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Australia the Movie

Hot Pics - Smart Marketing?

Australia, the movie, has been making waves in Australia the country for several years and its now due for release late November 2008. Baz Luhrmann the highly successful Australian director is again working with Nicole Kidman who starred in his previous hit Moulin Rouge (2001). When Nicole Kidman made Moulin Rouge she was an up and comer, now though she is definitely an A-list star. Although much has been made of Australia's stunning locations, its interesting that most of the publicity shots involve Nicole Kidman hot and wet or just plain wet: admittedly it does rain rather a lot in northern Australia in the wet season, its also hot with temperatures well into the 30C's while filming. I do think though that Luhrmann has learnt just a little from Bollywood and that all old fall back of getting fully dressed stars wet, very wet.

Nicole Kidman's original co-star in Australia was supposed to have been Australian bad boy actor Russel Crowe but he was replaced early on with Hugh Jackman: and I for one am pleased that they did. Jackman, at least in the publicity shots, seems to spend a lot of time looking very good looking in a grungy sort of way, or on a horse - which makes most men look good.

Nicole Kidman & Huge Jackman: get hot and wet

Nicole Kidman & Huge Jackman: get hot and wet

Nicole Kidman - that kiss!

Nicole Kidman - that kiss!

Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman

Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Australia Movie: Trailer

Australia Movie: The Plot

Australia is the saga of an English aristocrat: Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), who arrives in Australia on the eve of the Second World War to reclaim her family inheritance. While droving her cattle from her remote station in the Kimberley's to Darwin, she falls into the manly embrace of, the totally unsuitable, local stock man (Hugh Jackman). So "Gone with the Wind" goes down under? No not really, think more maybe Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: some of the scenery is breathtaking and that was with a very,very low budget.

You see I find it quite amusing that the publicity stills is very slanted to the "sex sells" approach, I am expecting a rather subtle bait and switch tactic from Baz which will see the movie actually sell the countryside, with maybe just a little sex and story on the side.


Australia Movie: Unoffiicial Trailer


Selling Australia: The Country and the Movie

Tourism Australia are hoping to jump start their inbound tourism campaign based on Australia. New Zealand got years of bumper tourist numbers off the back of Lord of the Rings and even Nottinghill got a boast from the movie of the same name. Turning moviegoers into tourists or even convincing them to move to Australia is tricky though - and the weak US economy isn't helping. The recent opening up of the trans-Pacific air routes and drop in the Australian dollar will help though. The synergy is irresistible: Tourism Australia is spending A$40 million on the campaign which will include TV and movie ads, as well as on line and print ads. Meanwhile 20th Century Fox is getting publicity for the movie - everyone happy. The big-budget movie is becoming the a perfect commercial for Australian Tourism. Especially if it's made by a famous Australian director who's working for a movie studio controlled by an Australian-born media mogul. Coincidence? Not!

Hopefully thought the official Tourism Australia campaign will be a little more sophisticated than the approach of Darwin's local paper!

Own Australia Now!

Where was Australia Movie Filmed

Filming of Australia: took the cast crew all the way from Sydney to Darwin and back again. Initial filming began in Sydney but then moved for months of filming in the small northern Queensland town of Bowen. Why Bowen? Bowen was the movie double for 1941 Darwin as between bombing raids and cyclones Darwin doesn't have any historic buildings left.

The most challenging filming was on the real-life Kimberley cattle station Carlton Hill Station (Faraway Downs in the film) which was delayed by several weeks because unseasonal rain turned everything from roads to the set to a sea of red mud and marooned Kidman's lavish wooden homestead in the middle of a lake. Cast and crew camped with the big stars staying in Kununurra - a mere 50 odd kilometers away over corrugated dirt roads (that's actually an oxymoron - all dirt roads are corrugated in the Australian outback unless you are literally following the grader!).

Looking for the scenary and the details of the filming: well that's the next hub!

What are Your Thoughts - Does Sex Sell?

This is a slightly cynical attempt at testing to see whether sex will sell this hub. I know that there is vigorous debate from time to time on hubpages regarding the largely pictorial hubs which feature fully clothed wet Indian actresses. So the promotion posters of Kidman and Jackman clutched in a wet embrace caught my eye.

Oddly my partner just looked over my shoulder and went - what ??? He's never done that before - maybe I'm onto something?

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Rita Paquette on December 05, 2010:

I loved the movie!!!what was the name of that cute boy

with the big brown eyes??

sally on March 14, 2010:

Not many peaple over seas will under stand and don't wont to under stand our past and how we are as Austrlian people loved and enjoyed the movie just because people overseas don't like the move that dos not mean you should stop making flims like Australia

cherai on January 29, 2010:

Better late than never.... I'm a big fan of period movies. They please my eyes and my love of history. I do believe that sex sells, having worked in advertising, and because I'm not blind. It's that primal urge you know. I mostly don't find it too offensive....there is a tasteful mix that can be found.

travelespresso from Somewhere in this exciting world. on September 19, 2009:


I enjoyed the wonderful Australian scenery in this movie which made me want to see more of this vast and beautiful country. I was recently in Cuba and it was being shown there! I wasn't sure I wanted to see it again (probably in Spanish anyway) but I just had to take a photo the advertising on the old building.

