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BTS (Bangtan Boys) Demian Theory

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BTS members - V, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook and RM.

BTS members - V, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook and RM.


Bangtan Boys, or commonly known as BTS, is a boy band from South Korea formed by Big Hit Entertainment. BTS consists of seven members: Jin (Kim SeokJin), Suga (Min YoonGi), J-Hope (Jung HoSeok), RM (Kim NamJoon), Jimin (Park JiMin), V (Kim TaeHyung) and Jungkook (Jeon JeongGuk). They debuted on June 13th 2013 and until today, they have recorded many successful albums, both Korean and Japanese, alongside several mini-albums.

Besides their great songs and lyrics, they made an even larger impact with their music videos which tell a complex story, that the A.R.M.Y (official name for their fans) have to figure out using numeral hints and clues left in the videos.

There are numerous theories, but the BTS members have never confirmed anything. Here is my theory which will be connecting almost all of the previous MVs together, and I will draw a lot of references from books, especially "Demian" from Hermann Hesse, which might have been used for these MVs, or books which were hinted on inside of the MVs.

I will divide my theory into 3 parts according to the eras in BTS' music. The first part will feature the MVs before the song "I Need U" came out. The second part will start with the song "I Need U", and will feature the MVs from the album "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life" ("Hwayang-yeonhwa" or "HYYH") ending with the song "Young Forever". The third and last part will contain the Short Films. The other MVs will be explained in my second theory Omelas, which is a continuation of this theory.

Even though the MVs are divided into groups, they are still connected and it's hard to draw the line. Some of them happen simultaneously, or are intertwined, so it's hard to say that one MV happened before another one. I will point these things out in the text when we come to that. All of the scenes which I refer to can be seen in the videos bellow.


With the help of our ARMY friend, we were able to make the first BTS series which will be based off my Demian and Omelas theories and follow the story of BTS as explained by the theories. We made 4 episodes in total, but we may make more as new content comes out. You can watch them on our YouTube channel BTS CINEMATIX. I hope that you will check it out! :D

BTS Series Episode 1

Part I: Dark & Wild

The first part of my theory centers around the MVs in which the BTS members are mischievous, wild and delinquent-like.

No More Dream

First we will start with their debut MV "No More Dream". Here they show us their delinquent-like behavior. They are breaking, throwing, destroying things and vandalizing. In the official video, at the end of the song, a police helicopter appears, showing us that their behavior has indeed crossed the line of that of exemplary children. In the Japanese version they also show us their misbehaving and they are vandalizing the building they are in: using spray bottles, throwing the books... They even head into the section which was secured with police tapes with "caution" written on them. Moreover, they were hiding from someone, possibly a security guard or a police officer. And if you look closely at the building after they exit, you can see that it resembles a prison, or a similar facility, because of the fence with the wires. It's like they are escaping from somewhere. But from what?

"No More Dream" Korean and Japanese Version


This MV will give us the answer to the question above. Here, BTS shows us how the system works. It's all about manipulation and control, and you have no free will, or your own opinion. You have no rights to say anything, or act on your own as symbolized with the red pill, and the way they are educated (they are not allowed to look in any other direction). That is why they started to rebel. They stood up to the system and refused to be a part of that "machine". So, that may be what the boys are escaping from and why they are behaving like that.

Moreover, the scene where they go down the huge white stairs symbolizes their leaving of that machine. Note that the stairs look like they are leading to heaven, and everything is white with violin players everywhere. But, that is a fraud. This is just what the system makes us believe. The reality is different.

After that, you have a scene where the guards are trying to retrieve the runaways - it's like a fight between a wild animal and a hunter. They tried to "capture" them, and return them to the system, but they failed. Thus, the BTS members became like we know them in "No More Dream".

"N.O" Music Video

Boy In Luv

Here, we can once again see the boys' mischievous behavior - throwing chairs, disturbing and upsetting the girl - though it is not as bad as in the first two MVs. But, from here on out, things are slowly starting to change. That is, if you look closely enough, you will be able to notice little signs which indicate that something bad is about to happen - something that will change their lives.

