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Backtrace (2018) ‘Movie that gives you headache’


Backtrace is a movie directed by Brian A. Miller, written by Mike Maples, starring Sylvester Stallone, Ryan Guzman, Meadow Williams, Christopher McDonald.

Stallone's less than an hour of acting doesnt‘t really make up for dull story and poor cinematography.

What could be path to interesting plot turns into one hour and thirty minutes of waste of time, what's more sad is that it is actually predictable since first minute!



MacDonald (Matthew Modine) is a amnesiac bank robber put into psychiatric ward. During his evaluation, an suspicious inmate and a ward doctor help him break out of prison with a plan to inject him with serum in order to discover what happened with the money that was stolen, as well MacDonald's life from seven years ago.

Stallone is local detective on the case of discovering MacDonald's whereabouts after he escapes, in the end the major plot twist is that MacDonald was innocent all along.

Sykes (Stallone) decides to let him go even though it's part of his job to find and capture him once again, but seeing the truth with his own eyes makes him choose being human instead.

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Some kind of promising plot turns into worst movie possible, that explains why it was released as video on demand, movie wouldn't receive great support in cinema; one thing is sure, people would throw popcorns at the screen.

Movie gives one serious headache because of lack of ideas for screenplay, Stallone is supposed to be main character but his only purpose is to appear every twenty minutes and search for missing criminal who happens to be innocent person.

Stallone and Modine still show great acting ability, reaching the maximum that story needs.

Backtrace has lack of idea, lack of personality, it is a movie where great actors come to die, along with the plot!

Ending is promising, small plot twist and logical resolution for characters that deserve justice and being far away from police.

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