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'Avengers: Infinity War' - Infinity Saga Chronological Reviews

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The Infinity War

Hey everyone, it's Ben, back again with the continuation of my Infinity Saga rewatch––a rewatch that I have been taking my time on, much to my own chagrin. But hey, I work because I need money, and once I start school, I'll be focusing a lot on that because I need an education. So I'm just gonna say that the time in which it takes me to write and publish an article will not get shorter––in fact, I would not be surprised if the space between articles got larger. There's my warning for you. But this is not what I'm here to talk about.

I am here to talk about the most ambitious movie of 2018, Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. Way back when I talked about The Avengers, I talked about why I thought that film was my favorite in the MCU. I still rank that film higher than this one––barely––because of what it started. However, Infinity War manages to be an even larger crossover with even more characters than The Avengers and still manages to be a fantastic film that never loses pace, never loses focus, and never fails to be entertaining. Each character is given just the right amount of screentime. Every characters' importance to the story is felt. It is masterfully written and directed, spectacularly acted, and fantastically designed. What more can I say about this thing?


That Ending

I remember seeing this film on its first Saturday night back in 2018. I was with some high school friends, and we were all excited that we had avoided spoilers at school the day before because trust me: there were plenty of kids who saw it Thursday night who really wanted to share what they saw. But we traversed through and were finally at the theatre, ready to see what we thought would be another story where the heroes win. Let me just say that I sat through the ending credits with my mouth agape. I was shocked, taken aback by the sheer audacity Marvel had to dust away half of our favorite heroes, including my boy Peter Parker. I was upset by the fact that I would have to wait a whole year to find out how the heroes left standing would resolve the issue. However, I was also impressed with Marvel. They had the balls to make their millions of fans wonder what the hell was going to happen. They had the balls to make this antagonist of the movie almost feel like the protagonist... and let him win. They had the balls to let their biggest team lose... and I praise them for it. Because they knew that it would work. They knew that they had developed these characters well enough to make the audience care about if they would come back or not. I'm sure everyone assumed they would come back, but it still had tons of emotional weight behind it. The ending worked because they had set up this moment from the very beginning. They had 18 movies to lead up to this one ending––this one cliffhanger that would leave fans in tears, begging to just release Avengers 5 so that we could see the true resolution. I didn't expect a cliffhanger... I don't think many people did. The surprise behind it all and the fans' desire for more worked in Marvel's favor. That ending would not have worked if they hadn't built up this universe the way they did. That ending working at all is proof of how great the MCU is, how great the writers, directors, and creators are, and how great the fans are. That ending is what brought so many people to Endgame, making it the highest-grossing movie of all time. That ending was bold, and Marvel deserves all the praise for it.

It still gets me, even though I know what happens in Endgame. Maybe I am just a really emotional human being. Maybe I care a little bit too much about these fictional characters. But I don't care. I'll cry if I want to... and they will be manly tears! And if I cried during this... well, you should have seen me during Endgame.

Speaking of Endgame: I've already reviewed that movie. I did it back when the film was released. I re-read through it and my opinions haven't really changed, and I feel that if I do another review, I'll just repeat myself. So, I am not writing another one. Therefore, if you want to skip past my Ant-Man and the Wasp review and get to the Endgame review that is already out, all you have to do is click here.

But wait! I haven't even talked about the villain yet!

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Big Daddy Thanos

I'm sorry about that title.

Thanos: the true protagonist. We get to see his journey to get these stones. We get to see his losses, and we feel bad for him. Why? Because he was so perfectly written. He was given proper character development––the most proper out of all MCU villains, aside from maybe Loki. We understand his motivation. We understand what he has been through. We are shown scenes through his perspective, which lends credence to the fact that this is his movie. It is his journey. He wins in the end––he succeeds in dusting away half of all life in the universe. Why? Because this is his movie. He makes smart decisions. He doesn't waste time. He sacrifices everything to reach his goal. He fights for what he believes in... just like the heroes. He isn't evil to be evil. In his eyes, he isn't even a bad guy. He is trying to help the universe thrive for years to come. Yeah, he is a little insane to think death to half the universe is the answer... but hey, isn't Iron Man a little insane for thinking the government was right to put them in check? Isn't Cap insane for not wanting to trade lives even though he is completely willing to sacrifice his own? Isn't Thor insane for not going for the head?! Yes. But just like Thanos, they think they are right. In each of their eyes––and I am including Thanos'––they are doing what they think is right for the universe. Thanos is just like them... just a lot bigger and a lot more purple.


The Verdict

Seeing all of these characters come together is truly amazing. I get giddy every time I watch it. My nerd brain just freaks out. I absolutely love this film. It's pleasing to the eye and mind. It's exciting the whole way through. Infinity War is truly fantastic the whole way through, and I will forever stand by that. It gave us Thanos. It gave us that killer ending (no pun intended). It gave MCU fans the ultimate crossover they needed.

With all of that being said, I am going to give Avengers: Infinity War a 10/10. It truly is an experience.

Next up is Ant-Man and the Wasp, a strange break between the two major Avengers flicks, but one that is necessary for understanding what goes down in Endgame.

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