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First, there is the empty desk at the beginning of the MV. There is nothing really special about a single desk, right? But, on the desk is a vase with withered roses. And throughout this whole era (the first part of the theory), there is only one person who is always holding a rose while singing - Jin (I will point out these scenes later). This is one of the first hints about what is about to happen in the second era (the second part of the theory).

The vase with withered roses on the desk.

The vase with withered roses on the desk.

Another one is the drawing of a scorpion that appeared in two of the already mentioned MVs - "Boy In Luv" Japanese version and "No More Dream" Japanese version.

Drawing of the Scorpion in "No More Dream" Japanese version and "Boy In Luv" Japanese version.

Drawing of the Scorpion in "No More Dream" Japanese version and "Boy In Luv" Japanese version.

The scorpion symbolizes a lot of things, but there is one noteworthy and that is the symbol of death. Death symbolism comes into play in Greco-Roman mythology where Artemis (Diana) used the Scorpion to sting Orion's foot, which caused his death. Afterwards, Zeus (Jupiter) made the Scorpion a zodiac sign among the stars.

Another thing is that the scorpion is associated with the Sun, and ancient writings depict Scorpion-men guarding (protecting) sacred gateways leading to enlightenment. All these signs indicate that something bad is about to happen to Jin.

Also, there is one more scene with Jin in the MV "No More Dream" Japanese version where the light suddenly starts to flicker after the short-circuit (1:00 min in the MV). This further supports my claim that something bad is about to happen.

"Boy In Luv" Music Video

Just One Day

Another MV which shows us that things are slowly, but surely changing is "Just One Day". We can no longer see the boys' misbehaving. Instead of that, this MV is full of little signs which hint towards the changes and happenings in the future. First of all, we have the huge clock which is shown on the wall behind the BTS members. This clock represents the facts that their time is running out, that something bad is about to happen, but we still don't know what. The missing hour-hands show us that we don't know how much time they still have left before it happens.

At some point in the video, Jimin uses his hand to replace one hour-hand, but he is going counterclockwise. This is very important, since it shows us that Jimin wants to turn back time. This can also mean that the future happening affected them so much and left deep scars on them. Now they just wish to go back to these peaceful days, just one more day, which would connect the whole story to the name of the song. But, in the facial expression version, we can see that he gave up (3:03), meaning that time cannot be turned back and things cannot change anymore.

Jimin using his hand to replace one hour-hand at 2:34.

Jimin using his hand to replace one hour-hand at 2:34.

Another sign is a butterfly, which will keep appearing throughout almost all of the later MVs, and become one of the major symbols that BTS uses. In this scene, we can see Jungkook and a shadow of a butterfly flying away from his hand. Later we will talk about the symbolism of the butterfly and how it connects to the story.

Jungkook with the shadow of a butterfly at 1:00.

Jungkook with the shadow of a butterfly at 1:00.

The next important scene is the one with a silhouette which blows flower petals into the air. I believe that that is Jin's silhouette. Here in "Just One Day", Jin is the only person holding a rose during his solo. That is one more reason why I think that silhouette is Jin's. Also, remember what I wrote about Jin and the withered roses in "Boy In Luv".

Jin blowing away petals at 3:00.

Jin blowing away petals at 3:00.

In the dance version of this song, you can notice that everyone is dressed in white except Jin who is in black. Moreover, in the facial expression version, at the beginning of the video, you can see a person's silhouette inside of the clock, and at the end of the MV, that person leaves. This could represent the fact that someone's days are numbered, that is, that his time is running out. The person leaving symbolizes that the person will no longer be with the other BTS members. This can also be connected to the line RM says at the end of the song: "Can you please stay with me?".

"Just One Day" All Four MVs


This MV is where the theory finally starts. This is the point where everything changes, which leads to the second era / part of the theory. For the first time, the boys are not with each other. They are split and everyone is alone.

We have RM trying to write lyrics, Jungkook playing the piano, Suga playing basketball, J-Hope dancing, Jimin boxing, and V in front of the mirror looking at his long hair. But, we don't know what Jin is doing. They all look a bit sad, troubled and angry. What could have happened?

