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BTS The Brand

Ayesha Khan is a chemical engineer by profession. She loves traveling, solitude, reading books, and writing & also a BTS fan.

BTS is not unknown to the world. They have achieved many things at a young age from Billboard to UNGA. They literally can turn anything into gold only by touching them.

BTS is the Korean national brand ambassador. Along with the Korean brand ambassador, they are also endorsing international brands as global models. They have many brands in their hand from clothing to credit cards, from water purifiers to beer, from chewing gum to ice cream, etc. In short, BTS has covered every area related to human needs.

BTS Being Brand Ambassador:

Here is the list of the group which are working and which has worked with BTS.


1. Louis Vuitton: In April 2021, Louis Vuitton revealed BTS as their new house brand ambassador. On July 7, 2021, BTS was part of Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh men's Fall-Winter 2021 collection showcased in Seoul.

2. Jamie Wander: In June 2021, Korean brand Jamie Wander announced a collaboration with BTS. The collaboration included minimal bags, eco-bags, keyrings, luggage charms & leather stickers based on Dynamite. (BTS first English Single).

3. FILA: Fila has revealed BTS as a global model in 2019, their endorsement is not only for the Korean region but these will be shared in the America, Europe, and Asia region.

4. PUMA: BTS also worked with PUMA as a brand from October 2015 to July 2019.

5. SKECHERS: BTS character brand BT21 created by Line friends and Universtar Crew collaborated with the Skechers. In October 2019, Skechers launched a retro sneaker design in BTS's BT21 character style that is cushioned with comfort, and fun.

6. REEBOK: In 2018, BTS character brand BT21 also collaborated with Reebok and launched the limited edition of the sneakers.


1. Mc Donald: In April 2021, McDonald announced their short-term collaboration with BTS in from of Mcdonald's BTS Meal which includes the nugget, medium coke & fries, sweet chili &cajun sauce. It is active from April 2021 to June 2021.

2. KLOUD BEER: On April 16, 2021, Lotte Chilsung announced a collaboration with BTS introducing Kloud Beer. Lotte is a multinational conglomerate corporation.

3. Coca-Cola: BTS is the brand ambassador of coca-cola since 2018. In 2021 Coca Cola Indonesia released a 60-sec ad containing a background song from the vocal line consisting of Jungkook, V, Jimin, and Jin covering the X Ambassador 2014 hit Jungle. This 60-second ad will roll out in countries across the Asia-Pacific region throughout 2021.

4. Babinski Cold Brew Coffee: BTS became the brand ambassador of Babinski cold brew coffee in 2018 and still they are their brand ambassador. The famous espresso brand chose to collaborate with BTS on account of the group's artistry and universality in music.

“Cold Brew and BTS are similar in that they’ve both broken the standards and have paved the way in popular new trends."

- Cold Brew By Babinski

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5. Lemona: Lemona is a multi-vitamins produced by the South Korean company that has revealed BTS as their official collaborator in 2019. Lemona is a vitamin powder that boosts the immune system.

6. LOTTE Xylitol: BTS participated in the ‘Smile to Smile’ project with Lotte’s global brand XYLITOL. Xylitol is a product that aims to achieve satisfaction in ridding people of cavities and filling mouths with smiles. BTS was chosen by LOTTE XYLITOL in May 2021. LOTTE also released a smile special movie starring BTS.


1. Tamagotchi: BTS character BT21 collaborated with Tamagotchi US. Tamagotchi is a name for the Japanese egg it is a pet toy game. On August 25, 2021; the BT21 Tamagotchi went on pre-sale for a limited time via Line Friends Korea and Line Friends Global.

2. Maple Story: Maple Story is a 2D game which is developed by South Korean game company Wizet. BTS and Maple's story collaborated in 2020.

3. Rhythm Hive: Rhythm Hive is a rhythm game allowing users all around the world to play and enjoy together in real-time. Choose the part of your favorite member to focus on playing while collecting cards with a variety of themes. Rhythm hive collaborated with BTS in February 2021.

4. Puzzle Star BT21: In November 2018 Line Freinds release the puzzle game with BT21 for android and iPhone users.


1. Samsung: In 2020, Samsung choose the BTS as their brand ambassador. In August 2021, Suga of BTS remixed Samsung's conventional tone ''Over the Horizon'' into his own version. Samsung also released the Galaxy Unpacked "Galaxy Z Fold 3.''

2. Coway: South Korean home appliance company Coway choose BTS as their brand ambassador in March 2021.

3. Body Freind: In 2020, Bodyfreind started a health campaign and special collaboration with BTS featuring the BTS Black Swan massage chair limited version.

4. Hyundai: In 2018, Hyundai choose BTS as Global Model. In 2020, BTS released the music video "I m On It'' song with the Hyundai. In 2021, BTS is supporting Hyundai in creating a carbon-free environment and world for the next generations.

5. Formula- E: On December 19th, 2019, ABB Formula E announced that BTS will be the global brand ambassador of the 2020 ABB FIA Formula E Championship On March 19, 2021, it was announced that The Formula E Championship Seoul E-Prix will be held in Korea in May 2022, originally set for 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. BTS will participate as ambassadors.

6. Tokopedia: Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company specializing in e-commerce. In January 2021 Tokopedia announced BTS as their collaboration partner and spokesperson for the new year content.

7. Live Smart: On January 18, 2021; Smart Communications revealed its collaboration with BTS. Smart Communications, Inc. commonly referred to as Smart, is a wholly-owned wireless communication and digital services subsidiary of PLDT, a telecommunications and digital services provider based in the Philippines. ''BTS urges the Filipino youth to live the life with passions and keep pursuing your passions.''


1. MEDIHEAL: Mediheal chooses BTS as their face of skincare in December 2017. And still, BTS is their brand ambassador. MEDIHEAL is a South Korean skincare company.

2. VT Cosmetics: In 2017, VT Cosmetic choose BTS as their brand ambassador. VT Cosmetic also launches skincare with BTS.

3. MTPR LENS: MTPR is an eye lens company. It collaborated with BTS in 2019 and released the "Boy With Luv'', ''IDOL'', and ''DNA'' collection lens.


1. Shinhan Cards: Since 2017, BTS is their brand ambassador. In September 2021, Weverse and Shinhan Card announced their collaboration to launch a private label credit card (PLCC) and debit card with exclusive card designs for HYBE Label artists (HYBE is a label that deals in YG groups merchandise). Both cards offer benefits and a reward system for cardholders who purchase items from Weverse Shop. BTS’s card design theme is “Written in the Stars”, quoting: “ARMY, our seven stars written in countless stars, connected to them.” Accessories, such as a BTS-themed card wallet and smartphone holder were released on Weverse Shop in celebration of the Weverse x Shinhan Card collaboration.

2. Kookmin Bank: BTS was also an ambassador of the Kookmin Bank since March 2018, their contract with Kookmin Bank ended in August 2021.

3. LOTTE DUTY-FREE: In November 2017, South Korea's top duty-free operator, Lotte Duty-Free, announced that BTS would be their new model. In August 2021 Lotte announced the initial release date for their new sitcom ‘Friends Must Fly Out’ starring BTS.

4. Seoul Tourism Ambassador: In, 2017 Seoul tourism chose BTS as Honorary Tourism Ambassador for Seoul. In 2021, BTS released the campaign's slogan ''Your Seoul Goes On". without stopping even during pandemics.

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