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At a Glance: Hoshi no Kaabii/ Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Rachael has PTSD from being bullied. She likes certain anime because they offer emotional solace by showing great friendships.

Intro and Summary:


Hoshi no Kaabii, or Kirby: Right Back at Ya! as it's called in the States, is about Kirby fighting monsters, which are usually ordered online by king Dedede. Kirby is a baby star warrior. Normally, star warriors are things that come to defend planets from bad things when they're old enough. But Kirby is just a baby, and wasn't ready to emerge from his star-shaped spaceship. But it crashed, and Kirby takes up the mantle of defending the place he landed on from monsters. Meta-Knight, an older star warrior, becomes his mentor. He befriends a boy and a girl, and a few other characters who help him. Simple premise, but there's a lot of possibilities in this world.


Title:Hoshi no Kaabii

Source Material:

Based on the Kirby game series by Nintendo


Action, Children's


Studio Comet, Warpstar, Inc., & Dentsu







This show is ranked among Anime News Network's list of the 100 worst anime, and I definitely don't think it deserves to be. Maybe it's just that the American dub is terrible and did unspeakable things to this show in the name of localization and attempting to appeal to whatever network executives think American kids think is cool. I didn't watch the dub because I thought that was probably the case. But, if you watch the original show, not judging an anime by its terrible dub, you could find an overlooked treasure.

First of all, this is a show for children. I don't think this should mean I'm holding it to a lower standard, but it is a different standard. Is it entertaining for children? Well, I'm not a kid, but I found enjoyment out of most of the episodes I watched. There are memorable and interesting characters, there is good humor, and Kirby has several interesting fights with cool-looking monsters. It's exactly the kind of show I would have enjoyed as a kid. This show definitely needs more love.

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