talk, delifrance and french baker for a time now. hope i wont get a big tummy for all the bread i eat!

on shin yu kyung, yes i was sort of saying :"don't, don't, don't do that" --and i think what ma jun did against her during their honeymoon was sort of a 'punishment' for her...

what's really good with korean drama like this, is the life lessons you get from them. you're right, that's the good effect we get from korean dramas and their sense of "family."

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on February 19, 2011:

Ingenira I love that part too, and thinking of applying it to my principles in life, I know that won't be easy but at least watching KOrean drama has good effect that way.

Hanski, I especially dislike the Shin Yukung when she decided to be with Majun because she just want to return, but you know I did not expect that they will end up with different partners. I like the character of the young Mi sun, and the man with the windmill tatoo

Hnaski because of baker king I went to my favorite Bread Talk and think of the shape of Cheese floss as the barley rice bread

hanski on February 19, 2011:

yehey! (finally, i can comment)

febrie, you've got a nice hub here. it's still airing here in manila. you got it right about korean tradition about having a son and that's all important to korean families especially to those belonging in the chaebol. personally, i think that the one who should be blamed is the grandmother. if she had a different perspective in life it wouldn't have been difficult for insook. i pity in sook here because she really loves her husband, the president, who could never love her in return. i also pity ma jun's real father here because of insook's ambition, she used him to the hilt. though i really wanted to kick this manager's ass every time he thinks of ways to get rid of tak gu.

i was also irritated at tak gu at first, i was hoping the writer of this drama did not characterize him that way. the fact is, he's supposed to be street smart so a little shrewdness and tact would have been a good match against a cunning mind of ma-jun.

but i was amazed at how the writer built up the characters of ma-jun and shin yu kyung. theirs is a "rocky" relationship. so rocky, i find myself talking to the TV screen, "jerk,jerk, jerk!" (vs ma-jun). i kind of anticipated how the love story structure would end. its just that i think korean dramas always go for the love "quadruple" (not triangle). it was kind of predictable but it had 'twists' to it that's why i like it, it wasn't boring.

oh well, my real motivation in watching baker king was because i like to bake. just watching how tak gu learned and made bread was really adorable! i really, really want to become a serious baker this time. thanks to this show i am really impressed and got inspired to bake more and more! hahaha! =)

Ingenira on February 18, 2011:

I love this part, simply awesome:

"Because I need to live. While I'm alive, nothing is over. Just because today was good, my life is not over. And just because today was bad, my life is not over either. Good things and bad things..they all go away."

I followed most parts of this story and you are right, it's a catchy story. I like the ending.

BTW, I have been to the Paris Baguette in photo above a few times when I was in Korea recently. I love the coffee and especially green tea latte from this shop. The bakeries were superb too !

mel on February 18, 2011:

i really love korean drama..especially this..

i want to meet kim tak goo..i love hin a lot

soneblom from South Africa on February 17, 2011:

Ineresting hub

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on February 16, 2011:

FEbrie what a nice hub so fast of you to do this. thanks for putting tak goo's father in a spotlight,I laughed when I saw the photos and with the special mention of me.. I agree with you on that first son, korean tradition,and tak goos grandma was really a strong character, do you remember her scene with Takgu's mother, she said "if your parents did not die just like, you and II Jung will have an everlasting love" you see because the parents died bankcrupt of poor, she did not push through with supposed marriage of II jung to Kim Mi sun...and she regretted it. all tak gu's scene with his father are my favorite

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