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Bad Girls Club: A In Depth Look at the Cancelled Reality Show

Season 17 Cast Members


The Bad Girls Club TV show was a reality television series that aired on Oxygen cable network. The show producers were also responsible for the real world television program which aired on the MTV cable network.

Since the show first appearance on Oxygen, fans have become truly loyal to the franchise and it's many memorable cast members.

The Show Theme

The theme of the show is based upon seven cast members that considered themselves self proclaimed bad girls. The young women are selected to live in a house together for a few months. Many of the show cast members are self proclaimed parties girls who love to live their lives on the edge.

The show is most infamous for its many brutal fights which aired on Oxygen cable network for seventeen years. The original cast were often replaced due to physical violence. It is a show that didn't start that way.

The show first season was centered around women changing their party girl ways to become more successful business women in the reality world. Tanisha, a cast member from season two is a shining example of a reality TV star turned business woman. She has hosted many reunion shows of the Bad Girls Club for the Oxygen cable network. Tanisha is also a iconic bad girl from the reality series. She is best known for her pot banging funny moments and over the top personality.

Physical Fights

The physical fights of the bad girls club is one for the record books. Who could imagine putting seven women in a mansion together would result in so much physical violence.

Fans are addicted to the fights which are pretty shocking to watch. Some of the worst fights include season six. A cast member named Ashley King received a brutal black eye from her fellow cast member Kori. The brutal and shocking fight is one the most memorable in Bad Girls Club history along with season nine fight with iconic cast member Meghan James who beat up two cast members at the same time from her season. The fight was so brutal, blood was left all over the floor along with broken glass. Cast member Falen received a busted nose and a brutal black eye.

The Show Emotional Moments

Bad Girls Club wasn't all about fighting. There were many emotional moments where you got to see the women more sensitive side.

We all have times when we break down. Over the past seventeen years many cast members have become emotional while living in a house with other self proclaimed bad girls.


The Bad Girls Club certainly have dominated Oxygen cable network along with social media for more than a decade now. Its pretty hard to believe that the iconic show has come to an end. The show has had over one hundred classic fights which is really unbelievable as well.

What do you love about the Bad Girls Club? Are you a fan or not? Have you seen the show before? Let me know in the comments section below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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