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Asylum, "Tyrannicide" Album Review

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Introducing Brisbane Australia's Asylum and Their Debut Album

Tyrannicide is the 2022 debut album from Brisbane Australia thrash metal band Asylum. Released on September 2, 2022, the album is a major riff fest and it came into fruition 10 years after these guys were formed. Sometimes it takes a while for a band to release their first album and for these guys, that’s how it happened. The album is full of very good bass lines which fit very well with the riffs. The cover of the album matches the title itself. Translated literally, tyrannicide means the assassination of a tyrant.

About the Songs In Asylum's Debut Album

The title track has a beginning that should remind you of the song Philosopher by the band Death. The progressive death metal riff is present and it is not difficult to recognize this if you know about the late Chuck Schuldiner. The only real con that I can see with this album is the song titles themselves and many thrash metal bands fall into this habit of having song titles that have to do with the possible end of the world and that’s not a good recipe for going forward. The song “Imminent Decay” has that definite Kreator influence in it and that’s a good thing. “World Asunder” has that combination of being an Annihilator and The Haunted kind of influence so this shows that these guys are influenced by European and North American thrash bands. The song “Insurrection” definitely has politically themed lyrics in it and this is something that has been overdone and re-hashed to the point where someone could write a novel about it. People will sometimes do whatever they can to promote democratic ideals but in some cases there could also be an attempt to thwart the peaceful transfer of power. This song though lyrically is about what happens when a group of people are led to believe things that are not true. They can get absorbed by a false righteousness. The album isn’t like a Reign in Blood clone where it is just about speed even though the album does have speedy guitar riffs. It is a more bass dominated and technical release from these Australians and it mostly works out. These guys waste no time getting into their style of thrash metal. If you can handle the very negative lyrical themes, this should be an album that new thrash metal fans should enjoy. Let’s spread the message about these Australians and work towards improving human life on Earth. The hard work and dedication of the band Asylum shows in this release and even though the first song “Eternal Violence” lyrically is about the end of the human race, thrash metal is not ending but is still continuing to expand and evolve. The vocal power is shown when Shane Robins utters the words “Pray for us, to end it all!” He does it with a sort of power that is hard to describe here.

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