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Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 Review

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A peaceful image last this is deceptive...

A peaceful image last this is deceptive...

Something I need to address first...

Before I cover Part 2 of Attack On Titan season 3, I need to mention something. I neglected to mention how Rod Reiss exposited the origin of titans and the Fritz royal family. It is here that learned that Ymir Fritz found the “source of all organic material.” This gave Ymir titan powers, dubbed “The Founding Titan.” From there, she created the nine titan shifters and waged war with the denizens of Marely. After defeating the Marelyans, they renamed Marely “Eldia.”
As time marched on the Fritz family maintained order in Eldia. Well until the nine shifters began to fight amongst each other, which allowed Marely to take back their land, while the 145th king established an island for Eldians to live in peace on.
I didn’t mention it, because I rushed myself to get the review out ASAP. But to sum up my thoughts, while it is an intriguing origins, the shock factor of this was ruined, as I spoiled this information by watching videos on Youtube that covered the manga before Season 3 dropped. And that’s on me.
That being said, let’s get on with the assessment.

This is Eren's dad. Wonder what has him so shocked...

This is Eren's dad. Wonder what has him so shocked...

The Summary...

The second half of Attack On Titan Season 3 continued with the Scout Regimen ready to retake Wall Maria in hopes of reaching Eren’s father’s basement where the answers about the titans lie. But before they can do that Reiner and The Beast Titan show up to eradicate the whole regimen. From here we get a rematch between Eren and Reiner, as Eren is assisted by Hange, and her team. Hange and Co. attack Reiner with their new weapon the “thunder spears.

This does not suffice as Reiner roars, signaling the Beast Titan to throw Bertholdt into the district. Bertholdt then transforms into the Colossal Titan so that he may crush the scouts with fiery debris. After Eren fails to thwart Bertholdt, Mikasa and Armin try to succeed where he failed. Erwin meanwhile leads a suicide charge against the Beast Titan, to distract him so Levi can sneak behind him, and kill him.

Though Erwin is mortally wounded in this effort, Levi managed to rip Zeke Yeager from the Beast Titan’s body, before Zeke is rescued by the cargo titan. During his escape Zeke orders the titans he created to kill Levi.

Armin meanwhile realizes that the Colossal Titan gets thinner and weaker with the more stream he emits from his body. Using that as a strategy, Armin offers himself as a sacrificial lamb to face Bertholdt’s steam. Eren on the other hand sealed up the remaining hole of the inner wall, before he extracted Bertholdt from the Colossal Titan with his ODM gear.

While Eren stands with a captured Bertholdt, he’s approached by Zeke who tells Eren he was lied to by his father. Levi approaching causes Zeke to escape, before Levi sets to use the titan serum on Armin, before a surviving scout begs to have it used on Erwin. After a tense debate, and Erwin accidentally slapping the serum away, Levi then uses the serum on Armin.

Armin then devours Berthodlt, regaining his human form. And after Armin is caught up on everything that occurred after the battle, they finally head to the basement of Eren’s home to find… A collection of books… These books are important however, as it is here that we learn the history of the titans, and life outside the wall. Even however learns of his father’s grueling past. How his father Grisha was educated on how Ymir Fritz was given the seed of life by the devil, and used that seed to become the Founding Titan.

From there, she proceeded to wage war on the Marlyans, and subjected them to increase the Eldian population. The Marlyans conspired against the Eldians, and after gaining control of seven of the nine titans, managed to beat the Edlians, and subjugate them instead. But not all Eldians shared this fate, as the current King Fritz at the end of this war retreated to an island, where he created three titan walls to keep his people safe.

Grisha learns that the war occurred because this very king who retreated turned his back on his people, which leads him to turn against the Marlyans. This doesn’t go well as his son Zeke turns Grisha and his mother Dina into the authorities. From there, Grisha, Dina, and the resistance are exiled to the Island king Fritz founded, dubbed “Paradise Island,” where they are turned into titans. And it’s here that we learn that Dina Fritz, was the smiling titan who killed Eren’s mother.

Grisha is saved by Krueger who then kills the Marlyan soldiers. Krueger, first name “Eren,” revealed to Grisha the secret of the powers, and that a titan shifter has no longer than 13 years to live. Even Krueger on his final year passes his titan power “The Attack Titan” to Grisha, who then infiltrates Paradise Island’s wall to take the Founding Titan’s power from the royal family in order to restore the Eldian Empire.

Hange conveys the history of Marley and the titans to the Council. This spurs Historia to have the survey corp and scout regimen should prepare for an impending attack from Marley.
And just as things are looking peaceful with the citizens of Maria rebuilding, and Eren exploring beyond the walls, upon arriving at a beach, Eren notes that beyond the sea a new enemy approaches seeking their destruction.

No doubt this was taken on picture day

No doubt this was taken on picture day

The Negatives...

The negatives are the same as they were in part 1. The execution of the previous seasons hurt this one. When a character dies, unless you’re invested in the series, you’re not gonna care. And it took time reveal the the motivation of Zeke, Reiner, and Berthodlt. And while that’s fine given the mystery elements were established the moment Eren became a titan, for some it probably would have been nice had the main motivation been established in season one.

Match of the year... One of two anyway...

Match of the year... One of two anyway...

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The Positives...

The positives were the action was engaging, and there was pay off to what was established in the first two seasons.There was also a proper escalation and payoff from Part 1 of Season 3 that was satisfying. That, and because of how the side characters were established in season 2, there was some investment on their part as well. I also enjoyed learning the origins of the conflict, and raised more question giving intrigue for season four. That and it’s ending was relaxing, while holding promise of what was to come.

"I just want to be happy..."

"I just want to be happy..."

The Conclusion...

In Conclusion this season was the best so far. Despite it's hiccups, due to establishing a sense of investment, I still found it engaging. Though given what was showcased in both parts of this season, I need to re-watch and re-evaluate season 2. And after what I’ve seen from Season 4, it’s possible that the story could get even better. Only time will tell.

Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 Trailer

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