I believe that they all had a big fight. There is one scene where J-Hope takes out his phone and is disappointed. Maybe he was waiting for someone's message or call, but it never came. Everything is falling apart. That is why they let their frustration and anger out in various ways: RM makes a tattoo and we can see him screaming, Jungkook destroys the piano, Suga throws the ball around and breaks the window, J-Hope falls on the floor because he can't dance anymore, Jimin destroys the boxing bag, and V cuts his own hair.

But, what about Jin? We can see Jin holding a lighter and throwing it. Then, everything starts burning. This is a key moment I will talk about later as well. After that, we see Jin holding his head, obviously regretting what he did.

In the Japanese version, we can see the boys all together in one room. They have obviously made up, but we can see V looking at his phone. RM probably asked him whether there was a reply or a call, but V shook his head. Why would he wait for a reply if they all made up?

It's because they couldn't contact and make up with one of the members, and that is Jin. After the happening in "Danger", they were unable to contact him, and they are still waiting to hear from him. Because V thought that Jin was still angry at them, he went with the rest to a club, where they could, once again, let their frustration out with singing.

But, even then, V would occasionally look on his phone whether Jin sent anything or called. He even goes out for a few moments in order to try and contact Jin, but it is futile. Here we can see that V really regrets getting into the fight. Then, he bumps into a person. This is nothing special, but the writing on the person's back is what's interesting. It's written: "Too stupid to die".

The man with "Too stupid to die" written on his hoodie at 3:09.

The man with "Too stupid to die" written on his hoodie at 3:09.

Now, I will go back to the scene where Jin threw away the lighter and set the chairs on fire. I believe that Jin died. To be more specific, he committed suicide. I think that he had more problems than we could imagine, and the fight with the rest of the BTS members was just the straw that broke the camel. He was unable to bear it anymore, thus his suicidal behavior and the fire he started in "Danger".

Maybe you will wonder why I wrote something extreme like this, but it's further connected to the second part of the theory. Also, some may notice that Jin was also in the room with everyone else at the beginning of "Danger" Japanese version, so how can he be dead?

But, even if he was in the room, he was alone, and it is possible that the rest of the members can't see him. The same is the case in the second era as well. Here, for example, we have a scene where the boys are in the club and V is going outside. Along the way, he pushed Jin, as if he didn't see or recognize him. Also, everything Jin does in the club is either ignored, or no one notices.

Now, we can start with the second part of the theory.

"Danger" Korean and Japanese Version

Part II: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life

Now that we have concluded that Jin committed suicide, we will proceed with the second part of the theory which will prove the statement above. Before you start reading the second part, I would like to mention the theory "Jin is dead" from Justt Ally, which inspired my theory. I will briefly touch upon some of the things mention in the video and connect it to my own findings. Everything will be explained, so you would be able to understand even without having watched the video.

Justt Ally's theory "Jin is dead"

I Need U

This video deals with the boys' struggle after they found out that Jin died. At the start of this MV, we can see that the boys are split once again. The video is a mixture of the current reality and the boys' memories of their time together.

The remaining members are all coping with the situation in their own way. Some of them are acting suicidal: Suga is playing with the lighter, Jimin is in the bathtub and burns all of the precious photographs, and J-Hope is taking pills. The others are trying to evade or accept the fact that Jin is no longer with them: RM goes back to work, Jungkook is roaming the streets still in disbelief and trying to come to terms with it, and V is with his family.

Suga holding a lighter.

Suga holding a lighter.

The boys are holding everything in, they are trying to suppress their feeling of sadness, but the time comes when they can't hold it in anymore. Everything collapses and takes a turn for the worse.

Suga gets overwhelmed, and sets his room on fire. Jimin tried to drown himself, but he wasn't able to do it. J-Hope collapses due to the pills, and he regains consciousness after a while. I believe that RM started smoking after he found out about Jin's death (I will explain this later). He also gets disrespected by the customers at the gas station.

Jungkook bumps into a person and thus gets beaten up by those street thugs. Later he gets hit by a car, which will be relevant to the third part of the theory. V comes back home, but witnesses his sister being mistreated by his drunk father. Then, he does the unimaginable. He takes an empty bottle and hits his father. But he doesn't stop there. V then uses the broken bottle and stabs his father to death. All of this just shows us how Jin's death affected the boys and how their lives have changed.

