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Awards, Oh so Meaningless

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The Last Time

The last time I watched the Oscars, Avatar didn't win.

I couldn't believe it. Here was the top movie of the year. A movie that had move viewers than any before. A movie everyone was talking about. But it didn't win.

From that twist, there was no reason for me to waste eyesight on a meaningless gifting of Academy Awards.

The only reason I noted the Awards in '22 was because of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

I haven't watched the Emmys for even longer.

Whether a movie or television show 'wins' or 'loses' does not effect my viewing. Able to watch everything free online, few 'winners' are worth the time.

I don't think I'm alone.

The Past

There was a time Awards meant something. I recall going to the movies, seeing almost all of the nominees. I watched shows on television, seeing my favorites nominated.

In those days, the belief was, if a movie or television show was nominated, it was the best there was.

That was then, this is now.

Free Viewing

With the ability to watch anything, I've become selective. I'll read what the movie or television show is about before I take a look.

There was a time I watched 16 television serials shows a week. This dwindled. The plots, the acting, the casting, did not merely bore.

Not to get into too much detail, if this show is supposed to be about a fire station I expect it to be about a fire station. When it focuses on same sex relationships, done in an 'R' rating style, it gets dropped.

As quality is so rare on television, I wait until after a show airs to get the 'recap' before I view. It is not that I have such a busy life, it's that I could be playing Sudoku.


In 1998, the Oscars ceremony had about 55 million viewers. In 2010, numbers hovered just above 40 million.

Each year viewers have declined. In 2020 the number was 23.6 million. In 2021 it was less than 10 million.

It isn't just the ceremony which has dwindled in importance, it is the Awards. The Awards don't matter. What those who vote think about a show means nothing to the public.

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Unlike sports where this runner comes first, that team scores the most goals, entertainment has no such criteria.

In 2010 when a show no one saw, or cares to see, beat out Avatar, the highest grossing film in history, a film that people are still talking about, that was it for me. I realized 'voting' isn't built on the the public's choice, it's the bias of the voters.

Take a Glance at the Emmys

When the Emmy Awards first began, there weren't that many shows. Those that won were widely viewed.

Those who remember the 1950s would have watched those winners. Going into the 60s there are names I recognize, shows I have watched.

As I reach the 90s there are shows I've seen, shows I've heard about. Most I haven't seen cause they don't match my interest.

There's this new style called 'woke' which means simply shoving Same Sex Sex into every episode.

It is as if there is a Law:

1. Every show mush have a non-white person in authority

2. Every show mush have a woman in authority

3. Every show must have a homosexual/lesbian/non-binary character.

To 'fulfill' these laws put a black lesbian as a central character. Focus on the sex life, not what the show is supposed to be about.

The Bias

If you were voting you would pick what you liked. Depending on who you are, your past, your culture, your likes, you make your choice.

I have no vote. No one cares if I watch this movie or not, that show or not.

Whether the public is lined up around the block to see this movie, whether the Internet is bursting with fans of that T.V. show means nothing.

Those who vote are the only ones who matter.

Which is why the Awards mean nothing.

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