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Ash Ketchum's Most Unique and Funny Pokémon – Updated 2019!

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I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!

Ash's Torkoal

This fire type Pokémon has a lot of personality and it's not afraid to show it to everyone. Torkoal is a very emotional Pokémon and shows this quite often in the anime series. Even to this date (almost the end of Sun and Moon), I'm sure Torkoal is still the same as before. Every time Ash releases him from his Pokeball or when he wins a battle, Torkoal will either cry or release smoke from his nostrils. This is really comical and makes me laugh every time. However, the smoke will blacken everyone nearby. So, not so cool for his friends!

Torkoal being Torkoal


Ash's Totodile

Totodile is another comical Pokémon that is so fun to be with. This guy likes to dance a lot. Every time Totodile is released from the Poke Ball, he will surely start to dance to show his happiness. Most interestingly, Totodile is also fairly relaxed when called into important battles. He will show off his energy and happiness by dancing in the middle of a match. Although Totodile appears to be not very serious for Pokémon battles, he managed to defeat two powerful opponents with unconventional tactics. First, Totodile defeated Christopher's Kingdra by biting and force closed the opponent's mouth. Second, Totodile defeated Harrison's Sneasel by biting the opponent's hand and dancing with it.

The happy dancing Totodile


Ash's Heracross

Heracross is also one of the strongest Pokémon that Ash owns. He is so sweet but just likes to drink from Bulbasaur's bulb again and again. This really annoys Bulbasaur but our Heracross is still going to do it. Maybe the nectar is just so sweet that a bug Pokémon like Heracross simply can't resist.

Heracross drinking nectar from Bulbsaur again!


Ash's Muk

Muk doesn't get a lot of screen time because he doesn't have a good move pool to fight for Ash. However, he makes it up with his big personality. Every time he sees professor Oak or Ash, Muk instantly goes and hugs them. I think his love for human extend to enemies as well. Muk also like Jessie. Ash needs to just train it and use it to fight grass type Pokémon in the future!


Ash's Gliscor

Gliscor is another Pokémon with lots of personality. Before he evolved into Gliscor, Gligar used to be afraid of heights. This is really funny because he is a part flying type. Also, he cries a lot because he is afraid of getting hurt. When he gets scared, Gligar crash lands on Ash every time. After Gligar evolved into Gliscor, it became more capable in battles but kept its personality. Gliscor still put his tongue out to show his playful side.


Ash's Rowlet

You have to love this Pokémon. I mean he caught a pseudo legendary Pokémon for Ash. Ash's Melmetal (Meltan before evolution) immediately liked Rowlet when they first met. Why does Rowlet fall asleep that much? Not sure, but it's sad that he is never going to evolve.


Ash's Naganadel

Another playful Pokémon. Ash's Naganadel was very playful when it was still a Poipole. He often plays with Pikachu and took an immediate liking to Ash. Poipole expresses himself with his drawings. After he evolved into Naganadel, he gained a lot of power and helped Ash secure many wins. Naganadel is also very unique because he is an ultra beast and the only ultra beast caught by any character in Pokémon.



Trenten Skeeters on July 25, 2015:

Forget gible and infernape how about goodra PEOPLES

Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on April 16, 2015:

I made a similar hub about the strongest non-legendary anime Pokémon, and we certainly agree that Ash has some impressive monsters! I really like his Snorlax, it took out so many Pokémon single-handedly in its debut episode. Anyway, nice article!

beth on March 10, 2014:

Yeah I agree with everyone else. Infernape definitely has to be on this list too. I would put it in the top 3. Charizard and Infernape would be top two in my opinion. I wished we got to see more of that powerful Pokémon!

Pikachu on February 11, 2014:

What about infernape???

angry boy on January 20, 2014:


hh on January 05, 2014:

where is inferape!!!

Dkckg on May 15, 2013:

Switch gible with infernape

Pika boy on February 17, 2013:

Scribble out gibble and put in infernape?!

gilo on March 31, 2012:

how about infernape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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