On the other hand, we have Jin and the story from his perspective. He is dressed in white, in an isolated room far from his friends. Here, Jin is dead and on his way to the afterlife, but he has yet to grasp the situation. This is further connected to the white lily which blooms on Jin's shirt at the place where his heart is.

This means that the white lily has become a symbol of Jin and his death. The white lily is the flower most commonly associated with funeral services as they symbolize the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed. Christians think this flower symbolizes purity, virginity, and the radiance of the soul. It’s believed that the Virgin Mary’s tomb was covered in this flower.

The white lily which blooms on Jin's shirt.

The white lily which blooms on Jin's shirt.

After Jin looked through the window, he noticed that something was wrong. After the scenes of the boys' suffering, he realized what was going on. That is why we could see a tear on Jin's face, symbolizing his regret and sadness.

Also, there is a scene where Jin is holding 6 petals of the white lily flower, and places them on the floor. The six petals represent his six friends which he left behind after death. That is also why they start burning, symbolizing the fact that the boys are ruining their lives and have strayed from the right path.

The six petals burning.

The six petals burning.

But, things won't stay that way forever. The boys are trying to change and overcome Jin's death. That is why we can see J-Hope throwing the pills into the fire, and RM throwing his cigarette on the money.

The cigarette which RM drops at 4:55.

The cigarette which RM drops at 4:55.

This is also why I believe that RM started smoking after Jin's death. They couldn't show us the scene directly, thus they used a lollipop. But, it is clear as day that the lollipop, which RM threw, became a cigarette when it fell down.

"I Need U" Music Video

I Need U Japanese Version

This MV is intertwined with the happenings in the video above. They are connected and happen almost simultaneously. In the Japanese version, you can see the boys in a room full of flowers. Once again, the boys are separate.

We can see J-Hope in front of the mirror, and later, he is sitting on the floor which is covered with pills, and he even starts crying. This scene is very similar to the one in "I Need U" Korean version.

Then, we have Jimin in front of the bathtub which is filled with flowers and petals. He even takes out a petal of the white lily flower, which represents him mourning the death of Jin and his thought of drowning in the bathtub.

Next, we have Suga sitting beside a painting of the white lily flower, which later starts burning. This also symbolizes Jin's death. Later, we have a scene where Suga stands in front of the burning painting, and it looks like he is burning together with it. This can be connected to the scene in "I Need U" Korean version where Suga burns his room and stands in the middle of it all. But, it can also represent the fact how strongly Jin's death influenced him and left him scarred.

RM can be seen beside a mirror with a writing on it. "You need to survive" is written, just like in "Prologue" and "Reflection".

Then, we have Jungkook sitting, and later lying, in a bed of flowers. This is similar to the scene after Jungkook got beaten up in "I Need U" Korean version. Then, Jungkook starts crying and even sets the white lily he was holding on fire. Taking into account the fact that the flower represents Jin and his death, it is clear that Jungkook is crying because of that.

Lastly, we have V. He is seen sitting in a room surrounded with flowers. He is alone and depressed, and he looks into the empty space as if someone was supposed to be there, as if someone is missing. Later, we have a scene of him throwing six petals of the white lily flower. This can be connected to the scene where he killed his father. It could mean that after the murder, he grew distant.

Unlike the other members who can start anew, V committed a crime, so there is no turning back for him anymore.

Jin is shown waking up in a bed covered with white lilies, and you are already familiar with the symbolism of that flower. Moreover, everything around him is pitch black. This, once again, shows us that Jin died, and is on his way to the afterlife, just like in "I Need U" Korean version.

Jin holding petals of the white lily flower.

Jin holding petals of the white lily flower.

At the end of the MV, we can see Jin and a butterfly flying from his hands towards the light. Now, I will discuss the meaning of the butterfly. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Christianity considers the butterfly as a symbol for the soul, but also the symbol of resurrection. To wit, the butterfly is depicted on ancient Christian tombs, as Christ has been illustrated holding a butterfly in Christian art.

Jin and a butterfly flying into the light at 3:34.

Jin and a butterfly flying into the light at 3:34.

