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BTS Live at Wembley Stadium:My Experience

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A Night to Remember...

Let me be honest, it is impossible to not know who BTS are. No matter what style of music you listen to or where you live. If you ever wondered what a live show is like, have no fear. I attended the London leg at the legendary Wembley stadium as part of the "Love Yourself World Tour" and will re-live the experience with you right now. Still here? Let's do it!



Venue and Tour

Having a show in the United Kingdom in London is impressive, fair enough. Back to back sold out shows at the Wembley though? We need to investigate. To give you some context, here is a list of the previous performers to do that. Sir Elton John, Queen, Beyoncé, Adele and Ed Sheeran to name a few. Not bad company to keep considering the capacity is 90,000 and BTS are the first Korean act to achieve this. The seven Bangtan boys were not here to play around. Given all the above, I purchased my ticket and counted down the days until 1 June 2019 while also having only BTS songs in my playlist.

Members of the fandom or "Army" were waiting patiently for the London shows. This of course was because the "Love Yourself" world tour was one of the highest selling tours of the year, featuring 42 shows with over 1 million tickets sold. Translation: There was a lot of ground to cover, but the boys were ready to show love to the fans and deliver. Which they did...

Performance and Crowd Interaction

Let me set the scene. It is a clear afternoon in London, the venue is filling up with only 30 minutes left until show time. There is no opening act, only a continuous montage of all their music videos on the big stage screen to hype the crowd up. As each minute passes the energy starts building, the crowd starts to sing along and then...all the music stop and the lights cut. In a split second, the lights are back and the 7 members all appear greeted with non stop screaming and applause. At this moment I knew, I was about to witness something special. They opened the show with "Dionysus" which is an absolute show stopper to set the tempo of the night. After this performance they members introduced themselves one by one and each delivered a special message. All in English to show their respect and appreciation to fans.

The most unique aspect of the show is how the set list is structured. All the essential songs are performed as a group, but each member also performs a solo in between to showcase their individual talents and ability. An example being RM and Suga who perform a rap song, while V does the ballad "Euphoria" and Jimin showcasing his dance skill. This was well received by fans throughout the stadium as it was so unsuspecting and a big surprise. Their vocals are impressive live, you would think there is a backtrack playing, but it is pure natural singing. That coupled with perfectly synchronised choreography and hyping up the crowd makes for an unforgettable experience. Side note, the staff always place bottles of water at the edge of the stage for the members to drink, but they end up throwing it out into the crowd who love the interaction and energy. Who would not love to say Jungkook and J-Hope threw water at me? Spoiler alert: Everyone at the stadium wanted that.

Performance of "Fake Love"

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Set List

  1. "Dionysus"
  2. "Not Today"
  3. "Outro: Wings"
  4. "Trivia: Just Dance"
  5. "Euphoria"
  6. "Best of Me"
  7. "Serendipity"
  8. "Trivia: Love"
  9. "Boy With Luv"
  10. "Dope"
  11. "Silver Spoon"
  12. "Fire"
  13. "Idol"
  14. "Singularity"
  15. "Fake Love" (Rocking Vibe Remix)
  16. "Trivia: Seesaw"
  17. "Epiphany"
  18. "The Truth Untold"
  19. "Outro: Tear"
  20. "Mic Drop"


  1. "Anpanman"
  2. "So What"
  3. "Make It Right"
  4. "Mikrokosmos"

Highlights and Best Moments

With so much talent and so many show stopping performances, I will try to choose my top three. Firstly, this has to be when the group performed the single "IDOL". If you are a fan, you can only imagine how the stadium erupted when the background music started. The energy, the lyrics and choreography took over everyone present and I will never forget that moment myself. Secondly, this came at the end of the show when each member expressed how grateful they were to the fans and for all the support they have shown over the years. RM (The leader) expressed how the United Kingdom was the last wall they wanted to overcome and they were truly humbled to have achieved it. Lastly would have to the encore performance, this showed more of the groups early music and energy and reminded everyone that they were just a group of friends who wanted to follow their dreams. Which is all of us if you think about it. Honourable mention, this was Jin performing the signature Freddie Mercury chant, "Aaayyyooo" together with the crowd as when Queen themselves performed at the Wembley.

Performance of "IDOL"

The Future?

The question on everyone's mind, what next after a pioneering world wide tour? I have good news for you Army. BTS will soon re-lease the upcoming movie, "BTS:Bring the Soul", a biopic look at the group, interviews with the members and their future aspirations and plans. Here we will be able to get a first hand look at what we can expect and personally, I can't wait for what is to come. What will I do until then you ask? It's easy people, go back to trying to learn the choreography for the "IDOL" music video. Emphasis on trying...

BTS:Bring The Soul Trailer

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