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Avatar 2 Team Showcases Behind The Scenes Peeks on Twitter

I love to watch movies and TV shows and writing about them is a fiesta. I like to stay updated on what's going on and where.

Since the announcement of an Avatar sequel, the team has and is dropping reminders for its fans, we are coming back soon!

With five sequels on the board, it looks like the first Avatar sequels will air by 2022, the franchises official Twitter account keeps dropping behind the scenes previews of the most awaited movie of its time. The latest peeks are from a Hawaii trip arranged for the cast to prepare them for the shooting, which knowing Avatar 2 schedule, probably is 3 years old.

The purpose of taking the cast on a Hawaiian trip was to give them an experience of the underwater world as they will be exploring an underwater world in the sequel. The pictures show Sigourney Weaver post-dive, and a trio of new characters including the entire Sully family - Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, and the actors who play their characters' children.

Avatar 2 Poster

Avatar 2 Poster

Keeping in mind, Avatar began filming in 2017 and had wrapped up performance by the end of 2018, thus it's likely to presume these pictures are of 2017, let alone any earlier. The photo clearly states Worthington and Saldana are sharing moments with their screen family for the first time --though looks like Jack Champion is also included, who plays an unrelated human character, but Trinity Bliss is missing, who plays Jake and Neytri's daughter.

The next set of photos shows actors Bailey Bass, Cliff Curtis, and Filip Geljo, who plays Na'vi from the new seaside-dwelling Metkayina clan. Sigourney Weaver's role is uncertain in the sequel as her character Grace died in the first part.

Matter of fact, lead actor Sam Worthington told the first film included a preliminary trip to the Hawaiian jungles where we had to wear tails and ears and run around on a flimsy G-string basically half-naked and pretend we were out characters. Luckily this time looks like we'll not be using that many flimsy G-strings.

Though we're all attending a little longer for quite a few large motion pictures over the coming years, the followers of James Cameron's Avatar are now used to these delays regarding the sequels. Cameron is also busy catching up on some follow-ups regarding his highly profitable sci-fi movie of 2009 over the past few years, and are nonetheless only a year away from the primary sequel discharge.

However, as we wait for the sequel, the Avatar official Twitter account has released some amazing new photos of behind-the-scenes of the cast.

In the photographs you can see Cameron sitting on the platform, wanting down on the actors in the swimming pool. The tweet gives hints the actors are getting ready to dive underwater for efficiency filming. Like the original first time, majority of the characters in the Avatar sequel are going to be part of the aliens race known as the Na'Vi, who'll be created by utilizing the know-how's of motion pictures.

Another tweet shows white balls on the water floor cease "interfering with filming underwater," nonetheless, permitting them to resurface when needed. Check out the trailer below.

Official Trailer of Avatar 2

These photos totally comply towards the art concept from the upcoming Avatar sequel. Cameron also exhibited spectacular views of the Pandora Planet during the Tech Commerce CES in Las Vegas held in January with a special focus on its oceans. Thus, we can be sure the film is almost under-wraps and will focus in and around the sea or underwater.

Concept Art

Concept Art

Underwater shooting

Expectations are in for the primary Avatar sequel to grace the silver screen on December 17, 2021. Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Land, and Sigourney Weaver will reprise their primary film roles with possibilities of Vin Diesel, Kate Winslet, Michelle Yeoh, and Jemaine Clement playing a role as well. Manufacturing of the movie's life-action components shall wrap-up by November.

The other three Avatar motion picture sequels are scheduled for release I'm 2023, 2025, and 2027. Nevertheless, Cameron had accepted the latter two sequels of Avatar rely on the primary movies box office performance. Those who don't know, Avatar held the high scoring report for the largest film of all time for nearly a decade, which Avengers: Endgame final year finally broke.

In regards to other associated information, in November 2019, the Avatar official Twitter account confirmed Ubisoft's new open-world recreation of Avatar is developed by The Division Studio Huge, and is in works as of now. Ubisoft was tight-lipped on the challenge for quite a while and some were even afraid the plans were scrapped. But, since its introduction in 2017, it's identified solely as The Avatar Project.

According to the Deadline Report, the budget of the film is over $1 billion.

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