Dawn on July 26, 2009:

I've been reading all the comments and I have a few things to add: First Ernest, the fact that your hub got so many hits because it mentions "sex" is one of the things wrong with our society not right. I loved the movie because of that fantastic, beautiful boy and also the gorgeous scenery. Having said that, I'm so sick of every movie thinking there needs to be sex in it somewhere! Especially as a mom, it's sickening! Sex is an important part of life, but it isn't everything in life! Also, I've always liked Nicole Kidman but if I could talk to her I would say "Nicole, you were always a beautiful woman, stop with the plastic surgery and leave your lips alone! So what you have thin lips they suit your face! Stop trying to perfect something that doesn't need perfecting!" Look at her old movies, what she is doing to her face is horrible. So to answer the original question, yes sex sells, I wish it didn't.

jalal on June 08, 2009:

it is my faverate movie

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on April 06, 2009:

LOL - may your earnings follow your hits on the bums earnest!

earnestshub from Melbourne Australia on April 06, 2009:

Sex certainly gets a lot of hits, I have had 2.5 thousand hits on one hub in 48 hours because it mentions sex! I got the shock of my life!

ash on February 23, 2009:

this movie was great i just fancy all the men there soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot xx oo

johnjoe2 on December 15, 2008:

its Australian season this week on tv. looking forward to seeing the film over xmas period

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on December 02, 2008:

@rondi - more on the child star Brandon Walters here

@loren glad you enjoyed it

@red eagle - actually he could well have been living with a "gin" - didn't matter how hansom a guy is if there are NO white women - but I agree it wouldn't have been able to officially marry her and no he wouldn't have owned a tux!

Thanks for commenting everyone

Red Eagle on December 02, 2008:

I've been to Australia twice -- across it once on the train. I don't recomment the movie AUSTRALIA unless you want to see it just for the scenery. For one thing it's too long. An english lady doesn't make the change to an outback cowgirl as quickly as it indicates. The film preaches at the audience -- aborigines good, white man bad. The script has Hugh Jackman saying his first wife was black. For that to have occurred with a handsome man like Jackson, especially prior to World War I, is unbelievable. No self respecting drover, which Jackson portrays, would be wearing a tuxedo at a dance celebrating the end of a cattle drive. The movie AUSTRALIA is no GONE WITH THE WIND.

Loren on November 30, 2008:

I went to see the movie yesterday and was more than satisfied with the scenery and acting. All the actors added the perfect blend of talent that left me completely satisfied. It had something for everyone

rondi on November 30, 2008:

the main child actor in the movie was wonderful, has he done any other acting?

bladeguy on November 12, 2008:

Good Hub, thanks! This seems like a can't-miss pic. Big names, big budget, sex, Baz, and the excitement of Old Australia. I'll be there...

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on November 09, 2008:

Me too Ben. Baz Luhrmann has a good track record with Moulin Rouge, Romeo+Juliet (think he stole that story LOL), Strictly Ballroom - but I totally agree why spend that much money and then not have a good story! Rumour has it that Baz still hasn't delivered the final version to the studio - this is 3 weeks before theopening date! The guy likes to live on the line

Ben on November 09, 2008:

I was just told by a friend about this movie. I have always been interested in Australia and it's history. And I should add that yes, sex does sell....duhhh. But I prefer a strong story line and as long as the sex is tastefully done it is good. Also, a couple of other things that sell are babies. This theme has been much overused in movies and TV....and it saddens me that one of the biggest actors in movie history has never received an Oscar or even an Oscar nomination. The actor I speak of is FIRE....I can hear all these directors now saying...."Okay, we've put sex in the movie, a bit of violence, a woman in excruciating childbirth.....oh, we need to set something afire, preferbly a car bursting in flames." All the ingredients are mixed together......oops what about the story line? I certainly hope the movie "Australia" has a good story line.

Eileen Hughes from Northam Western Australia on October 06, 2008:

Great hub and pics, thanks for sharing this. Will look forward to seeing this pic.,

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on October 05, 2008:

Not necessarily: you'll be surprised how quickly the illegal copies appear in Asia - though rubbish quality nromally: and this movie I do want to see on a good screen!

Tottie from Australia , or China, or South Korea. on October 05, 2008:

I am looking forward to seeing the movie too, though will have to wait till I get back to Oz though.

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on October 05, 2008:

Hi Mary - I am really looking forward to seeing the movie as I have written several pieces on it! And no the traffic that this hub gets is not about me: its about Nicoles pic when its featureed on the topics page of hubpages LOL Its my second most seen hub: but 99% of the traffic is from within hubpages - while on average on about 25% of my traffic is from withing HP!

