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BTS Create History Again Becoming IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year

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BTS at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture And Arts Awards for being facilitated by the Order of Cultural Merit Award.

BTS at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture And Arts Awards for being facilitated by the Order of Cultural Merit Award.

On March 4th an announcement was made stating BTS won the IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year Award 2020 making them the first who basically sing in another language than English, and the first for not only South Korea but Asia as well to achieve such a feat. The previous recipients were from places like North America (Drake, Taylor Swift) or the United Kingdom (Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Adele).

BTS and Map of the Soul: 7

BTS and Map of the Soul: 7

No doubt, 2020 has been a huge successful year for BTS because of their latest album "Map of the Soul: 7," which not only got included in the Billboard 200-topping album, but is noted by IFPI as the most pre-ordered albums of all time. BTS also continued their history creating roller coaster rides with their Japanese album "Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey," which sold 500,000 copies in just two days of its release.

BTS creates history

The septet and their latest released track 'Dynamite' makes history once again as it became the first K-pop act to reach the No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for the Grammy in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category. BTS continues making history with the latest album "BE" released in November becoming the fifth album topping Billboard 200.

The IFPI list

The list for IFPI Top 10 Global Recording Artists of 2020 are:

1. BTS

2. Taylor Swift

3. Drake

4. The Weeknd

5. Billie Eilish

6. Eminem

7. Post Malone

8. Ariana Grande

9. Juice Wrld

10. Justin Bieber

Previously BTS had taken the second spot on the IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year back in 2018 and seventh place in 2019.

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Now, if you're asking how did they manage this, well it's a mixture of sincerity, resonance, and the ARMY.

BTS featured on the Rolling Stones magazine

BTS featured on the Rolling Stones magazine

A list was published back in 2012 of the top 10 K-pop groups that had promising fame waiting for them in the US. Achieving fame in the US at that time was still a distant milestone for South K-pop acts but thanks to the 2000 tremendous exporting of South Korean culture under a trend known as Hallyu or the Korean Wave it became possible. The Rolling Stones list came out just two months before the famous "Gangnam Style" by Psy came out including groups like 2NE1, BigBang, and Girl's Generation -- the greatest of the "second generation" K-pop groups rising towards international fame.

Though at the time a certain group formed with seven teenage boys, then just assembled after they all went through a studio audition, we're being trained and polished to take the stage on fire. Finally on December 22, 2012 the seven members came out with a Soundcloud clip featuring a rap in Korean and English -- including Wham's "Last Christmas" rap cover.

And, honestly at that time such hip-hop acts barely got any attention. But, the seven boys or Bangtan Boys -- later on officially known as BTS -- would go on to write history in gold letters and change the image of an all-male boy band of South Korea and also shatter a myth known as borders or language barrier.

Map of the Soul: 7

Year by year BTS have been creating history right from their debut year 2013 to date and have only become more immense as the years go by. And, their latest album -- no doubt is a major release -- Map of the Soul: 7 is no less a love letter by them for their ARMY with songs penned by each of the seven members. It's an achievement by a band that's done nothing but stacked records like stacking rocks; from staying for several weeks on the US charts and made a historical appearance at the American Music Awards -- rather the first to many more American awards-season appearances including their performance with Lil Nas X at the 2020 Grammys.

BTS Billboard 200 history

BTS Billboard 200 History

BTS Billboard 200 History

Since their debut BTS have been on a rollercoaster ride accomplishing milestones never thought of by anyone possible. Like in 2018, the septet became the first South Korean band debuting with their album at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart and they also had a single landing on No. 10 on the Hot 100 Billboard charts. The third World Tour was sold out in advance. Further on if we speak about collaborations, in 2018 they collaborated with the Chainsmokers for "Best of Me," with Steve Aoki they collaborated in 2017 for their single remix "Mic Drop" which was a slam dunk for all the haters. Apart from them the band has collaborated with Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj and Halsey as well. They also got the opportunity to appear before the UN and also performed in Times Square for Good Morning American. And, it's not only them but they actually got a couple of Guinness World Records thanks to their devotional fandom.

BTS Mic Drop Official Video

BTS join the 100 million views club

BTS have officially joined the exclusive K-pop groups 100 million views on YouTube club!

This news came out in October 25th around 10 a.m KST when their music video of their hit track "Dope" crossed the 100 million views milestone and they also crossed the 1 million likes milestone as well. Not only this but BigHit Entertainment also uploaded the video and got a 5 million views crossover. The official release date of the video "Dope" was released on June 23, 2015 and it was from the third mini album "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1.”

BTS Dope Official Video

The band also happens to be not part of the three big entertainment giant companies (YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment) to reach the 100 million views YouTube views milestone.

That's not all, their song "DNA" was their first to reach the Billboard 100 chart at No. 67. While another one of their songs "Mic Drop" remixed by Steve Aoki featured at No. 28.

From their own the band continued to dominate charts. They also stayed at the No. 8 position on the top artist chart and on No. 2 on the duo/group chart.

After claiming 300 million online votes they also became the first K-pop act to take home the Billboard Award for the top social artist.

Again in 2019 they made history again for being the first K-pop act to present an award at the Grammy's as they got the privilege to announce an award -- H. E. for the best R&B album.

Though this is just the beginning as they still have many more milestones to cross especially with the Grammy's coming up as the group is not only slated to perform but are nominated for their track "Dynamite" for the best pop duo/group category. So, stay tuned for the latest updates and new milestones the BTS achieve in the coming years.

BTS Dynamite Official Video

Their latest first full English track "Dynamite" crossed a new milestone -- by none so far -- registering 100+ million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours making it the first video to do so.

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