Also, butterflies symbolize the passing of a loved one, or life struggles that people have endured to emerge as a better person. This could explain the scene in the MV "For You" which I mentioned before with Jungkook and the butterfly.

"I Need U" Japanese Version


This video is the continuation of "I Need U" Korean version. It starts off with the scene of V washing away all of the blood on his hands. He then takes his cellphone, and calls one of the hyungs, possibly RM, since it was indicated in "I Need U" that they are very close.

Note that this MV is not like any of the ones we had so far. It consists of the current reality where V just killed his father, and Jin is dead, and the imaginary world which was created by Jin, V, and possibly even Jungkook (I will explain why later).

This imaginary world was formed due to their wish and longing for the long lost peaceful days, but Jin doesn't realize that. It partly reflects their mental state, and is also affected by the happenings in the current reality in the form of meaningless, disguised actions.

Firstly, we have V lying all alone on a mattress, looking at a photograph of his mother and him when he was a baby. He then crumpled up the photograph. This symbolizes V being all alone after killing his father.

Then, the other BTS members quickly rush to him, helping him stand up on his feet again. RM even asks him "What are you doing?". All of this is born from V's wish that his friends were there with him. The fact that RM was the one that helped him stand up is also connected to the fact that RM was the one V called at the beginning of the MV.

After that, Jungkook spots Jin who is capturing all of that on his camera. This is a mixture of V, Jungkook and Jin's wish for them all to be together like before. This is a imaginary world where Jin hasn't died which was created by those three. Thus the saying "You can smile as long as we're together".

The next scenes show all of the boys having fun and enjoying themselves just like in the past. It's as if nothing ever happened at all. But, as Jin was filming a butterfly, the recording suddenly started going backwards. This is the first sign which indicated that this world was fabricated, nothing more than their imagination. This is also the moment when Jin noticed that something was wrong, but he doesn't know what.

Jin's recording of a butterfly flying backwards at 3:09.

Jin's recording of a butterfly flying backwards at 3:09.

Suddenly, all of the boys were gone and the place was completely empty. Only a plastic bag flying through the air could be seen. After that we have a scene of them all sitting together, but V is isolated from the rest. He seems different and depressed. Moreover, while standing alone, he is very close to the edge, which may indicate that he is on the brink of falling into the abyss.

After that, we return to the current reality. Here we have RM who writes "You need to survive" on a mirror. But, then we go back to the imaginary world again which is a bit different than the first time.

RM writing "You need to survive" on the mirror at 4:22.

RM writing "You need to survive" on the mirror at 4:22.

Now we can see the meaningless and disguised actions I wrote about, which are actually the happenings in the current reality. We can see the BTS members all sitting around a fire, but they seem a bit down, especially Suga who is once again holding a lighter. I believe that this represents the boys' suicidal behavior in "I Need U". But, the fire was put out by Jungkook who was the voice of reason during that time. This will further be explained in "Run".

The next important part are the photographs the boys take. First we have the photograph of all of them together by the car. Then we have a photo of Jin and Suga in the car that RM took while they were at the patrol station. At the end of the MV, we have Jin sitting alone in the car. He takes out the photo with Suga, but finds out that he is the only one on the photograph. This is the moment when he realized that this was all a fantasy, and that reality was different.

In the next scene we have Jungkook who is starring at the sky through a ring he formed from his fingers. This part is most likely Jungkook's fantasy. He is sitting together with Suga and is smiling so happily. This was created from Jungkook's wish to make up with Suga after their fight in "Run".

Then, they woke the others up to enjoy the view together. But, suddenly V got the idea to climb on top of the steel tower. Even though everyone told him to come down, he didn't do it. Once he was on the top, he glanced at the other members, smiled, and jumped. This scene is one of the major ones in "Prologue". This jump is connected to V killing his father, which can metaphorically be seen as a jump into the abyss. This is yet another seemingly meaningless action which is actually a reflection of a happening in the current reality.

On Stage Prologue Music Video


This MV is closely intertwined with "I Need U" and "Prologue". It shows us the boys' behavior after Jin's death, but this is just a facade. They are acting all happily, playing and fooling around, vandalizing, running away etc. We even have a scene of them misbehaving in a tunel and vandalizing people's cars. But in reality, when they are alone, they all act like in "I Need U" - they are suicidal, evading or trying to accept Jin is dead.

