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BTS RM: The Story of a True Leader

What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.


Facts About RM

RM is the first and only original member of BTS, a South Korean Kpop group consisting of seven members that took over the world. BTS has been formed since 2010 but only debuted in 2013 due to the constant change of group members. He's the leader and spokesperson of BTS, as he normally introduces himself to the public, and indeed he always lives up to the expectations which is one of the many reasons why BTS is the biggest success story in the KPop industry.

He is one of the three main rappers in the group and initially, he used Rap Monster as his stage name when he was an idol trainee. Later on, he opted to stick to RM, explaining that he found himself in a love and hate relationship with his name because it didn't feel like it was chosen to be of "incredible value" to him. Furthermore, RM could stand for anything but "Real Me" is the closest possible meaning.

Stage name aside, and long before BTS group was created, RM was born as Kim Nam-joon on September 12, 1994 in Ilsan-gu, South Korea. His family includes his mom, dad and a younger sister who's the same age as Jungkook. When he was once asked if he will introduce JK to his sister, he instantly said he won't (such a protective brother).

He studied in Apgujeong High School and was in the top 1% ranking. He also has a high IQ of 148 and scored 900 when he took TOEIC (The Test of English for International Communication). He was an electronic engineering major in Global Cyber University and he also lived and studied in New Zealand for six months.

RM's Career Journey

Our BTS leader's career journey didn't go smoothly when he started. He auditioned for Big Deal records in 2009 and got in during the first round but blacked out during the second time, forgetting the lyrics and failing the audition. A rapper named Sleepy exchanged numbers with RM but it was in 2010 when he contacted him to audition for CEO Bang Si-hyuk of Big Hit Entertainment. Bang recognized RM's abilities so he gave him a spot at the record label, which RM accepted in a heartbeat even without his parents' consent. Bang's interaction with RM inspired him to create a hip hop group which later turned into a septet boyband called BTS. BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan or "Bulletproof Boy Scouts" as translated in english.

For three years, RM trained with his BTS members, Suga and J-Hope who are also rappers but during this period, he worked as a songwriter for KPop girl group named Glam, who was also created by Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music.

In 2013, BTS made their debut with RM's important role as their leader, a very smart decision made by Bang for the sole reason that he was born to lead.

RM's qualities as a good leader are very evident. Aside from the fact that he's the original member, he never gave up despite other members who got demotivated and tried to back off from the group. The company wasn't financially stable at that time.

From then and now, with RM leading BTS, he's the main songwriter & decision-maker so he works as an intelligence force. Most importantly, he is the only BTS member who's fluent in english which makes him the spokesperson, though the rest of the members have also shown improvement in speaking the universal language.

What I Think About RM's Solo Tracks

Trivia: Love - this song is a masterpiece. RM's a poet and a songwriter who pours his heart out to express himself. The song explains how live and love are connected and only has a difference of one letter.

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Reflection - I tried my best not to cry but this song is really painful. Its english translation for verse 2 says, "The world is just another name for despair. My height is just another diameter for the earth. I am all of my joy and anxiety. It repeats everyday, the love and hate directed to me." Then, it repeats "I wish I could love myself" for like eight times. It pains me to hear a successful artist who experiences struggle behind the happy facade but this is why he is very remarkable. Despite the downside of life, he keeps moving on.

Trivia: Love


Other Interesting Things About RM

I've only started getting to know BTS a month ago because I was smitten by Jungkook and his ability to be good at everything he does. He is obviously my bias but the rest of the members just grew on me as I tried to catch up with what I have missed since their debut in 2013. I think that's six BTS years!

Anyway, I think every single member of BTS is interesting and below are my observations about RM.

  1. Unless I missed anything, I think I have watched all of their summer escapades in Dubai, Kota Kinabalu and Palawan. On all of these summer packages, RM consistently looked for baby crabs and he showed such genuine happiness every time he sees them, petting them as if they were actually his pets.
  2. Another thing that I find so interesting about RM is his reputation as a "God of Destruction" or "The Destroyer." I never knew a person who consistently breaks things actually exists but as I watched a lot of BTS reality shows, it's amusing how he breaks things so easily whether it's a doorknob, a hosepipe, sunglasses, studio props during their video shoot or a gift from A.R.M.Y. He must feel bad about it while viewers actually find it funny. I know, it's weird.
  3. I love how he has evolved from an awkward dancer to a good one. He really has improved a lot from their American Hustle reality TV show to the present time. I don't see any trace of awkwardness on any of his dance performances. In fact, I would've never known that he wasn't a dancer before if I hadn't watched the BTS reality shows and concerts during their early times.This also goes to Suga and Jin. I honestly never knew that not all of BTS were natural dancers until I saw their videos from maybe five or six years ago.
  4. Lastly, he cracks me up every time he tries to sing Jin's Epiphany. I know it's addictive and the BTS members are all in a trance whenever Jin is performing this solo track or there would be times when they would suddenly sing it but RM is the funniest when he tries to mimic Jin's emotions.

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