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Back to Those Ballads Which Have You Swooning With the Crooning; Country Music Ballads of the 80's & 90's

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.


The good ole' Country Music Ballad

On Saturday nights, somewhere in America, somewhere in the world, you can find a radio program hosted by Rowdy Yates, 'The Original Country Gold'.

Mr. Rowdy Yates plays a lot of the type of music that you have heard throughout this series; the type that I plan on continuing to share.

There have been songs played that I have completely forgotten about, I'll hear them on his radio show and will be instantly transported to another place, another time.

Memories flood back of old neighborhoods, wondering what became of old friends, a family vacation, a reunion, summer camp, time spent with my Grandparents....

Hopefully, you can find the provider in your area and tune in on Saturday nights.

I will be there...listening right along with you. It has become somewhat of a tradition for me and for my husband, by default.

I've included a clip from 'Country Road TV', as well, that, along with YouTube, are, also, great avenues for listening to so many of these outstanding Country music artists, with such memorable songs, from over the years.

One such song which I could never forget about, I've just failed to include it before now, is another by Earl Thomas Conley.

Who am I kidding there are too many songs to number, that I've failed to include before now, but I am going to do my best to include as many of them as is possible.

It was mentioned early on, how much I love the voice of Earl Thomas Conley, another great one who, sadly, is no longer with us here on this earth.

I started out this series with him and in getting back to this, after a couple of years hiatus, hard to believe...I am starting out with him again and including two selections.

I couldn't settle on just one and while that was an early goal of mine, when I started this series, it, along with other goals, are out the window at this point, lucky for you!

Hal Ketchum passed away not so long ago and I just came across this song, on 'Country Roads'. It's one of those beautiful songs, which needs to be shared, again and again and that voice of his - I've said it before, I will say it...again and again, as well -

Smooth like butter

Since I have shared 'Stay Forever' before, I am adding another Hal Ketchum song; and while it has a more up tempo beat than a lot of the songs I've shared; for me, it's a ballad.

It's captivating, it's haunting, all at once and it brings you in, with all of the special traits and characteristics, that a great ballad offers!

These gentlemen make it look so easy and so very effortless; vocal gymnastics and theatrics aren't required and as far as I am concerned, would take away from these profound, oftentimes heart-wrenching, lyrics:

'I Can't Win For Losing You', by Earl Thomas Conley

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'Holding Her, Loving You', by Earl Thomas Conley

'Stay Forever', by Hal Ketchum

'Past the Point of Rescue', by Hal Ketchum

Can't Win For Losing You

Holding Her, Loving You

Stay Forever

Past The Point Of Rescue

Swooning From All of this Crooning Yet?

As much as I love me some twang and some heartache and some of that pulling of the old heartstrings by so many of these great artists with solo careers, I've got to give the bands some praise!

I've included a few along the way, but there are more than a few that need sharing.

Credit where credit is due, these guys can croon and have me swoon, with the best of them -

Let's hear it for the band!

I am including two incredible songs by Restless Heart, both were released during the 1980's and I still hear them from time to time on country radio.

Oh be still my heart

And if these Country crooners don't have you swooning yet, doubtful, but turning it up a notch with a true treasure and a huge hit by Lonestar, I'm sure you have heard it before:

'The Bluest Eyes in Texas', by Restless Heart

'I'll Still Be Loving You', by Restless Heart

'Amazed', by LoneStar

(*it was brought to my attention that 'Amazed' was already included in an earlier segment. In looking back, to see if I've repeated any other songs...I have, but seriously, some songs are worth it, right?)

The Bluest Eyes in Texas

I'll Still Be Loving You


Taking it to Church and Taking it Home

Not quite ready to wrap up the band and take this one home yet.

Shenandoah, like Restless Heart & Lonestar, were also busy turning out the hits, I love their soulful, soothing, sound, especially coming from the pipes of their one time lead singer, Marty Raybon.

Sharing a couple of my favorites by them.

It seems that there's always one more 'moon song' and I seem them all!

Shenandoah takes us from under the moon in Georgia, straight to church and another sacred Sunday in the south, taking this article and us on out of here and on home, until the next time:

'Moon Over Georgia', by Shenandoah

'Sunday in the South, by Shenandoah

Moon Over Georgia

Sunday in the South

© 2022 A B Williams

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