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B.A. Baracus Rides in the A-Team Van

The A-Team Van With B.A. Baracus driving it can be found on Amazon.  This is a vaulted Funko Pop! Rides collectible.

The A-Team Van With B.A. Baracus driving it can be found on Amazon. This is a vaulted Funko Pop! Rides collectible.

The A-Team TV Series 1983-1987

B.A. Baracus was a character in the 80's TV series, The A-Team. The team was a group of mercenaries made up of court martialed members of an elite American fighting force. The members, who were innocent and unable to prove it, were tried and convicted, but they escaped prison. They now hide from the law working as soldiers of fortune while trying to find evidence that will clear them.

The A-Team (original cast) members are:

  • Lieutenant Colonel/Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith (George Peppard); The Leader and The Brains of the outfit
  • Lieutenant Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict; The Face and Conman
  • Captain H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock (Dwight Schultz) The Pilot and Crazy Guy
  • Sergeant First Class Bosco "B.A.", or "Bad Attitude", Baracus (Mr. T); The Muscle, The Mechanic, Weapons & Explosives Expert

The series lasted from 1983 to 1987 and had guest stars on that included Boy George, Hulk Hogan, Issac Hayes, Joe Namath, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, Tia Carrere, Della Reese, Pat Sajak, and Vanna White among others.

Mr. T Starred As B.A. Baracus In The A-Team


The A-Team Ride Was A 1983 GMC Vandura Van

The ride in this series was a 1983 GMC Vendura Van and it quickly became a pop culture icon with it's black and gray body, it's red stripe, those beautiful black and red turbine mag wheels and don't forget the spoiler on the roof. It was made a Funko Pop! Rides figure along with B.A. Baracus hanging out of the top from a sunroof.

Outside the van was beautiful, but inside it held everything the A-Team could ever need from a printing press to a gun locker. It was like a magicians hat that you could pull anything you needed out of it.


Now Back To B.A. Baracus And The Funko Pop! Rides Vinyl

Funko decided to immortalize the A-Team ride to the show's fans and to vinyl figure collectors with this vinyl rides edition. I love it but I don't own it. And that's really too bad since this is one that's been vaulted. What does vaulted mean? Check out the Funko Word List.

I found this sweet little ride with B.A. Baracus inside on eBay starting at about 100.00 each and of course, add some shipping to that number. I found one on Amazon the same price as the one at eBay. So if you are looking for one, you will pay over one hundred bucks for it. Anyone who collects Funko knows the cost of the pieces that are not too easy to find.

Now Here's Some Fun B.A. Baracus Facts - Gotta Love Trivia!

B.A. Baracus is riding in the van, I guess because nobody drives it but him, so let's check out these facts about him (I pity the fool who doesn't know these facts!):

  • The 1984 GMC van belonged to B.A.
  • And he often told people "Nobody drives my van, but me!"
  • B.A. did not like to fly
  • He has brute strength and excellent fighting skills
  • He liked to put his opponent over his head and throw him
  • B.A. stands for bad attitude
  • He has AB negative blood it is the rarest blood type
  • He never actually said, "I pity the fool" though it has become his catch phrase
  • He did say, "shut up fool"
  • He did say, "I ain't gettin' on no plane" a lot
  • B.A. was the most popular character in the series
  • His mother in the series was played by Della Reese
  • When he was a boy his mom called him Scooter
  • He did not drink alcohol, instead he liked milk
  • He had a love interest, Nurse Lewis, in the episode named "Skins"
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The Funko Pop! Ride From The A-Team With B.A. Baracus

12 Ways to Get B.A. Baracus on a Plane

The Original A-Team Cast Weren't Only A-Team Characters

There was life for the original cast actors before the A-Team.

George Peppard was in movies including:

  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • How The West Was Won
  • Operation Crossbow
  • The Blue Max

Dwight Schultz was in some movies (including Star Trek: First Contact) too, but he has been in many TV series and the voice of many video game characters such as:

  • The Outer Limits
  • Flipper
  • Star Trek: Next Generation
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins
  • Call to Power II
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
  • Ben 10
  • Marvel's Iron Man VR - And many, many more

Dirk Benedict is known for his work in:

  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Baywatch
  • Walker: Texas Ranger
  • Zork: Grand Inquisitor
  • After Hell

Mr. T has been in:

  • Rocky 3
  • D.C. Cab (Love that movie!)
  • WWF Championship Wrestling
  • Pecola
  • Not Another Teen Movie
  • Busta Rhymes Feat. P. Diddy & Pharrell: Pass the Courvoisier, Part II

Mr. T Gets Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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