Mary Tinkler from Gresham on October 04, 2008:

Better late than never....  I'm a big fan of period movies.  They please my eyes and my love of history. I do believe that sex sells, having worked in advertising, and because I'm not blind.  It's that primal urge you know.  I mostly don't find it too offensive....there is a tasteful mix that can be found.

As for the theme of the far, from what I know, it's along the lines of Out of Africa.  Which happens to be my all time favorite movie. Prim maiden or aristocrat falls for rough and tumble cowboy or game hunterj or ships captain, etc.  Who can resist it?  It IS sexy. Let's NOT let the mystery of romance die though. I like a few unknowns left in.

And Lissie, you're getting the hits because people are following YOU. They like YOU. HP could do a better job of a search mode for Hubbers by name.

joanne gatt on September 10, 2008:

do u know of any aboriginal films if so what r they, like old movies ones like jeda

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on September 08, 2008:

Well my little experiment appears to have worked - I have had over 300 views from hubpages which is, I suspect because this hub was featured on the topic page "pictures" LOL. compusmart - look out for the movie to be released either late Nov or 26 Dec depending where in the world you are - Luhrmann has only ever done good movies IMHO! Thanks for the comments guys !

Tony Sky from London UK on September 08, 2008:

me too!!@ above! ;)

If i cant travel to Australia, ill settle with this movie which looks good!!

joblot from Ringwood on September 08, 2008:

I have to be honest here - if you put a picture of Nicole Kidman on any webpage - I'll be along to look at it!!

increaseurmileage on September 07, 2008:

Not only does sex sell, people in the US have come to expect it as part of a marketing campaign. Just like we expect the hero to win at the end of every movie. How many US movies have you seen where the hero goes through a life-threatening struggle and NOT get the girl or die at the end?

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on September 07, 2008:

Oh yes Id forgotten about We of the Never, never - excellent Australian book and a true story. Yes must admit Hugh Jackman hadn't really registered with me until I found these pics :-) Thanks for visiting

ajcor from NSW. Australia on September 07, 2008:

I really like your hub & look forward to the movie - and I also appreciate the way sex is represented in this hub - and especially when it comes in the form of Hugh Jackman; story sounds like a cross between "We of the Never Never " and " Gone With The Wind" - written by aneas gunn. true story, true love and made into a movie.

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on September 07, 2008:

He's got a big interest in Australian scenary has he Pat :-)

2patricias from Sussex by the Sea on September 07, 2008:

I think that I will be able to persuade Wonderful Husband to take me to see this movie!

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on September 07, 2008:

Oh gee Mark that really hurts coming from you LOL!

Mark Knowles on September 07, 2008:

If you really want to do a good test, make the hub 50 badly written words and 80 photos lol

This is far too good to be a realistic test. :)

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on September 07, 2008:

Thanks LifebyDesign- it will interesting to see if the posters start to reflect the wonderful landscape they filmed in nearer the release date- I am acutally have yet to see a trailer or poster for real in Australia - soon I would think. Thanks for visiting .

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on September 07, 2008:

Thanks Brainstormer - we've been in Australia for about 18 months now - and I can certainly handle Perth's climate! It was a bit of rhetorical questin the sex sells - but its getting some comments which is good - Iam actually quite looking forward to see the movie: Baz Luhrmann has never done a bad movie as far as I am concerned. Thanks for visiting and commenting

Lifebydesign from Australia on September 07, 2008:

Sure sex sells! But it is such an obvious and easy ploy. It takes a lot of imagination and guts to come up with something that sells well -without the sex angle. Great hub!

Brainstormer from Australia on September 07, 2008:

Hi Lissie, good read with thoughtful commentary. Hugh Jackman always reminds me of Carey Grant and I love his movies. Movies do not get much more Aussie than this. Go Aussie. Good teaser pics.

Does sex sell? Yes sure it does. Does it sell on HubPages, I think so but it has to have content. It should be funny perhaps, or informative and educational and it should never be pornographic smut. There are other places on the internet for that. I shamelessly tested the waters myself when I arrived at HubPages to see where the line was. I found it all right and have come away with nothing but admiration for the HubPages Team.

I liked your images, all of them and I like your Hubs. I have been reading them since I arrived.

Is it too late to welcome you to Australia? If not then Welcome.

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on September 06, 2008:

I must admit it hadn't occurred to me Terry - I will have to take a closer look at Nicole Kidman's lips!

honestway from Spain on September 06, 2008:

Totally off the wall comment here, but don't you think Nicole Kidman has recently had her lips cosmetically enlarged?

Just a pet hate of mine, although it has its funny side especially when it goes wrong as in the case of the famous "trout pout" of Leslie Ash!

Elisabeth Sowerbutts (author) from New Zealand on September 06, 2008:

I think the movie will be big - apparently Nicole couldn't do much of her own riding in the movie because she was pregnant!

JeffSeely from Franklin,TN on September 06, 2008:

LOL Yes, sells! Always has and always will! LOL

Great to hear of this movie. Nicole lives down the road from me. In fact, ran into Keith at a local drug store a couple weeks ago. She and the baby were probably in the car! Hope the movie does well!


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