This is also noticeable in a scene where J-Hope is lying on the bed in his room. In the background, you can notice an IV stand with a bag. This is connected to J-Hope's problem with pills and overdose (this will further be talked about in the third part of the theory). They are trying to suppress their emotions and don't want to show their weak side, thus their behavior in "Run". They don't know how to accept the fact that Jin is no longer there, so they just ignore that fact. This may be indicated when V crosses out Jin with the red spray.

They go back to their past mischievous behavior, causing trouble for the police and running away from them. Ultimately, they don't even care what happens to them even if they get caught, just like V and RM showed us in the video.

As for Jin, here, he is still unaware of the effect he caused on the boys and has yet to grasp the situation. He is constantly watching over the boys, but doesn't realize that he is not physically there. When the boys were running away after vandalizing people's cars, it looks like Jin is the one who drove them. But in reality, it was RM, as you can see only five of the boys in the back of the car.

Jin is there only in spirit. He is also the only one who doesn't do anything destructive. That is also why he is calmly making that house of cards, but V is the one who destroys it as he is the one who committed the worst crime.

Jin making a house of cards and V destroying it.

Jin making a house of cards and V destroying it.

That house of cards symbolizes Jin's unawareness and fantasy that all is well and fine. With knocking it down, V is showing Jin that he is oblivious to the whole situation. This can also be connected to their song "House of Cards".

Lyrics from "House of Cards"

"Insecure again, dangerous again

So bad (why), us, yeah

Enduring more, holding out

So hard (hard), we can’t

Even if you already knew

We couldn’t stop

No way, no way, no way, falling

As time passes by

We only mess it up even more

No way, no way, it’s collapsing again

A house made of cards, and us inside

Even if you say you see the end, even if you say it’ll collapse soon

A house made of cards, and stupidly, us

Even if you say it’s a useless dream, just stay a little more like this"

During their time together, the boys made special bonds with each other, which could also be seen in "I Need U" and "Prologue" - Suga and Jungkook, RM and V, Jimin and J-Hope.

We even have a scene where Jimin comes to J-Hope looking for support. He acts like a small child which just had a nightmare and came to his parents who would protect him. That is why they start the pillow fight. But, this is not the solution to their problem. It just prolongs the effect. They are just evading the problem itself.

J-Hope and Jimin with the IV stand in the background at 2:07.

J-Hope and Jimin with the IV stand in the background at 2:07.

We also have a scene when Jimin opened the door of the bathroom and found all of the members there. They pulled him in and they started playing around. In fact, this scene is a memory of their time together that Jimin remembered, because a photograph of that same scene can be seen in "Young Forever".

The photo of them together in "Young Forever" at 2:52.

The photo of them together in "Young Forever" at 2:52.

Also, at the end of the MV, Jimin looks at a photo of them together. It is the same scene as in "Prologue", but Jin is not on the photograph. It shows us that they are most likely aware of the situation, but refuse to acknowledge it. Thus, Jimin burns that photo, which brings us to the scene in "I Need U".

That is also why, when RM takes out the card with the butterfly, things start to go wrong. This card actually reminded them of Jin and everything they have been suppressing. That is why a fight between Suga and Jungkook broke out.

The card with the butterfly at 2:22.

The card with the butterfly at 2:22.

Jungkook was the first to question their behavior. He was the voice of reason and the first to realize that what they are doing is wrong. When confronting Suga with this, they started to fight. Suga is still not ready to accept the situation, thus he wants to remain oblivious. Jungkook desperately tries to bring Suga to reason, but it is futile. Thus, Suga throws the chair, breaking the mirror.

In the mirror, we can see white-blue roses, which was later found out to be the Smeraldo flower (This flower will play a huge role in the Omelas theory). One of their meanings is that they symbolize the impossible, or the unattainable. Since the blue rose itself is a rarity in nature, it stands for something that is hardly within one's grasp, an object that seems too difficult to be achieved. Thus the blue rose is admired and revered as an unrealizable dream.