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BTS (Bangtan Boys) Demian Theory

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BTS members - V, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook and RM.

BTS members - V, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook and RM.


Bangtan Boys, or commonly known as BTS, is a boy band from South Korea formed by Big Hit Entertainment. BTS consists of seven members: Jin (Kim SeokJin), Suga (Min YoonGi), J-Hope (Jung HoSeok), RM (Kim NamJoon), Jimin (Park JiMin), V (Kim TaeHyung) and Jungkook (Jeon JeongGuk). They debuted on June 13th 2013 and until today, they have recorded many successful albums, both Korean and Japanese, alongside several mini-albums.

Besides their great songs and lyrics, they made an even larger impact with their music videos which tell a complex story, that the A.R.M.Y (official name for their fans) have to figure out using numeral hints and clues left in the videos.

There are numerous theories, but the BTS members have never confirmed anything. Here is my theory which will be connecting almost all of the previous MVs together, and I will draw a lot of references from books, especially "Demian" from Hermann Hesse, which might have been used for these MVs, or books which were hinted on inside of the MVs.

I will divide my theory into 3 parts according to the eras in BTS' music. The first part will feature the MVs before the song "I Need U" came out. The second part will start with the song "I Need U", and will feature the MVs from the album "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life" ("Hwayang-yeonhwa" or "HYYH") ending with the song "Young Forever". The third and last part will contain the Short Films. The other MVs will be explained in my second theory Omelas, which is a continuation of this theory.

Even though the MVs are divided into groups, they are still connected and it's hard to draw the line. Some of them happen simultaneously, or are intertwined, so it's hard to say that one MV happened before another one. I will point these things out in the text when we come to that. All of the scenes which I refer to can be seen in the videos bellow.


With the help of our ARMY friend, we were able to make the first BTS series which will be based off my Demian and Omelas theories and follow the story of BTS as explained by the theories. We made 4 episodes in total, but we may make more as new content comes out. You can watch them on our YouTube channel BTS CINEMATIX. I hope that you will check it out! :D

BTS Series Episode 1

Part I: Dark & Wild

The first part of my theory centers around the MVs in which the BTS members are mischievous, wild and delinquent-like.

No More Dream

First we will start with their debut MV "No More Dream". Here they show us their delinquent-like behavior. They are breaking, throwing, destroying things and vandalizing. In the official video, at the end of the song, a police helicopter appears, showing us that their behavior has indeed crossed the line of that of exemplary children. In the Japanese version they also show us their misbehaving and they are vandalizing the building they are in: using spray bottles, throwing the books... They even head into the section which was secured with police tapes with "caution" written on them. Moreover, they were hiding from someone, possibly a security guard or a police officer. And if you look closely at the building after they exit, you can see that it resembles a prison, or a similar facility, because of the fence with the wires. It's like they are escaping from somewhere. But from what?

"No More Dream" Korean and Japanese Version


This MV will give us the answer to the question above. Here, BTS shows us how the system works. It's all about manipulation and control, and you have no free will, or your own opinion. You have no rights to say anything, or act on your own as symbolized with the red pill, and the way they are educated (they are not allowed to look in any other direction). That is why they started to rebel. They stood up to the system and refused to be a part of that "machine". So, that may be what the boys are escaping from and why they are behaving like that.

Moreover, the scene where they go down the huge white stairs symbolizes their leaving of that machine. Note that the stairs look like they are leading to heaven, and everything is white with violin players everywhere. But, that is a fraud. This is just what the system makes us believe. The reality is different.

After that, you have a scene where the guards are trying to retrieve the runaways - it's like a fight between a wild animal and a hunter. They tried to "capture" them, and return them to the system, but they failed. Thus, the BTS members became like we know them in "No More Dream".

"N.O" Music Video

Boy In Luv

Here, we can once again see the boys' mischievous behavior - throwing chairs, disturbing and upsetting the girl - though it is not as bad as in the first two MVs. But, from here on out, things are slowly starting to change. That is, if you look closely enough, you will be able to notice little signs which indicate that something bad is about to happen - something that will change their lives.

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First, there is the empty desk at the beginning of the MV. There is nothing really special about a single desk, right? But, on the desk is a vase with withered roses. And throughout this whole era (the first part of the theory), there is only one person who is always holding a rose while singing - Jin (I will point out these scenes later). This is one of the first hints about what is about to happen in the second era (the second part of the theory).

The vase with withered roses on the desk.

The vase with withered roses on the desk.

Another one is the drawing of a scorpion that appeared in two of the already mentioned MVs - "Boy In Luv" Japanese version and "No More Dream" Japanese version.

Drawing of the Scorpion in "No More Dream" Japanese version and "Boy In Luv" Japanese version.