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Aunt Bee's Best Episodes

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The Andy Griffith Show started to make a reappearance on my cable station a year ago, and what a pleasant surprise to see all the gang from Mayberry once again. Netflix also started showing all episodes, and that was a great place to go to catch up on episodes also. The Andy Griffith show has some great characters Andy of course, Barney, Floyd, Opie, Gomer, Howard, and Goober, but one of the great characters on the show was Bee Taylor or Aunt Bee as she was called most often.

How would one describe the character of Aunt Bee?

She was a loving, caring woman who came to Mayberry to help out Andy and his son Opie around the house. She was a piano player, gardener, cook, protestor, car driver, pilot, and loved to hear and speak about the latest gossip of Mayberry. She cared about her family, her friends, and always seemed to be busy only taking time at the end of the day to sit on the porch and listen to the night or to hear Andy play his guitar.


How was Frances Bavier’s personality?

The lady who played Aunt Bee was named Frances Bavier she was a Broadway actress. IMDB stated that Despite her good-hearted image on screen, cast members of The Andy Griffith Show (1960) often remember her as difficult, temperamental and somewhat cold. Griffith himself said "There was just something about me she did not like”

Right before Frances died she called Andy to apologize for her bad behavior.

She became reclusive in her later years and she and Aunt Bee were not alike. Frances was a great actress who created a wonderful character Aunt Bee.


The New Housekeeper

One of the best episodes that show cased the sweetness of Aunt Bee’s character was actually the first episode of The Andy Griffith Show entitled The New Housekeeper which first aired October 3, 1960. Andy, a widower, with a son had a housekeeper who got married and left the guys alone. Aunt Bee decided to come and live with them and help them out. Opie could not forget the housekeeper and didn’t want to give Aunt Bee a chance. In the episode, she made great meals, tried to fish, and to play baseball, but Opie didn’t seem to open his heart to her. He didn’t until he saw she was going to leave and then he said she can’t go she doesn’t know how to do anything and was helpless without them, that scene can always bring a tear to the eye. It began the bonding of Aunt Bee in the Taylor household.


The Pickle Episode

One of the best episodes ever aired December 18, 1961. Aunt Bee cooked up a batch of pickles with enthusiasm, but the pickles did not taste as good as they looked. Andy devised a plan to place store bought pickles in the jars replacing Aunt Bee’s creation. Aunt Bee then decided since everyone liked her pickles so well that she would enter them into a pickle contest. Andy ran into Clara, Beas friend, and she lived to win ribbons for her pickles. Her scrapbook of her wins, and how that with the death of her husband, the wins meant the world to her. Andy tells Barney that they must eat all the pickles in the jar, so Aunt Bee would be forced to make her batch of kerosene pickles as they were referred to. The end of the show Andy wearily tells Barney that they must learn to love the pickles. Aunt Bee’s enthusiasm and her love of cooking and her competitive spirit make this episode one the best.

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Aunt Bee the Warden

This episode aired March 2, 1962. Otis the town drunk is brought in for drunkenness. This time the jail is full, so Andy decides to take Otis home. Andy asks Aunt Bee to be the warden, and she decides to get Otis back to normal. She has him doing chores and it is so funny to watch Aunt Bee keep him going chopping wood, scrubbing floors, mowing the grass. Otis is so worn out he vows never to drink again. It is funny to see Aunt Bee being bossy, and going from loving Aunt to a task master.


The Bed Jacket

In the third season this episode aired on December 17, 1962. Aunt Bee has a birthday coming up and she is dropping hints left and right about what she wants for her birthday. Andy feels Aunt Bee is a practical lady who would like cooking things instead of a more personal gift. He got her a salt and pepper set and canning jars of all things. Aunt Bee can’t hide her disappointment and cries. Andy learns from Bee’s friend Cora that she is expecting a bed jacket for her birthday. Andy must do some fancy footwork, but at the end of the show the elusive bed jacket is given to Aunt Bee and you can’t help but feel happy for her because she is so excited about it. This episode really gives Frances Bavier a chance to show her dramatic side. You can feel all the emotions Aunt Bee goes through by her facial expressions and her emotions. This is a really touching episode. The end of the episode shows the viewer just how much love the Taylor family has for each other.


Aunt Bee’s Medicine Man

This episode aired March 11, 1963. Aunt Bee is feeling a bit run down and older. A travelling salesman is in town promising that anyone who takes his bottle will have more energy and pep than they had in years. Aunt Bee decides to give it a try. Soon she is playing the piano, singing, laughing and staggering around. It doesn’t take long for Andy and Barney to figure out that the bottle of vitamins is more alcohol than anything else. This episode is so funny because this side of Aunt Bee was never shown before. She was really letting her hair down.


Bargain Day

Bargain Day first aired on March 23, 1964, and this episode has Aunt Bee buying a bunch of meat at bargain prices. The only trouble is the freezer she wanted to put them in goes on the blink. This episode showed some conflict between Andy and Aunt Bea because she wanted to try and fix the freezer and Andy wanted a new one. She also wanted to ask the butcher to store the meat in his freezer, even though she got the meat from someone else. Aunt Bee and Andy showed their stubborn sides , and later peace is restored when Andy gets a new freezer.

Aunt Bee helped make Andy’s house a home. She became more than an Aunt, she was a mother, a caregiver, she was always there to make sure the boys were comfortable, well fed, and she loved them both so much and dedicated her life to them. She brought a spunkiness, humor, and friendship to the resident


cfjots (author) from Conway, SC on June 24, 2020:

Hi LaZeric I love her too. She may be the best cook in Mayberry, but somehow the pickles and marmalade were beyond her skills

LaZeric Freeman from Hammond on June 24, 2020:

I so loved Aunt Bee ... Still do. But I'd certainly be cautious of her pickles and marmalade.

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